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This site is a growing library of travel inspiration to epic places, easy planning tips and tricks, and awesome travel gifts and gear to help you on your next epic adventure.

At the core of every post is an unending search for unforgettable “wow” moments. A majestic waterfall that refreshes your soul. The haunting ruins of a castle atop seaside cliffs, or the dungeons of the Roman Colosseum. Laughing with a Cambodian elder on the steps of Angkor Wat, as a monkey tortures a poor little frog. 

Let me help you find YOUR next “wow” moment.

Capturing a Maui waterfall on the Road to Hana

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Lover of those unforgettable "wow" moments.

Cora loves the journey nearly as much as the destination. She wants to experience the wonders and learn the stories of this amazing world for herself. And then inspire you on your own “wow” adventures.

Glamorous cities, spectacular scenery,  remarkable stories. All tied together with a planner-loving bow.

Cora has toured with friends, family and now three little ones (eek!).