Travel Accommodations Planner FREE PRINTABLE


Don’t stay in awful accommodations again! Use this travel accommodations planner printable to filter through your must-haves and nice-to-haves, and book BETTER places to stay on your next trip.

A 2-page fillable PDF template to use on any device.

Instant download.



Here’s a FREE travel accommodations planner printable to help you pick BETTER accommodations for your next trip. This 2-page fillable PDF template is easy to use, save and update.

When you’re trying to decide which accommodations to book for your trip, use this template to walk through five filters:

  1. Goal: What will make your trip fantastic
  2. Practicality: Amenities and reviews
  3. Trip details: Where, when and who
  4. Travel style: Preferences, daily rhythm and physical limitations
  5. Constraints: Limited time/timing, limited money and must-see activities

Includes a table to help you compare your top five options for accommodations and space for your notes.

Use this template alongside the detailed post, How to Pick BETTER Accommodations for Your Trip.


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