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52 BEST Gift Ideas for Men Who Travel for Work 2021

It can be SO HARD to find a gift he’ll love! But, if you’re looking for the best gift ideas for men who travel for work, this MASSIVE list of 52 business travel gifts for him is guaranteed to inspire you! 

So, I’m married to a former commercial pilot. He flew for more than 20 years before changing fields, so he got really good at prioritizing his packing list. But there were always a few favorites that made his list. These travel gifts for men are inspired by him.

His #1 pro tip for the best gifts for someone who travels a lot for work is to keep it practical and physically small. Unless something is super important to man, he’ll likely leave the heavy bulky stuff at home. So, using my husband’s pro tip, here’s a carefully curated and frequent-traveller verified list to help you pick the best travel gifts for him.

But I don’t want you to go cross-eyed going through this massive list! So all business travel gifts for men are organized into categories.  

Wondering how to choose a meaningful gift? Check out our 5-step gift giving guide.

Best gift ideas for men who travel for work, business travel gifts for him

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10 Best ELECTRONIC Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

1. The Best LAPTOP Gifts for Someone Who Travels a Lot of Work

Razer laptop, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

When I asked my husband what his #1 most important business travel essential was, what do you think he said? His laptop. There was no competition.

It’s rather tricky getting a new laptop as travel gifts for men. Laptops come with SO many options. Does he just want something lightweight to catch up on news or sports? Or does he want something to satisfy his gaming itch while he’s on the road? And then, of course, there’s brand preference.

Before buying a laptop for someone else, I strongly recommend asking for their dream list and must-have features. And confirm the return policy. Most electronics have a 15-day return policy from the date of purchase.

According to PCMag, the best laptops in 2021 for business travelers are:

  1. Frequent Business Travelers | Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9: Sturdy, lightweight and with enhanced security features.
  2. Creators on the Go | HP ZBook Firefly 15 G8: Slim, lightweight and well-suited for 2D and moderate 3D work.
  3. Gamers on the Go | Alienware m17 R4: Speedy frame rates, quality construction and mechanical keyboard.

2. Wireless TRAVEL MOUSE Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

If your business traveler already has a decent laptop (or you’re a little worried about getting him a new one), another great gift for men who travel for work is a wireless travel mouse. You can get an ultra-tiny travel mouse that takes up very little space, but some reviewers aren’t fans. If the man in your life is quite picky or has big hands, a better option might just be the highest-rated Bluetooth wireless mouse on Amazon.

3. Super-Small INSTA360 GO Video Camera Travel Gifts for Men

Portable video camera, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

This super-small, super-light hands-free video camera is a fun gift for men who travel a lot for work. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhones, and comes with a charge case small enough to fit in his pocket to charge on the go. Shoot 30- or 60-second clips, in hyperlapse, time lapse or slow motion. It has stabilization, is water-resistant and easily attaches by clip, magnet or the pivot stand to get awesome angles. Available on Amazon, with solid reviews.

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4. XENVO PRO Lens Kit Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

Another fun video camera as travel gifts for men is the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. It turns your Android or iPhone camera into a 15x macro lens and 0.45x wide-angle lens, while also improving pictures in low-light environments with the warm and natural LED light. Clip the LED light to your phone, choose from three brightness settings and easily recharge it. It’s a fun, portable gift for someone who travels a lot for work! Check current prices and reviews on Amazon.

5. PORTABLE CHARGER Best Travel Gifts for Him

Backup power is ALWAYS a useful and welcome gift for men who travel for work. This is especially true if he travels to remote work locations and those working long hours away from an office.

Anker is the best-selling power bank on Amazon, with very strong reviews. Or for something a little more fun, check out these compact, personalized leather power bank from ShenDoah on Etsy. Both are compatible with Android and Apple.

