Strollers at Disney World

Strollers at Disney World: Rent, Bring or Neither?

If you’re visiting Disney World with young kids, should you rent a stroller, bring yours along, or ditch the stroller altogether? Renting or bringing a stroller to Disney World certainly has its benefits. But, there are cons, too. Below I’ll share our Disney World stroller rental review and experiences for you to consider.Best trips with friends on the weekend and in the world

As background, our kids were aged 5, 8 and 9 on our first visit to Disney World. While not super young, none of our kids are into hikes and I really didn’t want to deal with whining that comes with lots of walking. That said, my husband refused to haul along our stroller (more on that below).

So, we rented a stroller when we arrived in Orlando. I’ll tell you all about that experience and my recommendations below.

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Pros and cons of having a stroller at Disney World

What are the pros and cons of having a stroller at Disney World? Here’s my experience.


  • Relieve tired legs, and the whining that comes with them
  • Keeps kids contained in bigger crowds (especially during and after the Magic Kingdom fireworks)
  • Storage for snacks, sweaters and purchases
  • Really handy at the end of a long tiring day


  • A pain to empty storage, fold up and haul on/off busy shuttles
  • A pain to maneuver in busy crowds
  • A pain to find stroller parking, and then find your stroller among the zillions
  • It doesn’t ease the long wait in lines, because you have to park the stroller
  • With three kids, they were always fighting over the two spots (we got a double stroller)

Tips for having a stroller at Disney World:

  • Bring ribbon and wrap your handlebars to quickly find you stroller among all the other similar strollers at Disney World
  • If your stroller isn’t where you left it, check the ride’s designated stroller area; Disney staff will move strollers not in the approved stroller parking area (and sometimes shuffle them inside the parking zone, too) – hence, why the first bullet is very helpful
  • Use the storage lightly, as you have to remove everything and fold the stroller on shuttles; we also wore a backpack
  • ALWAYS put the rain cover on before getting in a line; you never know what the weather will be like when you come out
  • Review the size limitations for strollers at Disney World

Kids packing list printable with pictures

Option 1: Disney World stroller rental

Should you rent a stroller right at Disney World? Only if you didn’t rent a third party stroller beforehand and you’re wishing you had.

Why? Because they’re hard-shell and have little storage. 

On the positive side, renting a stroller at the Disney World park is super convenient and flexible. And the price is very reasonable, at $15/day for a single and $31/day for a double. Discounts are available for multiple days.

Option 2: Third party stroller rental for Disney World

Should you rent a third party stroller for Disney World? If you want a stroller at Disney World, my perspective is yes, rent it from a third party.

Other Disney World bloggers recommended renting from Kingdom Strollers, and I whole-heartedly agree.

Here’s why I liked Kingdom Strollers:

  • Super-convenient delivery to (and pickup from) Disney resorts, the airport, and other hotels and vacation homes, too, INCLUDED in your rental fee.
  • Clean, comfortable and easy-to-fold single and double stroller options (City Mini GT is what we have at home and I love it).
  • Included are a rain cover (super handy), handlebar console (also super handy for water bottles), and a cooler bag.
  • Strollers come with a bright orange tag on the handlebar and at the storage area, so you can quickly confirm it’s yours.
  • Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Our flight was late and we missed our delivery day/time, and they happily delivered it first-thing the next morning.

As for price, they have a fixed rate for certain numbers of nights, which may or may not work to your advantage. At the time of this post, it’s $60 for one, two or three nights (one rate, not per night) and $80 for four to seven nights. We rented for the full seven nights, which I thought was a decent rate.

Tip: If you’re staying at a Disney resort, consider taking advantage of their free grocery delivery. We decided to get a dining plan instead, but this could be super handy.

Option 3: Bring your own stroller to Disney World

Should you bring your own stroller to Disney World? If you have a light compact stroller that can get banged up, then yes.

This would’ve been my preference, as a stroller is very handy with young kids in an airport. I’ve gate-checked strollers plenty of times without incident.

That said, my husband didn’t want to deal with a stroller to/from/at the airport, so this wasn’t an option for us. It’s true that a stroller is just one more thing to worry about when traveling with lots of bags.

Kids packing list printable with pictures

Option 4: Ditch the stroller at Disney World

Now, can you get away without a stroller at Disney World? If you’re pretty sure you can, then just ditch the stroller.

By day 4, we left the stroller behind in our hotel room and everyone did fine.

Why did we leave it behind? Even with a quality, compact stroller, the double City Mini GT wasn’t exactly light for carrying on and off the busy shuttle. But the biggest annoyance was how cranky our three kids were with fighting over the double stroller… in Disney World. Isn’t this the happiest place on Earth?

For us, next time we’d ditch the stroller rental at Disney World.

How about you? What are your pros, cons and other considerations? Comment below!

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