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21 Best Travel Jewelry Organizers + Cases You’ll LOVE!

Choosing the best travel jewelry organizer is a bit tricky. They come in so many shapes and sizes, materials and features. Which is the best travel jewelry case for you: a box, roll or bag? Hard or soft exterior?

Below are 21 fantastic options to consider. As you shop, think about how you like to travel and how much – and what type of – jewelry you need it to hold. The best travel jewelry organizer for big, chunky jewelry will be different from the best travel jewelry case for a few petite pieces.  And what works in a checked bag might be different from what works in a handbag.

But, they’re ALL pretty! Or handsome … there are a few in here for men, too. 

Now, if you’re looking for the best jewelry organizers as gift ideas for travelers, I suggest going with smaller, more compact options. These travel jewelry cases will get more use by both the minimalist and those who love their jewelry. If it doesn’t hold everything, it can go in a handbag with the evening’s gems!

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TIPS for Choosing the BEST Travel Jewelry Organizer for You

1. Hard or Soft Travel Jewelry Organizer 

A hard travel jewelry case seems like the most sturdy, protective jewelry travel organizer. But, this is only true if everything is held securely in place inside. Well-padded, soft travel jewelry organizers can sometimes do this better, while also saving on space. And while hard exteriors are generally easy to clean with a damp cloth, some fabric organizers can be tossed in the washing machine.

2. Spacious or Compact Travel Jewelry Case

Obviously, how much space you need in your travel jewelry organizer mostly depends on how much and what type of jewelry you like to travel with. If you travel minimally with only a few pieces, you can get away with a smaller, more compact travel jewelry case. But some small cases won’t fit your chunky bracelet or keep necklaces from tangling.

3. Variety of Features to Organize Travel Jewelry

The travel jewelry organizers below come with a variety of features. Some are best suited for small, petite pieces and others work well for larger, chunky pieces. Do you need a travel jewelry case to secure long, delicate necklaces? A zippered pocket or pouch to store a watch or wide bracelet? Double-access ring rolls? A mirror and lots of clear pockets? Are clear pockets a must-have?

4. Closure to Secure Travel Jewelry

Consider whether you care how a jewelry travel organizer is secured. Must it be a zippered closure, or are buttons, ties and buckles cool, too? While zippers and snaps feel the most secure, other closures might give you the wiggle room to fit that extra piece you really want to bring on that trip. 

5. Personal Style for Jewelry Travel Organizer

Do you like classy or quirky? Something timeless that works for all your travels or something a little more playful and fun? While personal style has a lot to do with the exterior material you like best, it also applies to how durable you need it to be. Tossing a travel jewelry case in a backpack is obviously different than keeping it in your carryon (although backpacks can have a lot of cushioning!).

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21 BEST Travel Jewelry Organizers: Cases, Rolls, Bags and Boxes!

Ready to find the best travel jewelry organizer for you or someone you care about? This list of the 21 best travel jewelry organizers includes jewelry cases, rolls, bags and boxes. ALL beautiful and classy.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Best COMPACT Travel Jewelry BOX Organizers

1. Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer by VlandoSmall travel jewelry box, Vlando

This small travel jewelry box organizer from Vlando is compact and sturdy, and all the minimalist traveler would need. You can get it without the mirror, but I like that the mirror also keeps any loose jewelry in the bottom compartments from moving around. Tuck necklaces or bracelets into the elasticized pocket. There’s also space in the upper section for a small jewelry pouch.

2. Saffiano Leather Travel Jewelry Box by Minimale

Small travel jewelry box, Minimale

Another beautiful small travel jewelry box is made by Minimale. It organizes and secures earrings on a leather strap with space below to prevent bending, and rings on a separate roll. This small jewelry travel organizer includes four adjustable necklace hooks and two deep pockets to help prevent tangling. And the detachable double-pocket is perfect for bulkier pieces while cushioning pieces above and below.

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3. Two-Tiered Handmade Travel Jewelry Box by Meissa Handmade

Here’s a bigger travel jewelry box handmade by Meissa Handmade on Etsy. It has a good-sized mirror and two levels with removable dividers, giving you lots of flexibility for the types of jewelry you travel with. And no need to worry about earrings bending, as this travel jewelry box puts them sideways. Secure with a button closure.  

4. MOST COMPACT Leather Travel Jewelry Case by Jewearity

Super compact and made of genuine leather, this small travel jewelry case will safely hold a decent amount of jewelry on your travels. Four button closures and elasticized pocket keep necklaces and bracelets secure. Use the bottom section to hold three pairs of earrings, brooches or cufflinks, and the ring roll to safely stow them in a tidy little row. All secured with a zippered closure and available in eight colors. You can get it from from Jewearity on Etsy.