6. Noise-Cancelling EARBUDS Gifts for Someone who Travels a Lot for Work

Bose noise-canceling earbuds, best business travel gifts for him

Noise-cancelling earbuds are among the best travel gifts for him, whether he travels for work or pleasure. Podcasts, audio books, video games or awesome 80s rock. Noise-cancelling earbuds turn idle travel time into quality personal time while taking up basically none of his minimal packing space.

Bose is the most recognized and respected brand of noise-cancelling technology. Check out the highest rated noise-cancelling earbuds on Amazon, including Bose Quiet Comfort.

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7. Noise-Cancelling HEADPHONES Travel Gifts for Men

Bose noise-canceling headphones, best business travel gifts for him

Even with the ultra-portability and awesomeness of noise-cancelling earbuds, some guys would rather have headphones. And these days, most headphones fold up pretty nicely and come with a handy travel bag, making them great travel gifts for men.

As with noise-cancelling earbuds, you can’t go wrong in gifting Bose headphones. Check out the highest rated noise-cancelling headphones on Amazon.

9. A TABLET Gift for Men Who Travel for Work

Now, if a laptop as a business travel gift for him is a little daunting, I understand! I would never buy a laptop for my husband without him clearly and specifically telling me exactly which one he wants.

But getting a tablet is a little less intimidating and definitely among the best gifts for business travelers. You generally can’t go wrong getting them the latest and greatest tablet in their brand of choice. Shop the highest-rated tablets on Amazon

9. TABLET KEYBOARD Best Travel Gifts for Him

If he already has a decent tablet, a great gift for men who travel for work is a tablet keyboard. A keyboard takes the ease and functionality of a tablet to a whole new level, where it might actually replace his travel laptop. 

To pick the right tablet keyboard, make a note of the specific tablet model he has. Then find the highest-rated compatible tablet keyboard on Amazon. A great option is the universally-compatible iClever folding keyboard. It folds up to pocket size, can connect with three devices at once by Bluetooth, and has strong reviews. 

10. Power ADAPTER and CONVERTER Business Gifts for Men Who Travel

If you’re looking for practical business gifts for men who just started traveling internationally, a power adapter and converter is a winner. (If he’s been traveling internationally for a while, he likely already has one.) 

Outside of North America, most outlets won’t be compatible with his electronics and electric appliances. And if he uses an electric razor, he’ll need a power converter to safely use it. 

I recommend just getting an all-in-one power adapter and converter, so he’s packing one thing that does it all. Here’s a 2000-watt travel adapter and converter on Amazon.

10 Best TRAVEL BAGS Business Travel Gifts for Men

1. Rolling CARRY-ON SUITCASE Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

A carry-on sized suitcase with wheels is a pretty safe luggage gift for men who travel for work. Pay attention to his preference for soft-shell or hard-shell suitcases. If he’s a picky traveler, ask some not-so-subtle questions about brand preference, style preference, and feature preference. 

Renegade 20-Inch Expandable from Kenneth Cole is an awesome hard-shell carry-on suitcase. It has eight 360-degree spinner wheels and tons of interior pockets to keep him organized. 

We love Samsonite softside carry-on suitcases, like the 20-inch expandable Samsonite Lineate with eight 360-degree spinner wheels, a zippered side pocket with USB port, and tri-fold suiter to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

2. Weekend DUFFEL BAG Travel Gifts for Men

A good weekend bag is another fantastic gift for men who travel for work. While a weekend bag is more casual than a rolling carry-on suitcase, you can get quite sophisticated weekend bags perfect for the suave business traveler.

For a great classic duffel travel bag gift for him, check out the Aspect Duffel from Hex. If you’re interested in a beautiful leather weekend travel bag, check out the duffel bags from Capra Leather on Etsy. They have a small zippered pocket inside and outside, and the shoulder strap is padded, adjustable and removable. You can also have it custom engraved.

3. Handsome GARMENT BAGS Best Travel Gifts for Him

Men who travel for work will benefit from a quality garment bag. A good garment bag keeps shirts, pants and jackets pressed when they arrive at their destination, hopefully averting the need to re-iron them. (‘Cause no one likes re-ironing.)

