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17 Best Virtual Tours of CITIES Around the World

If you ever wanted travel inspiration, THIS is it! These incredible virtual tours of cities take you to some of the most inspiring cities of the world. From the ultra-modern futuristic supertrees of Singapore to ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy, I guarantee you’ll be wowed!

All of these city virtual tours are interactive 360 videos or 360 photos. To make them immersive, just put on your VR headset. 

17 best virtual tours of cities
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This post is part of a best-of series of virtual tours. Find more incredible virtual tours, including famous historic sites, beautiful national parks and waterfalls, wildlife encounters, and crazy adventure travel. 


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17 Best Virtual Tours of CITIES Around the World!

You’ll find plenty of styles in the list below of best virtual tours of cities around the world. Some are aerials and some are street views. Some have commentary, music or just the local ambience. If you want more city virtual tours or really like a particular style, check out the links in the Summary and Resources section at the end.

Now, before you start exploring these cities of the world, I highly recommend downloading my free travel bucket list template. It’s a fillable PDF, so it’s perfect for capturing which of these cities you’ll want to visit yourself one day. And I guarantee there’ll be a few!

Note: If the YouTube video looks blurry to you, change your video settings to higher resolution.

Want to upgrade your interactive 360 video experience to immersive VR videos? Here are some great options to check out for VR headsets. You can get a cheap but totally respectable Google Cardboard VR headset to use with your smartphone YouTube app. Or, get a stand-alone VR headset; a very respected brand out there is Oculus

Best Virtual Tours of Cities of the World: ASIA

1. City Virtual Tour of Singapore

Virtual tour of cities, Singapore, travel destinations
Photo credit: Coleen Rivas from Unsplash

This 360 video virtual tour of Singapore from Sygic Travel has added this city to my travel bucket list! Singapore has SO much to offer. Of course it has stunning architecture, fantastic shopping malls and incredible city views. But it also has very cool urban parks. Fountains with light shows. Certainly among the coolest cities of the world. Enjoy this great city virtual tour with helpful commentary.

2. City Virtual Tour of The Forbidden City (China)

Virtual tour of the Forbidden City, China
Photo credit: Nick Fewings from Unsplash

If you’ve ever wanted to tour China’s Forbidden City, you’ll love this Forbidden City virtual tour from YouVisit. It’s a series of 360 photos that take you through the top things to see in the Forbidden City. Enjoy the panoramas of the many Halls of Harmony, the stunning Gate of Supreme Harmony, and the Imperial Garden. Use the map to orientate yourself and get a sense of the entire complex. For more views, click on the small images in the bottom-right corner.

3. City Virtual Tour of Hong Kong (China)

Virtual tour of cities, Hong Kong
Photo credit: DirkDanielMann from Pixabay

AirPano’s 360 video virtual tour of Hong Kong includes street views, aerial views and insightful commentary. What an INCREDIBLE city. Enjoy the beautiful interactive videos while learning more about Hong Kong. Check it out! 

4. City Virtual Tour of Tokyo (Japan)

Get a personal tour of the historical Asakusa area of Tokyo, Japan on a rickshaw. Man, I have SO much respect for this guy, hauling us all around Japan! This series is brought to us by visitjapan. The first of three videos in Asakusa features Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple. 

You might also want to check out the other videos in this series, including the fun Asahi Breweries Headquarters, Bell of Time and Zuishin gate.

Want to see Mount Fuji? Head over to 23 Best Virtual Tours of National Parks!

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Best Virtual Tours of Cities of the World: EUROPE

5. City Virtual Tour of Moscow (Russia)

Virtual tour of cities, Moscow Russia
Photo credit: essuera from Pixabay

Moscow is among the most enchanting cities of the world. Take an aerial 360 video virtual tour of Moscow from AirPano, who knows how to produce incredible aerial 360 videos! While I recognize some of these iconic buildings, many of these sights are brand new to me. Like so many of these incredible, massive statues. This city virtual tour is set to calm but inviting music. 

6. City Virtual Tour of Krakow (Poland)

Virtual tour of cities, Krakow Poland
Photo credit: DzidekLasek from Pixabay

This virtual tour of Krakow is INCREDIBLE. I had no idea that Krakow is so stunning, and this is undoubtedly the best city virtual tour I’ve found yet. 