Best VALUE Travel Jewelry Organizers

5. Travel Essentials Tassels Jewelry Case by Vlando

Travel jewelry box, Vlando

If you like Vlando jewelry travel boxes but want a case that’s a bit bigger, this is a great one for you. This travel essentials jewelry case from Vlando features a wide mirror and elasticized pocket on the top, and two covered compartments on the bottom. In the center are ring rolls and two small compartments with earring holes in the divider. No need to worry about earring backings getting bent! All secured with a zippered closure.

6. Wallet Jewelry Travel Organizer by BuzzyBDesign on Etsy

Travel jewelry organizer, Etsy BuzzyBDesign

Here’s a best-selling jewelry travel organizer on Etsy, and for good reason! This slim jewelry wallet packs a ton of features in its compact space. Find the perfect spot for all your jewelry, with three zippered pockets including a clear double-pocket. Flip over the clear pocket for four necklace loops with separate pockets and bands to prevent tangling. If you love your rings and earrings, you have plenty of spots for them. Secured with a button. Plus, it’s handmade from Buzzy B Design

7. Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer for Long Necklaces by Pink Larus

Travel jewelry organizer, Pink Larus

If you LOVE your long necklaces, then check out this travel jewelry organizer from Pink Larus. It has 5 necklace hooks in a separate pocket that folds out, with three bands to hold them in place and individual pockets at the bottom. Safely store other chunky jewelry in the removable zippered pocket. And there’s plenty of space for all your rings and earrings. All secured with a zippered closure.

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8. Jewelry Travel Organizer Pouch by Ellis James Designs

Travel jewelry organizer, Ellis James Design

Ellis James Designs makes a fantastic jewelry travel organizer for long necklaces, too. Use the necklace loops on both ends to secure them, and the good-sized zippered pockets to store chunky jewelry. One zippered pocket is also removable, as is the large earring card. I love the quilted fabric exterior and simple, easy-to-clean interior. Plus, everything is kept safe with a zippered closure. 

9. Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer Case by BAGSMART

This hanging travel jewelry organizer by BAGSMART is an Amazon best-seller with fantastic ratings, and it’s easy to see why. You can organize a lot of jewelry in this travel case, and easily find what you’re looking for.

Choose from mini, small or large sizes. All sizes have at least one clear zippered pocket plus two regular zippered pockets. Plus, an earring card, ring roll and segmented pouches and bands to keep necklaces from tangling. Unfortunately, only the large size includes a super-handy 360-degree rotatable hanging hook.

This isn’t the smallest travel organizer for jewelry, but depending on your jewels, it can fold up pretty thin. It comes in multiple pretty colors and patterns of soft, quilted cotton or rich velvet!

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Best Travel Jewelry Organizers for MEN

10. Small Travel Jewelry Box by M.M.A

Travel jewelry case organizer, Aco&bebe House

This small travel jewelry box from M.M.A is great for all minimalist travelers looking for a safe way to travel with a little bit of jewelry. Store watches and tie clips in the elastic pouch on the lid. And put rings and cufflinks on the bottom. The leather divider helps to keep pieces in place and prevent rubbing, with space for another jewelry pouch on top. Everything is secured with a zippered closure. 

11. Travel Jewelry Watch Roll by Timely Buys

Travel jewelry case roll organizer, Etsy TimelyBuys

Here’s a travel jewelry watch roll for men from Timely Buys on Etsy that you should definitely consider. It’s a sturdy hard-shell roll design that’ll travel well, and I love that it also has space for cufflinks and rings. Secured with a button closure.

12. Crazy Horse Leather Watch Roll Organizer by Broscolors Design

Rounding out our top 3 travel jewelry organizers for men is this elegant leather watch roll by Broscolors Design on Etsy. It’s made of premium crazy horse brown vintage leather and comes in two to six slots. Secured with a buckled strap. For an extra touch, get it personalized on the outside or inside.

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Best Travel Jewelry ROLL Organizers

13. Rollio Series Travel Jewelry Roll Organizer by Vlando

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Vlando makes a really cute and functional travel jewelry roll organizer. The exterior is a soft synthetic leather that comes in four pretty color options. Inside is a velvet lining and quality flannel to protect your jewelry. Safely store short necklaces and bracelets with the three hooks and two elasticized pouches. Plus, there’s a ring roll and 11 holes for earrings and brooches. 

My favorite part is the zippered pouch pocket that’s removable. Use it to store your larger jewelry, like bangles and watches, or throw it into your purse for a small makeup bag. Any travel jewelry organizer that can double as something else is pretty useful on a trip! 