Topping the list for carry-on size garment bags on Amazon is Travelpro Maxlite, with tons of interior pockets and a hanger bracket that holds everything in place. If you’re interested in a high-quality leather garment bag, you have to check out Time Resistance on Etsy. Their gorgeous handmade, full-grain and vegetable-tanned leather garment bag has lots of exterior zippered pockets and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

4. Small BACKPACK Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

A small backpack is among the best travel gifts for him. He can use it as a personal bag on flights for carrying must-have electronics and business essentials. Comfortably haul stuff around at his destination. And even use it at home for commuting to and from work. Small backpacks can span the spectrum from quite casual (think hiking daypacks) to more stylish urban backpacks for men. 

A great classic but casual backpack for business travel is the Supply Signal Backpack by Hex. It has a large padded exterior pocket for a tablet and padded main compartment, and is water-resistant. And how can you not love the gorgeous leather Bleecker Backpack from Coach? It’s also quite practical, with a laptop sleeve, lots of pockets and wide, adjustable leather straps. If it’s a little steep for you (like me!), Coach has some cheaper options, too.

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5. Crossbody MESSENGER BAG Business Travel Gifts for Him

No matter what type of work your man does, a quality crossbody messenger bag will be a very welcomed business travel gift. The main considerations when looking for the perfect crossbody travel bag for him is obviously his style, how much he’ll likely carry, and whether he’ll need anti-theft and tear-resistant material. 

For a beautiful leather crossbody messenger bag, check out the gorgeous Messenger Double from Tuscany Leather. It has a wonderful soft structure, three compartments, and zippered pockets inside and outside. Cheaper options are available if you only want one compartment or a smaller size, but still with lots of handy pockets to stay organized.

If you’d prefer an anti-theft crossbody messenger bag for him, you can check out the highest-rated options on Amazon. My favorite is the Travelon Urban Messenger Bag that’s pretty style-neutral and has tons of zippered compartments and space. It also has two expandable exterior pockets for packing a water bottle and coffee. Beautiful and practical business travel gifts for him.

For unique crossbody messenger bags, visit Best HANDMADE Travel Daypacks for Men.

6. Small SLING BAG Daypack Gift for Men Who Travel for Work

A small slingback daypack is another fantastic gift for men who travel a lot for work. Smaller than a crossbody messenger bag, a slingback daypack works perfectly as a personal bag on flights to hold travel essentials like electronics. It’s also perfect for the minimalist traveler on day trips while keeping his hands free, too.

Check out the beautiful Martin slingback from Tuscany Leather. For a more casual and anti-theft sling bag gift idea, my favorite is the one from Zuk on Amazon. It has lots of features, including an anti-theft lock, back zippered pocket, USB charging port and shoulder slot. Plus, it’s water-resistant and tear-resistant.

7. PACKING CUBES Gifts for Men Who Travel

Packing cubes for luggage, best business travel gifts for him

Packing cubes can be the perfect gift for men who travel for work or play, whether he loves being organized or needs to be! When picking the best packing cubes, consider getting a variety of sizes and with mesh to see what’s inside.

You can find a ton of highly-rated packing cube gift ideas on Amazon. My favorite is the 5-piece luggage organizer from Travelizer, which includes a pouch for shoes.

8. TOILETRIES BAG Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

A theme you’re probably seeing is whether you want a more casual travel bag gift idea or a more sophisticated one! The same theme applies in gifting a toiletries bag he’ll use AND love.

My husband has used the same toiletries bag for years. And what he loves about it is that it’s small and clear, so it’s generally been fine for passing through airport screenings as-is. As of writing this post, TSA allows liquids, gels and aerosols at a per-item maximum size of 100-milliliters and a TOTAL maximum size of one quart. This is a good size to remember when picking a toiletries bag, or dopp kit, for men.

A fun place to shop for unique handmade toiletries bags is on Etsy. My favorites include the double-compartment waxed canvas dopp kit from My Charm Workshop and leather dopp kit from AGIOTAGE, which comes in three sizes and lots of beautiful colors. You can personalize both options.