Use the legend at the top to select from types of views, like incredible aerial views of the city, walking tours, and iconic buildings and museums.  Easily click on icons to explore specific sights, which include commentary and interior views. To change the commentary to English, look for the flag icon in the top-right corner and change it to the British flag. Some spots, like along the river, also have embedded YouTube videos (although they’re not in English). 

WOW. Give yourself some time to enjoy this fantastic city virtual tour!

Want to see Krakow in person? Check out Intrepid Travel’s small group tour, Best of Central Europe!

7. City Virtual Tour of Naples (Italy)

Virtual tour of Naples, city in Italy
Photo credit: ML5909 from Pixabay

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Naples, this 360 video walking tour from Prowalk Tours will thrill you! You start with a map and overview of your route, and then simply walk through. Enjoy the street ambience and wander in and out of famous buildings. If you forget where you are or want to jump ahead, just use the time stamps in the description. Very nice. 

While you’re here, I’m also going to point out this regular non-360 video tour Prowalk Tours did of the Roman Ruins. Although it isn’t interactive, it’s fully narrated and very enjoyable.

8. City Virtual Tour of Pompeii (Italy)

Virtual tour of cities, Ancient ruins of Pompeii
Photo credit: duotone from Pixabay

Although Pompeii is technically part of Naples, this virtual tour of the ancient city ruins of Pompeii is worth its own entry. WOW. Prowalk Tours takes us on a thorough 2-hour virtual tour. While this sounds crazy-long, it’s just like you’re THERE walking through one of the ancient cities of the world. Strolling down the many narrow streets of Pompeii. Ducking into some of the buildings and stepping over walls. LOVE. THIS.

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9. City Virtual Tour of Taormina (Sicily)

Virtual tour of Taormina, city in Italy
Photo credit: kirkandmimi from Pixabay

Take a wonderful walking tour through Old Town Taormina in Messina, Sicily on this beautiful city virtual tour from Daniel VR4Holiday. The views are outstanding, and you feel like you’re right there. Walking those beautiful narrow streets, gazing into cute boutique shops, and enjoying some wine overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea faaar below. 

Rome to Sicily

Intrepid Travel’s small group tour: Rome to Sicily

Acquaint yourself with Italy’s ‘Eternal City’ of Rome and learn about the catastrophic fate of Pompeii. Soak up the sunshine in the coastal town of Sorrento and explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast, before heading south to Calabria, a hidden gem for those who stray off Italy’s beaten path. Continue to bustling Sicily, with the volcanic valleys of Mt. Etna, the timeworn streets of Syracuse, the Baroque wonders of Ragusa and the rich anti-mafia history of Palermo. Starring dramatic cliffside villages, clear waters and delicious seafood, this is a chance to experience the highlights of southern Italy.

10. City Virtual Tour of Barcelona (Spain)

Virtual tour of cities, Barcelona Spain
Photo credit: TRAVELKR from Pixabay

Here is another wonderful virtual tour of one of the most romantic cities of the world. If you’re dreaming of visiting Barcelona, this 360 video virtual tour will help you plan that trip! Sygic Travel takes you through its gorgeous squares, streets and churches. Along the beach. To parks with colorful mosaics and incredible views. If you ever wondered why Gaudi is so popular, you’ll know after this!

11. City Virtual Tour of Paris (France)

Virtual tour of cities, Paris France, visit Europe
Photo credit: Anthony Delanoix from Unsplash

Now, if you’re looking for the most romantic cities of the world, then we have to visit Paris! Enjoy this wonderful 360 video city virtual tour with Captivision, including insightful commentary. Step inside Notre Dame and climb the steps up to the hunchback bells. Stroll through the Louvre’s stunning halls and glimpse the famous Mona Lisa. Then the Palace of Versailles.

If you want more time to explore the Palace of Versailles, check out in Best Virtual Tours of Famous Historic Sights.

12. City Virtual Tour of London (England)

Virtual tour of cities, London England, United Kingdom
Photo credit: Jurica Koletic from Unsplash

I quite love this 360 video virtual tour of London from Sygic Travel. It takes you around to the top tourist destinations in London and its commentary gives you insight into what you might want to see for yourself. Popular landmarks, buildings and parks. Where to eat and drink. Check it out!

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Best Virtual Tours of Cities of the World: North America

13. City Virtual Tour of Quebec City (Canada)

Virtual tour of Quebec City, Canada
Photo credit: breaktime from Pixabay

You definitely feel the charm of Old Quebec City in this 360 video virtual tour from Quebec region.

