Unique travel daypacks for men

10 Best HANDMADE Travel Daypacks for Men 2021

Shopping for the best handmade travel daypacks for men? You’ll have SO much fun with this top-ten list! These gorgeous handmade small backpacks and crossbody travel bags are perfect for day trips and everyday use. They include travel daypacks made from leather, canvas and recycled or repurposed materials. 

If you’re looking for unique and handmade travel daypacks for men, you have to check out Etsy. You’ll find quality, handmade and one-of-a-kind travel bags and gift ideas for men in your life. And, you know that every purchase supports a small business owner. 

Below you’ll find a variety of handmade travel daypacks for men, including stylish, classic and fun. All are highly-rated, durable and practical, too.

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Unique travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags
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Disclosure: I’m very excited to be part of the Etsy affiliate program. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Same applies to the Amazon links and ads. Thank you for supporting us!

How to Pick the Best Travel Daypacks 

Here’s what to look for when picking the perfect travel bag for day trips:

  • Just-right size: You want a travel daypack that’s big enough to carry your essentials, like a water bottle and DSLR camera. And don’t get something too big that you’ll fill up and make too heavy. 
  • Wide straps: If you do end up carrying heavier stuff, wider straps tend to be more comfortable than narrow straps. For a travel bag with leather straps, look closely at the edges to make sure they won’t cut into skin. 
  • Adjustable straps: Having adjustable straps is especially important for crossbody travel bags. Crossbody daypacks are fantastic for day trips, but AWFUL if they rub or hang at just the wrong spot. For crossbody sling bags, ideally look for ones that can be worn on both shoulders.
  • Hidden zippered pockets: It’s always a good idea to have hidden zippered pockets to hide valuable documents and larger currencies. But this is even more important with larger travel bags and backpacks, so valuables don’t get lost. Also, hidden pockets protect these valuables in the off-chance your bag gets pick-pocketed or worse, slashed.
  • Extras for your travel style: Think about how you like to travel. If you wear headphones a lot, consider a travel daypack with a built-in USB charging port or a small exterior pocket for your phone. Also, it’s very handy to have multiple pockets to organize things you use a lot, and to keep valuables out of sight. 

Beyond these five tips, picking the perfect travel daypack for him will come down to style preference. Below are 10 of the best handmade travel bags, all full of style and functionality. Have fun!

5 Best NON-LEATHER Handmade Travel Daypacks for Men on Etsy

Let’s start our list of the best HANDMADE travel bags for men with non-leather daypacks he’ll love. The five Etsy shops below use a variety of materials to produce their handmade, one-of-a-kind travel bags for him.

Four of the five Etsy shops below are 5-star shops, with one new shop you have to check out. These shops sell a variety of travel bag styles and sizes that can be used as the perfect travel daypack for guys. For example, small messenger bags, crossbody daypacks and backpacks. I encourage you to look through all of these stores, but also include my favorite daypacks to inspire you!

1. Mariclaro | Most UNIQUE Handmade Travel Daypack for Men on Etsy

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Based in Ontario, Canada, Mariclaro creates possibly the MOST unique handmade travel bags for men. This shop designs fun, quality bags from reclaimed and recycled materials. If you need gift ideas for guys who love luxury cars or airplanes, you’ll LOVE this shop. Talk about a unique travel bag for him!

My favorite handmade travel daypacks for men are the mini messenger bags ($110US+). These crossbody shoulder bags are a great size to use on a day trip around the city, with multiple compartments and wide adjustable straps. Wanna wear a 1970 Camaro, or maybe an Air Canada Boeing? These travel bags are SO COOL!

2. Bagamie | Best Large-Capacity Handmade Travel Daypack for Him on Etsy

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Made from water-resistant waxed canvas and full-grain leather accents, this large capacity rucksack-style backpack makes a great daypack for men ($81US). It has lots of storage and compartments, including two zippered inside pockets, a laptop compartment, two exterior mesh pockets for water bottles, and a zippered exterior pocket on the back. Straps are wide and adjustable.

Check availability, colors and other styles at Bagamie. Handmade in the beautiful country of Vietnam and shipped from the United States.

3. Oldfield | Most STYLISH Handmade Travel Daypack for Guys on Etsy

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Isn’t this roll top backpack gorgeous?! This handmade travel daypack for men is made of waxed canvas and leather, with leather compression straps and cowhide leather trim and detailing ($126US).

Organize your stuff with large zippered exterior pockets on front and back, and multiple interior pockets, including a sleeve for your laptop. Both the back and straps are padded, making it extra comfortable for long day trips and carrying heavy stuff. Moisture-resistant.

Check availability and other styles at Oldfield. Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

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4. Woolfell | Best LIGHTWEIGHT Handmade Travel Daypack for Him on Etsy

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Here’s a waterproof and lightweight nylon backpack, perfect as a travel daypack for men ($155US). It has a padded laptop compartment, zippered interior and exterior pockets, and a waterproof lining. And it’s also perfect if you’re planning longer day trips or expect to haul more stuff. It has a sturdy leather bottom, and padded back and straps. Adjust the wide straps for the perfect fit.

