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Traveling to Los Angeles for the First Time? 5 Things You Must Do in L.A.

Los Angeles is one of the first cities that come to people’s minds — no matter what part of the world they’re from — when they’re talking about the US. It’s also a popular travel destination on top of many bucket lists!

How did this city in southern California become so popular? Well, the natural beachy vibe from the Pacific Ocean nearby and the always-sunny weather have played a significant role, for sure. But the fact that the major filming studios are based in L.A. make it an irresistible attraction to creative people and artists who long to become a part of the entertainment and cultural industry.

So, if you’re traveling to Los Angeles for the first time, there are some iconic places you probably already know about and are dying to see up close. In this article, we gathered the 5 most popular attractions you absolutely must visit during your first time in Los Angeles.

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1. Hollywood Sign

Hollywood is almost quintessential to Los Angeles. To be exact, Hollywood is a neighborhood in the city where the core of the US film industry is located. The Hollywood sign is a reminder of the awesomeness of the place. It is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, and more specifically on its peak, Mount Lee. Going for a hike here and taking photos in front of the sign is the perfect start of any day.

2. Universal Studios

While you’re in Hollywood, experience America’s filming industry by visiting Universal Studios. You can easily spend an entire day at Universal Studios. Go on behind-the-scenes tours. Enjoy a variety of rides for families and adults. And eat at excellent restaurants in the theme of favorite Hollywood movies. Save time and money by booking online in advance.

3. Disney in L.A.

Disneyland California, best things to do in Los Angeles
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Americans love visiting the Disneyland Park, which is close to Los Angeles. It’s a huge park with legendary and fun rides, where both children and grownups can have the time of their lives. What’s even better is that a similar theme park owned by Universal Studios is right next to Disneyland. If you’re traveling to Los Angeles with a group of friends or your family, you should definitely spend a whole day here. Explore the parks and have fun!

4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Art is celebrated in L.A. This is why the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the biggest art museum in the western United States. There are many and diverse exhibits, which aim to promote art history and inspire. Experimentation and creativity are appreciated, and professionals from a variety of fields are encouraged to let their artistic instincts run wild.

5. Venice Beach

Los Angeles is famous for its sunny weather, so it would be a shame not to go to the beach on such days. Venice Beach is the place to go to if you enjoy swimming or want to surf. Another popular activity here is people-watching. In Venice Beach, people love to experiment with fashion and are pretty relaxed, thanks to the peaceful landscape around them.

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