About Epic Travel Plans

What does an “epic” trip mean to you? What does it look like? Feel like?

For me, it’s finding that “wow” moment. When my breath catches and I think, “Ah, this is it.” The moment that makes everything worthwhile.

I love how traveling becomes a part of you. Part of your story and who you are. The wonders I’ve seen and the people I’ve met have changed me. They’ve made me a better person.

If you’re looking for your “wow” moments, too, then we may just have something in common.

This site is for anyone looking for both a little travel inspiration and ways to enjoy the trip planning process.

The value I give you is the diversity of my experience. I’ve traveled to wildly different destinations with wildly different travel companions. Negotiated sometimes-competing travel goals, priorities and constraints. With success! And learnings, too.

Now, I know that everyone has a different travel philosophy.

In my travels, the most memorable and “epic” moments were often the least expected. I’ve stared at take-my-breath-away scenery and feats of man. But so often it’s the surprising interactions with locals that make me long to go back. Like a vivid memory of exchanging shy smiles with a Vietnamese girl, as we bartered on some random purchase.

I hope that by sharing my experiences you’ll be inspired to pause and absorb both the grand and the seemingly small moments. That together steal a piece of your heart.

And by giving you the best and worst of what I’ve learned, my hope is to make it FUN and EASY for you to plan that “wow” trip.

Too often, would-be explorers get overwhelmed by the trip planning process. But there’s a BETTER way.

By starting with the experience you want, you’ll find your compass to guide all the big and small decisions that’ll make your trip truly epic. This is the approach you’ll find in my 3-step trip planning process.

Meet Cora

View from Mount Royal, Montreal

Dreamer. Planner. Explorer.
Lover of “wow” moments.

Hi there! I’m a firm believer that dreaming about traveling and planning a trip should be fun, too. The journey makes the destination so much sweeter! And with a love for templates and tools, I’m always looking for ways to do things better.

Glamorous cities. Spectacular scenery. Inspiring stories. I’m thrilled to share my experiences with you. To help you experience the wonders of this amazing world for yourself.

I’ve traveled with various companions, including close friends, aging parents, in-laws and siblings. And now three little ones (eek!).