Kids Travel Journal Printable for Early Readers


Inspire your young travelers with this Travel Journal for Early Readers! This bright and colorful kids travel journal printable works for all sorts of trips, like road trips, plane rides, cruises and train rides. It also works for all trip lengths, from weekends with Grandma and Grandpa to extra-long family vacations. Leaving tomorrow? No problem! Print it out and away you go.

This kids travel journal printable has 18 pages, including a personalized cover page, pre-trip pages to get excited, multiple pages for any length of trip, a summary page and how-to tips.

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Are you looking for a kids travel journal printable that will engage your early reader? Here you go! The Travel Journal for Early Readers is specially designed to capture and hold the interest of children in early elementary grades.

Get your child excited for your trip, keep them busy while traveling, AND encourage their academic confidence!

Here’s what makes this kids travel journal great:

  • Fun, colorful visuals and easy activities, so your child won’t feel like they’re doing “school work”!
  • Easy-to-recognize fonts and simple instructions that your child can read for themselves. Plus, visuals to help them. 
  • A mix of drawing prompts, writing prompts, word recognition and graphic interaction to keep it fun.
  • Works for all types of trips, including road trips, flights, camping, cruises, and train rides. Includes pages for traveling days and staying-put days.
  • Works for all lengths of trips. Simply print more pages and number them for each day of your trip.

This kids travel journal printable is ideal for binders. Slip the cover page into the binder cover and hole-punch the rest to go inside, with tabs to mark each day of your trip. Or, bind them with a plastic cover for the perfect keepsake!

Since your purchase includes all major future updates, be sure to share your suggestions to make it even better! You can do this by leaving a comment with your review.

Coordinates with Kids Packing List Printable and Travel-Themed Bookmarks for Kids FREE Printable.

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