Check availability at Woolfell. Handmade in Montreal, Canada.

5. Cass’ | Best Handmade Travel Daypacks for BIKES on Etsy

Travel daypacks for bikes, Etsy travel bags

If you’re looking for travel bags for bikes, Cass’ on Etsy is a great place to shop. Based in Montreal, Canada, Cass’ goal is to make it easier for cyclists to transition in style from bike to work to happy hour. But even for non-cyclists like me, these bags are awesome!

Cass’ travel bags are made from waxed cotton, which is a canvas coated with a mixture of oil and wax. This makes the bags water-repellent and gives it a gorgeous, leather-like appearance. Linings are mostly recycled, so let the owner know if you prefer classic or funky!

My favorite handmade travel daypack is the roll top backpack ($165US). This casual travel bag works as the perfect travel daypack and as an overnight or weekender travel bag. It has wide, adjustable straps and interior compartments, including a laptop pocket and Velcro side pockets. Plus, these backpacks have a cushioned back, side-compression straps, and a double-layer, reinforced bottom. Stylish, durable, AND comfortable!

This Etsy shop is also featured in Daypacks for Women Handmade In Canada!

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5 Best Handmade LEATHER Travel Daypacks for Men on Etsy

Now, if you’re looking for incredibly beautiful, handmade leather travel bags for men, below are five Etsy shops you have to check out. These shops carry a variety of leather travel bags, including small messenger bags and laptop bags that double for everyday business travel, too.

All of the five shops below have 5-star ratings and sell a variety of handmade leather travel bags. While I definitely encourage you to shop these stores to find the perfect leather travel bag, I highlight my favorite daypacks to hopefully make it a bit easier!

1. Good Hides | Canadian Handmade Leather Daypacks for Him on Etsy

Good Hides is a Canadian shop on Etsy selling beautiful handmade leather travel bags. Their leather travel bags are made of high-quality full-grain leather, and include small travel bags like crossbody satchels and narrow messenger bags. 

For a travel daypack for men, check out the leather crossbody satchel ($120US) and leather backpack rucksack ($160US). The crossbody daypack is a great size, with metal zippers and a wide, adjustable, padded strap. Although it’s marketed for women, I actually think it’s a good one for guys. What do you think? And the rucksack is just gorgeous, with adjustable straps and lots of compartments.

2. Hides Handcrafted | Canadian Handmade Leather Daypacks for Men on Etsy

Hides Handcrafted is a popular Canadian shop on Etsy, selling a variety of high-quality, handmade leather travel bags. Leather engraving is free, making it a beautiful custom travel gift idea for guys. These full-grain leather products are waterproof and durable, and come with lifetime warranty.

For the perfect travel daypack for men, check out the crossbody bag ($160US), narrower messenger bags ($130US+) and leather backpacks. My favorite leather backpack is their vegetable-tanned, full-grain distressed leather backpack ($220US). It has lots of pockets, including a padded laptop compartment and plenty with zippers, and wide, adjustable straps. 

3. Pampora Bags | Luxurious Italian Leather Daypacks for Men on Etsy

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Check out Pampora Bags shop on Etsy for a large variety of beautiful handmade leather travel bags. Any piece can be custom engraved, too. Handmade in Venice, Italy, these premium leather bags are made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. Even with all their variety, all styles have a simple elegance and luxurious sophistication to them.

My favorite travel daypack for men is the best-selling roll top backpack rucksack ($265US), but all of their Italian leather backpacks are gorgeous. The roll top backpack has many secret pockets, a lovely minimalist style, and padded, adjustable leather straps for long day trips. Isn’t it fantastic?

4. Capra Leather | Classic Urban Leather Daypack for Him on Etsy

Leather travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

This full-grain handmade leather backpack is a great travel daypack for men ($289US). Its minimalist design is modern and urban, with lots of extras that make it functional, too. It has two zippered pockets on the outside, including one hidden on the back, a laptop divider, magnetic keychain, and breathable suede back. Adjust the wide leather straps for the perfect fit.

Check availability and other styles at Capra Leather. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

5. Time Resistance | Premium Handmade Leather Daypacks for Men on Etsy 

Travel daypacks for men, Etsy travel bags

Wrapping up this post is a premium shop on Etsy: Time Resistance. Based in Lithuania, this shop sells top-of-the-line, stylish handmade leather travel bags and accessories. Leather is full-grain and hand-dyed with natural materials, using the vegetable tanning method. A sophisticated, one-of-a-kind leather travel bag for him.

My favorite handmade travel daypack is the leather backpack for men ($300US). It has wide adjustable leather straps and plenty of interior compartments and pockets, including a zippered pocket on the backside. This leather backpack also doubles as a fantastic messenger bag or laptop bag for everyday business travel. It’s classy AND versatile. Awesome, hey?!

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