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9. Practical ELECTRONICS ORGANIZER Best Travel Gifts for Him

Leather electronics organizer, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

Here’s a final travel bag gift for men who travel for work: an organizer for his electronic accessories. I love this handmade leather travel storage pouch from SKIN and SKIN on Etsy. It has two inner pockets for power bands and chargers, five elasticized slots for cords and USB drives, and a zippered closure. Choose from two sizes, or upgrade to the full sized organizer for two pockets that fit a laptop, tablet or notepad for the best travel gift for him.

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10. LAPTOP/TABLET ORGANIZER Business Travel Gifts for Men

If you love an electronics organizer as a gift for men who travel a lot for work BUT want something that fits a tablet or laptop, check out Capra Leather on Etsy. Capra Leather sells beautiful handmade travel accessories made from full-grain leather.

For the laptop sleeve, you can choose from small, medium or large sizes to fit his device. All leather laptop sleeves include an interior pocket and pen holder, and some have a handle. Or, check out the leather laptop bags with a zippered interior pocket and lots of elasticized bands for storing cords, earbuds, USB drives and pens. 

5 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS Best Travel Gifts for Him

1. Business LEATHER PORTFOLIO Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

If you’re looking for quality business travel gifts that he likely won’t buy for himself, it’s a leather portfolio. A high-quality, fine-leather portfolio is a gift that business travelers will use for a long time, for both work trips and everyday business use.

Check out both Tuscany Leather and Time Resistance for beautiful leather portfolios. Both have great options with a zippered closure and lots of interior pockets.

Wondering how to choose a meaningful gift? Check out our 5-step gift giving guide.

2. Business LEATHER FOLDER Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

Another option to a traditional leather portfolio is a leather folder. Check out Major Leather on Etsy for a variety of beautiful handmade leather folder gifts for men who travel a lot for work. They vary in sizes, style and functionality. For example, some just have lots of handy pockets, and some have binder rings. Some have a handle and some don’t.

Note: If ordering from the United States, give yourself up to 25 days for delivery time.

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3. LEATHER WALLET Best Travel Gifts for Him

You’ll find a quality leather wallet on every list of best travel gifts for him, because he’ll use it for a very long time. A classy, classic option is the slim billfold wallet from Coach. For a handmade leather wallet you can personalize, check out Script Leather on Etsy. My favorite one has one money slot, 5 card slots and 2 hidden slots. Personalize it on the front, plus a scripted message inside to make it extra special. 

4. BUSINESS CARD HOLDER Travel Gifts for Men

Leather business card holder, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

Even if your business traveler already has a great wallet, he likely doesn’t have a classy business card holder. Check out these beautiful options from Etsy. I love the simple quality you get with Time Resistance. Have it personalized for an extra touch to your travel gift for him. 

5. TRAVEL IRON Gifts for Someone Who Travels a Lot for Work

Travel iron, business travel gift ideas for him

Now, a travel iron might not be as fun as other travel gifts for men on this list. BUT it’s super practical. Especially if your business traveler is picky about properly-pressed business clothes and doesn’t always stay at hotels with nice irons. A great compact travel iron with steam is from Steamfast. It heats up quickly and comes with a travel bag. 

10 Practical TRAVEL ESSENTIALS Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

1. ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Travel Gifts for Men

Every dentist I’ve been to in the past 10 years recommends using an electric toothbrush. They’ve also told me that it’s the best option for traveling, even if the battery dies on the way.

So, while it isn’t all that sexy, an electric toothbrush is definitely a practical business travel gift for him! The Oral-B 1000 Cross-Action continues to get strong reviews, which is the one I have. My husband has tried both the round and long heads, and prefers the round head.