14. Viaggio Small Jewelry Roll by Vlando

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Here’s another super cute travel jewelry roll by Vlando. This one has three cups for organizing your travel jewelry, big enough to fit large earrings and watches. It’s the perfect solution for those who hate earring holes and necklace loops and want something pretty and compact to throw in their handbag. Do pay attention when opening it, though, so your treasures don’t fall out!

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15. Personalized Hanging Travel Jewelry Roll by My Charm Workshop

If you want a sturdy travel jewelry roll but love clear pockets, here’s the perfect pick from My Charm Workshop on Etsy. It has a whopping NINE clear zippered pockets, with removable bands for earrings and rings. And to take advantage of all those clear pockets, hang it up to quickly find what you want! Secures with a leather tie rope. For the extra touch, get it personalized!

16. Fabric Jewelry Roll Travel Case by Nature Quotes

If you want a travel jewelry roll that’s super compact, consider one made with a soft material. Nature Quotes on Etsy makes so many beautiful ones, with lots of cute fabric options and interior features. Some even have pretty feminine lace to hold dangling earrings. All jewelry travel organizers include a leather earring holder, fabric ring roll, and zippered pocket. Since they fold up like a wallet, they’d also work great for chunky jewelry. Everything is secured with a pretty loop and button closure.

Handmade in Ukraine. SO pretty!

Mini travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy naturequotes

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17. Custom Monogram Travel Jewelry Roll in Silk Dupioni by Plethora

Now, I want to end this list of best travel jewelry roll organizers with what I consider a true jewelry roll, with all its simplicity and potential! Plethora on Etsy makes a beautiful jewelry travel roll organizer from high end silk dupioni. It’s lined with satin, secured with a pretty rope, and features three zippered pockets. The larger roll also has a ring roll. Choose from a variety of colors and customized monogram.

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Best LUXURY Travel Jewelry Organizers

18. Signature Cotton Jewelry Organizer Train Case by Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is respected for producing high-quality luggage and handbags. And known for its quilted cotton designs in bold, colorful feminine prints. These bags wear well over time and are machine washable.

If you’re looking for a Vera Bradley travel jewelry organizer, the most widely available is the Signature Cotton Jewelry Organizer Train Case. It comes in a variety of bold, subtle and classy prints to suit any taste, and has two main compartments. The upper compartment features two tabs to safely store earrings and rings, plus a large clear zippered pocket. Underneath, you have two clear zippered pockets and two deep compartments for larger, chunkier jewelry. And everything is secured with a zippered closure.

The toughest thing about buying a Vera Bradley is choosing your favorite print!

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19. Luxury Leather Travel Jewelry Roll by FlotoBags

If you want a beautiful Italian leather travel jewelry organizer, take a look at this jewelry roll from Floto Bags on Etsy. It’s handmade in Italy with full grain leather that was also hand-stained with vegetable extracts and natural oils, giving it a soft, silky feel. Inside, your travel jewelry is protected with four zippered pockets and a soft suede lining. Leather holders keep your earrings and rings safe, and I love that you can open the ring roll on either end. Roll it up and secure it with a leather strap and buckle.

20. Caroline Zip Travel Case by WOLF

After all of the beautiful jewelry travel organizers above, we come back to a classic travel jewelry box. WOLF gives us its signature, handcrafted quilted genuine leather travel jewelry box in red or black, and dusty rose or ivory (sold in two different posts on Amazon). 

Part of what makes WOLF travel jewelry boxes so great is its LusterLoc interior lining. It absorbs the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing, and can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

The Caroline Zip Travel Case has everything a small jewelry travel organizer needs. Three necklace hooks with an elasticized pocket, 7 ring rolls, 4 small compartments and a mirror divider. If you have chunkier pieces, consider using a small jewelry pouch and tuck it inside. Everything secures with a zippered closure. Price depends on color choice.

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21. Chloé Zip Jewelry Case by WOLF

Travel jewelry case, jewelry box, WOLF

For a WOLF travel jewelry case that’s a little bigger than the Caroline, consider the Chloé Zip Jewelry Case. While you lose the necklace hooks, you gain decently-sized end compartments that fit larger, chunkier jewelry. Reviewers put necklaces in the pocket or in a separate jewelry pouch and tuck it inside. You also gain six earring holes, with no concerns about the backs getting bent.

The Chloé travel jewelry organizer also has the patented WOLF LusterLoc anti-tarnishing interior lining. Isn’t it SO pretty?! 

Note: The Chloé is no longer available. Shop other WOLF travel cases.

Travel jewelry case, jewelry box, WOLF

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