Romantic cabin getaway packing list, how to make a cabin romantic

CABIN Packing List for Romantic Getaways [Printable]

Getting ready for an amazing romantic cabin getaway? Wondering what to pack? Here’s the ultimate cabin getaway packing list with food ideas, outfits and things to bring to make a cabin getaway sooo romantic!

Planning a romantic getaway at a cabin gives you lots of options. A cabin can be pretty great for those planning a romantic getaway on a budget, since you can prepare things like food and entertainment yourself. And if you don’t want to prepare everything yourself, you don’t have to, either. 

This cabin getaway packing list for couples works for those wanting to save either money or time, without sacrificing the romance.

Romantic cabin getaway packing list, how to make a cabin getaway romantic

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ROMANTIC Things to Pack for a Cabin Getaway

To make a cabin getaway romantic, pack a few things that make the cabin feel cozy and luxurious. Plus, what you need for the activities you’ve planned for both inside and outside the cabin. And things for the road trip to get you both winding down from your regular lives and having some fun together. Below are ideas for your cabin getaway packing list.

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Luxurious Things to Pack to Make a Cabin Getaway Romantic:

Activity Packing List for INSIDE the Cabin:

Candles to make a cabin getaway romantic, cabin getaway packing list

Photo credit: Rebecca Peterson Hall from Unsplash

  • Your favorite book to read together (we love the David Eddings Belgariad and Mallorean series!)
  • Card or board games you like to play together
  • Your favorite music (check your cabin’s sound system for Bluetooth, USB connection, etc; include lots of fun, upbeat songs, not just sappy ones!)
  • Binoculars for bird-watching
  • Telescope for romantic star-gazing
  • Fondue set (a savory oil or sweet chocolate dessert are easy fondue options; I’ve had both candle and electric sets and electric is just SO much easier)

Find more ideas at Gifts for Cabin Owners

Activity Packing List for OUTSIDE the Cabin:

Want to give an experience gift? Check out Tinggly’s experiences for couples. They make the perfect little getaway gift.

Image of printable for romantic getaway cabin packing listWould a printable be helpful? Here’s a free fillable PDF checklist!

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Couples ROAD TRIP Packing List for Cabin Getaways:

What to pack for a road trip, Romantic getaway packing list

Photo credit: Toa Heftiba from Unsplash

  • Playlist of your favorite fun songs 
  • Download your favorite podcasts
  • Get an audio book or two you both want to try (check out Audible on Amazon)
  • Charging cords for all your tech
  • Warm things up with an essential oils diffuser or a fun steering wheel cover (check out these animal prints from Joy Ride Covers)
  • Snacks that feel like special treats
  • Non-alcoholic drinks that feel like luxury
  • Flexible tripod for great shots along the way (I love the GorillaPod Magnetic Mini)
  • Polaroid camera so you can enjoy those pics right away
  • Cozy picnic blanket (like this gorgeous Boho roll with handle and waterproof bottom from Aus Wonderland)
  • Picnic basket 
  • Road trip questions for couples (these conversation starters are fun!)

OUTFITS for Romantic Cabin Getaway Packing List

What to wear for a romantic getaway, cabin getaway packing list

Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

When planning a romantic cabin getaway, pack outfits that are versatile. Think: Your favorite leggings or sweats you love lounging in and wouldn’t mind being seen in if the lounging heads outdoors. Plus, of course, some special pieces that make you feel sexy and like a rockstar (see How to Plan a Romantic Getaway!).

Cute Cabin OUTFITS to Pack for HER:

  • Comfortable leggings, jeans and shorts
  • Footwear for lounging, swimming and hiking/walking
  • Layered top options: tanks, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and sweaters
  • Swimsuit and cover-up
  • Cozy socks, hat and scarf
  • Multi-use jacket (think: sitting by fires, exploring wooded trails)
  • Shawl or cozy wrap blanket
  • Cozy pajamas, with comfy lingerie options
  • Slippers (these handmade wool slippers from Kuoni are gorgeous) and bathrobe (this long hooded robe at Simons looks casual and sexy!)

Great Cabin OUTFITS to Pack for HIM:

  • Comfortable jeans, cargo pants and long shorts
  • Footwear for lounging, swimming and hiking/walking
  • Layered top options: tanks, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and sweaters
  • Swim shorts
  • Warm socks and hat
  • Multi-use jacket (think: sitting by fires, exploring wooded trails)
  • Warm pajamas, with fun briefs
  • Slippers (these cozy leather slippers from Slippers World are awesome) and bathrobe (this Ralph Lauren robe at Simons look so cozy)

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Cabin Getaway Packing List: FOOD IDEAS for Couples

What to pack for a romantic picnic, romantic getaway packing list

Photo credit: Alexandra K from Unsplash

Unless you two love cooking together, I suggest keeping your cabin getaway food ideas simple. You likely won’t want to spend precious lounging time cooking. And even well-equipped cottage kitchens are well equipped with the basic supplies. Think: pancakes fried on a pan versus perfectly-whipped egg white waffles. Also, avoid bad breath foods, like garlic.

This food for two packing list works for both last-minute cabin getaways and those planned well in advance. Save money by prepping food yourself or save time by buying them from your favorite local shops.

Another great idea: order gourmet meals from Home Bistro and have them delivered right before you leave!

BREAKFAST Food Ideas to Pack for the Cabin:

  • Muffins or scones and jam
  • Granola, yogurt and berries
  • Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and fruit
  • Orange juice and champagne
  • French-press (we love our simple stainless steel press) and quality coffee grounds

Pack these Cabin Food Ideas for LUNCH:

  • Croissant or French bread sandwiches and prepared veggies
  • Deli chicken and salad
  • Sparkling fruit juice (like San Pellegrino or IZZE)

DINNER Food Ideas for Cabin Getaways:

  • Prepared pasta and salad
  • Sushi (eat your first night there)
  • Pre-marinated grilled meat, like steak, fish or pork chops, with loaded baked potato and grilled veggies, like zucchini, peppers and asparagus
  • Wine or sake (plus corkscrew and plastic wine goblets)
  • Chocolate torte
  • Cheesecake (eat your first night there)

Tip: Get a foldable reusable wine bottle from Wine2Go, which holds an entire bottle of wine. No need for corkscrews. And it’s much lighter in your picnic basket or backpack.

SNACK and Appetizer Food Ideas for the Cabin:

  • Cheese tasting with crackers or thinly-sliced baguettes, prosciutto and olives
  • Chocolates from your favorite chocolatiers (I looove Calgary-based Bernard Callebeau by Cococo)
  • Prepped veggies and fruit
  • Classic s’mores
  • Packets of hot chocolate and canned whipped cream

Did I miss anything? Add your favorite romantic cabin getaway packing list items in the comments below!

Image of printable for romantic getaway cabin packing listWould you like that printable? Here it is! A free fillable PDF checklist.

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Romantic cabin getaway packing list, how to make a cabin getaway romantic

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