2. TRAVEL RAZOR Business Travel Gifts for Him

Travel shaver, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

Most men with a beard who travel for work will appreciate a good electric razor. For portability, Amazon’s editorial reviews recommend the Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver. It’s good for both wet and dry shaves, light at only 6 ounces, and fits well in both hands. Most importantly, men rate it high and report that it gives them a close, comfortable shave. 

3. EARPLUGS Travel Essentials Gift He’ll Definitely Use

Silicone earplugs, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

On my husband’s top 3 list of business travel essentials is earplugs. When I rolled my eyes at posting this among best travel gifts for men, he was adamant that this saved him many a night’s sleep in not-so-quiet hotels. I’ve also met business travelers staying at hostels, where it could come in very handy.

So, is it possible to get not-so-uncool earplugs as travel gifts for men? Yes, it is! I found these highly-rated reusable silicone earplugs that come with a portable case. They work for any ear size, for those who sleep on their side, and reviewers love them. Plus, they’re a pretty blue. Perfect!

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4. Best TRAVEL PILLOW Business Travel Gifts for Him 

Best travel pillow, business travel gifts for him

While some business travelers love their travel pillows, some can’t be bothered with them. I suggest testing out this travel gift for him by asking pointed questions on whether he’d try it. And if he’s interested, choose a quality one that has a chance of working. Like the travel neck pillow from BCOZZY that supports the chin, unlike most. Reviews love it.

Wondering how to choose a meaningful gift? Check out our 5-step gift giving guide.

5. Best TRAVEL EYE MASK He’ll Use … and LOVE!

Best eye mask, business travel gift ideas for him

Gifting an eye mask is similar to a travel pillow. It’ll go over better with some men who travel a lot for work than others. But they’re pretty low-cost, and I found one you can just take a risk on.

A travel eye mask he might actually love is this wireless Bluetooth travel eye mask. It has 3D contours around the nose and eyes to keep light out and let his eyes move comfortably, and soft breathable fabric good for those with insomnia, migraines and dry eyes. He can be lulled to sleep listening to his favorite music or white noise through the Bluetooth speakers. I definitely think this makes the list of best travel gifts for him!

6. Personalized PASSPORT HOLDER Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

There are SO many beautiful passport holders out there that make a great gift for men who travel for work. To make it extra special, get it personalized! If it’s for your significant other, add your favorite picture of you two and hide a few love notes in it, too.

When looking at the best passport holder travel gifts for him, you might consider one with RFID (radio frequency detection) protection. It protects against RFID skimming, or a type of digital theft that applies to passports and credit cards.

BUT, if you do a basic search on whether RFID protection is necessary, you’ll see strong arguments that it isn’t. RFID skimming just doesn’t really happen, and most passports and credit cards have encryption. So, take this with a grain of salt when gifting a passport holder.

You can find some gorgeous passport holders on Etsy. My favorites as gifts for men who travel a lot for work include the soft-leather passport holder travel wallet from AGIOTAGE and the travel wallet from Lovie Style, with a zippered closure and spots for his phone, power pack, and charging cord. Both can be personalized as best gifts for business travelers.

7. TILE ESSENTIALS Best Gifts for Business Travelers

Tile Mate, business travel gift ideas for him

Have you heard of Tile Mate? It’s your own personal tracker! Sync it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and attach or tuck it into things like wallets and travel bags. Then, if one goes missing, it’s easy to locate them. You can even use it to find your phone. Double-press the tile button and it’ll make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent mode. Talk about best travel gifts for him!

The most common version of Tile is Tile Mate, which has a small ring hole to attach to things like key rings and travel bag zippers. Tile Slim is super thin to fit inside a passport holder or wallet and works great bundled to important documents. And Tile Sticker is even smaller, which would be handy to use on things like your camera and TV remote control for when he’s back home. You can find them on Amazon.

8. MICROFIBRE CLOTHS Practical Travel Gifts for Men

Microfibre cloths are another great add-on gift for men who travel a lot for work. A quality microfibre travel cloth comes in handy for wiping down anything from glasses to camera lenses to electronic screens. Here’s a great option from Amazon.

