Skiing in Samoens, French Alps

Why Should You Go Skiing in Samoens? Because It’s Simply the Best…

What do you look for in a new place to visit on your travels? When you pick a great place, the benefits multiply. You broaden your horizons, become a better tourist, and become a more accepting person in general.

That said, many people struggle to choose the best destination for their holidays. And if they don’t know about places to go that are worthy of their time and money, they won’t reap the benefits and the pleasures from travelling.

In this article, we have an amazing place to recommend for your next holiday: Samoens in the French Alps.

Why Samoens?

Reason 1: You can go to Samoens all year round

Samoens is a ski resort in the widely known Grand Massif ski area in the French Alps. It is also a village that will take your breath away.

If you want to ski, book your accommodation and ski passes with Erna Low from December to April. Samoens is situated at a high altitude in the Savoie Mont Blanc region, making it a snow-sure place.

However, the resort is open in summer as well. Although the snow has melted, many summer activities are offered. One of the best things to do in Samoens in summer is go hiking and admire a totally different, green and flowery view of the Mont Blanc.

Samoens in summer, French Alps
Photo credit: Websiteproud from Pixabay

Reason 2: There is a piste for everyone

Although the place is equally fantastic in summer, Samoens is certainly a winter destination perfect for people who like to ski.

And skiing skills are irrelevant, as skiers of all ages and abilities can find a piste (aka ski trail) that is perfect for their level. In Samoens, there are nursery pistes for people who are getting into skiing, so they can practise on wide pistes with gentle slopes. For more confident skiers, there are more challenging pistes in Samoens, plus easy access to other resorts in the vicinity.

Reason 3: Learn all about this historic town

Do you also look for culturally rich places to visit when you travel? Samoens has this, too.

Besides skiing and admiring the beauty of the natural landscape, Samoens is also known for its history and cool tourist attractions. To be more specific, Mourmé, an artificial language, was invented in Samoens and it became popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.

The most famous attraction in Samoens is the Big Linden tree. What makes this tree so special? It is over 570 years old!

If you want to learn more about this unique town, you can book a special tour that will teach you all about Samoens’ rich heritage.

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Skiing in Samoens, French Alps

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