Take in the gorgeous views of the St. Lawrence River from a pretty promenade and as you descend along a tram. Chuckle (and watch your step) at the Breakneck Staircase and pan around to the cute shops along the narrow stone streets. Did you know that Rue du Petit-Champlain is the oldest commercial street in North America?

Want to visit for real? Check out QUEBEC Getaways for Couples!

14. City Virtual Tour of New York City (United States)

Virtual tour of NYC, Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
Photo credit: Colton Duke from Unsplash

New York City is certainly among the most fascinating cities of the world. And, of course, there are a few city virtual tours through NYC! Which one will be your favorite depends on a lot of things. 

Here are my favorite three for you to check out:

  • New York City 360 video city virtual tour from Captivision. This virtual tour hits most of the top tourist destinations in the city, along with helpful commentary.
  • Here’s a very enjoyable 360 video virtual tour of New York City’s best views from The 360 Guy, including some less-known sights. 
  • If you want a more in-depth experience of New York City, take a guided tour through NYC Central Park with YouVisit.

Ready to plan your trip? Check out Where to Stay in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and The Bronx!

15. City Virtual Tour of Austin, Texas (United States)

Virtual tour of Austin, Texas, travel United States
Photo credit: Carlos Alfonso from Unsplash

Here’s a fun city virtual tour of Austin, Texas from YouVisit with spectacular 360 photos. Explore parks and bridges with very pretty views. Famous buildings and city streets. Even a salt lick BBQ and brewery … complete with the barrel room tour! When you see small images in the bottom-right corner, click for more 360 views.

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16. City Virtual Tour of Mexico City (Mexico)

Check out the Mexico City virtual tour with vagabrothers. It includes commentary of some of Mexico City’s top tourist destinations, including Zocalo Square, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and Casa Azul – Frida Kahlo Museum. Learn more about local mural artists and Mexico City’s street art, too!

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17. City Virtual Tour of Havana (Cuba)

Virtual tour of Havana, city in Cuba
Photo credit: Spencer Everett from Unsplash

VR Gorilla has a TON of 360 video virtual tours I’m sure you’ll love. Below you’ll find a link to their YouTube channel, and I encourage you to explore! 

One of my favorite city virtual tours is the one VR Gorilla did of Havana, Cuba. It’s only 3 minutes long, but has a fun vibe of exploring Havana’s main spots and includes commentary. Visit historical squares and ocean views, and even go for a ride in a hot-pink classic car. SO. FUN. 

Want to see Havana in person? Check out Intrepid Travel’s small group tour, Best of Cuba!

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Summary and Resources

Of these virtual tours of cities, which is YOUR favorite? Which style of city virtual tour do you prefer: stunning aerials or immersive street views? Educational commentary or just the ambience of the area? 

Remember to capture your travel bucket list ideas in one place! My travel bucket list post includes a free fillable PDF template and a how-to guide. It’ll take you from brainstorming to prioritizing, so you make those trips happen!

BEST YouTube Channels for Virtual Tours of Cities of the World

To see all of the city virtual tours above that are on YouTube, check out my YouTube playlist

And if you want to see MORE virtual tours of cities of the world, check out the YouTube channels of some of the best 360 videos out there:

  • VR Gorilla: Find TONS of fantastic 360 video virtual tours from around the world. If you’re looking for more great city virtual tours, check out their guided tours playlist. It includes the greats, like Vienna and Amsterdam.
  • Sygic Travel: This is such a fantastic YouTube channel for planning your next trip! Their playlist tab organizes all of their videos according to city. Each playlist opens with an introductory video and then deep-dives into specific tourist destinations in that area.
  • Captivision: Keep an eye on this YouTube channel! Even though it only has 12 videos at the time of writing this, they already have more than 65K subscribers. It’s because they do a great job of moving you through cool places with their quality 360 video virtual tours, with commentary. 
  • Prowalk Tours: This YouTube channel features walking tours through a bunch of beautiful places in Italy. Here’s the 360 video playlist, which includes a walk through Herculaneum (1.5 hours) and a scooter ride along the Amalfi Coast. WOW. 
  • AirPano: Most of AirPano’s 360 video virtual tours are aerial shots set to music, but you’ll also find a few with good commentary. Check out their playlist of cities in 360 videos.
  • Andy Kay: These 360 videos take you to fascinating cities in places I know very little about, like Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Enjoy the soft music mixed with city ambience. There’s no commentary; just you and lots of time to pan and relax.

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17 best virtual tours of cities

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