Easy Planning

Our 3-step trip planning process is easy but thorough, with YOU right at the center. 

It starts by defining the travel experience you want. Then, we help you make it happen.

The #1 most important question in the entire trip planning process is this: When you’re back at home, what will make you say, “Now THAT was a fantastic trip”?

Follow our travel planning guide to get the experience you want.

Skim for the highlights, or print off the companion fillable PDFs and work through it in depth. 

EASY 3-Step Trip Planning Process

Start planning your trip by defining the compass that will guide your decisions: 

  • Identify your goal. What will make this a fantastic trip?
  • Prioritize your constraints. Time, money or activities?
  • Clarify what you know. Where, when or who?
  • Understand your default travel style. Preferences, rhythm and physical limitations.

Typical steps, but purposefully in a different order than most planning processes:

  • Read up on your destination, highlighting and ranking as you go;
  • Map out your interests to see a natural itinerary emerge;
  • Pick a place to stay you’ll want to go back to;
  • Book the critical pieces of your trip; and,
  • Deep breath … then fill in the gaps.

Get out the door … leisurely and with your vision of that perfect experience still intact. Here’s your ultimate countdown checklist:

  • 3 MONTHS before you leave
  • 1 MONTH before you leave
  • 1 WEEK before you leave
  • 1 DAY before you leave
  • MORNING OF the day you leave
  • LONGER THAN 1 MONTH trip adjustments

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