9. COMPACT TOWEL Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

Best travel towel, business travel gift ideas for him

Thinking mostly of business travelers who stay in hostels, a compact travel towel can be a great gift for someone who travels a lot for work. I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of microfibre towels, but they dry quickly and are antibacterial. So, they can be perfect travel gifts for men. 

This travel towel from Rainleaf is thicker and more absorbent than most, but still lightweight and folds into its compact carrying case. Measure your bath towel to pick which of the three sizes is best for you. Reviewers love it.

10. TRAVEL PILL BOX Best Travel Gifts for Him

Tylenol was another business travel essential for my husband. While I definitely draw the line at recommending such a boring business travel gift idea, I will find a great pill box! There are SO many fun travel pill cases on Etsy. My favorites are the pocket-sized leather pill case from Emcouros and the nautical steampunk pill box from Cosmic Firefly.

11 Best Business CLOTHING Travel Gifts for Him

1. A Quality LEATHER JACKET Gift He’ll Love

A high-quality leather jacket is another business travel essential my husband used all the time. (That is, when he wasn’t wearing a company jacket.) This might be a trickier gift for men who travel for work, as you really have to know his style to pick a good one. Some like bomber style and some don’t. And some prefer brown and others prefer black. But if you throw out some pointed questions to get a sense of what he’d like and then pick a high-quality leather jacket, this should be a pretty safe bet as a fantastic travel gift for him.

If you want a gorgeous leather jacket, take a look at the classic leather racer jacket from Coach. It comes in both black and rich brown, with a modern low-profile collar and zippered pockets. 

For a vegan-friendly imitation suede jacket, check out the stylish bomber jacket from Banana Republic. It has the knit bomber collar and cuffs, zippered closure, and two regular pockets plus a zippered exterior pocket. Reviewers love this jacket.

2. RAIN JACKET Gift for Men Who Travel for Work

Rain jacket, best gift ideas for men who travel for work

A good rain jacket is another solid gift for men who travel for work. If he already has a favorite brand, you could check out their options. Or, pick one of the best-rated and most respected brands. 

While The North Face is well-known for its quality hiking gear, the Dryzzle Futurelight rain jacket is subtle enough to work as an urban rain jacket, too. It’s waterproof, breathable and durable. And it looks fantastic. Men rate it high for the material technology but say it fits big.

3. SPORT COAT Business Travel Gifts for Him

A man who travels a lot for work will appreciate a quality sport coat. A sport coat is a classic clothing piece that quickly turns a casual outfit into a perfect outfit for an evening out with colleagues. One of my favorite stores for men’s business clothing is Banana Republic, but Old Navy also has very respectable, less expensive options.

4. New DRESS SHIRT He’ll Love for Work

I love dressing my husband! Not that he lets me do it very often. But just look at this handsome button-up shirt by Frank and Oak. It’s a classic collared, long-sleeved shirt you can get in slim or regular fit. Or how about this collared, short-sleeved button-up striped shirt, in a lighter poplin fabric great for summer? Both would look SO good under a sport jacket!

5. New DRESS PANTS Travel Gifts for Men

Building from the beautiful dress shirts above, go shopping on Frank and Oak for new dress pants, too! Choose from various fits, including skinny, slim, athletic, tapered and straight. They come in classic colors, like dark blues, greys, browns and black. Plus, dark greens and a “greige” … grey beige? The Cordova Jogging Pant would be a great travel day pant and the classic Laurier Smart Wool Pant trousers would be the perfect everyday business dress.

Wondering how to choose a meaningful gift? Check out our 5-step gift giving guide.

6. Comfy LEATHER SANDALS Best Travel Gifts for Him

Leather dress sandals, business travel gift ideas for him

If you’re not so sure about a jacket, quality sandals he can wear on business trips are great travel gifts for him. Check out these beautiful sandals from Steve Madden. The Gavinn Leather sandal comes in a gorgeous brown, black and white.

7. Special UNDIES Best Gifts for Men Who Travel

Best mens underwear, business travel gift ideas for him

Ready for a fun surprise? Men’s underwear with a hidden pocket! This is definitely among the best gifts for men who travel internationally for work or pleasure. It’s always a challenge for guys to find a secure spot to carry high currencies. And even for local business travel, they’re still pretty fun. 

Find this ingenious men’s underwear from Smuggling Duds on Etsy. You have lots of pattern options to pick from, with either a full-width hidden pocket or half-width hidden pocket and front opening.

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8. Fun SOCKS Best Gifts for Business Travelers

Yeah, yeah. You knew this one was coming! But hear me out … Fun, personalized socks are an easy and low-cost gift for men who travel a lot for work, perfect as a stocking stuffer for guys. Spice up his wardrobe with some fun socks. Pick a funky sock pattern, or personalize your sock gift with a message hidden underfoot that’ll make him smile every time he thinks of them. 

Two of my favorite sock gift shops on Etsy are MyGift4U with so much inspiration for your secret message, and Sophia Co with lots of subtle but fun superhero socks. Or, how about some nice ones from Steve Madden? Not so bad, right?!

9. Versatile Business TIE Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

You just knew we had to have a tie on this list of best business travel gifts for him! While ties are definitely a personal style thing and are often a little stuffy, you can find some pretty fun ones, too. Keep it appropriate for business travel and something you think he’ll actually wear. But other than that, have fun with this! Ties make great compact travel gifts for him. 

Find tons of beautiful fun ties at The Tie Bar. Shop by color, material (like Italian wool!), pattern and what goes with your suit color. Awesome!

10. Best WATCH Gifts for Men who Travel for Work 

While wearing a watch isn’t as common as it was before everyone carried a smartphone on them, having a really nice watch is now a sign of prestige. You could get him a classy, timeless watch, like this gorgeous one from Kenneth Cole. Or, go with the beautiful, ultra-modern smartwatch from Diesel. It’s integrated with Google Pay, Google Assistant and Google Fit, and compatible with both iPhone and Android.

You may also be interested in watch organizers for travel.

11. Best SUNGLASSES Business Travel Gifts for Him

Best sunglasses, business travel gift ideas for him

Does your business traveler have a good pair of sunglasses? If not, this could be the best business travel gift for him! You can’t really go wrong with aviator-style sunglasses from Coach or Ray-Ban.

6 Best ENTERTAINMENT Gifts for Men Who Travel a Lot for Work

1. VIDEO GAME as Best Travel Gifts for Him

Screenshot of Stream website, best gift ideas for men who travel a lot

Now, my husband likes his video games. I’ve learned over the years that his favorite thing to do in the evening is to relax back at the hotel while playing his favorite video game. (Yes, even in Maui or Scotland! Although a good pub is a close second.)

If this sounds like your frequent business traveler, consider getting him that new game he’s been eager to try. Steam makes it easy to gift an online game to a friend, or simply give him a Steam gift card. It’s an easy winner.

2. AUDIO BOOKS Business Travel Gift Ideas for Him

AudiobooksNow, business travel gift ideas for him

Audio books are a great way to pass the time when traveling for business. With AudiobooksNow, gift ideas include an audiobook so he can try it out, an annual plan that comes with 50% off one title each month, or gift certificates. He can stream or download books through the free app on both Android and Apple devices. And since bookmarks are synced across devices, he can continue where he left off no matter which device he has on him at the time.

3. MAGAZINE Gifts for Men Who Travel for Work

Screenshot of SportsLine website, best gift ideas for men who travel a lot

Is your frequent business traveler an avid news guru or sports fanatic? Get him an online subscription to his favorite newspaper or to SportsLine! Or, find a fun magazine like Retro Gamer and Classic Rock, to help him pass the down time while traveling for work.

4. Personalized DECK OF CARDS Travel Gifts for Men

Personalized deck of cards, best gift ideas for men who travel a lot

A deck of cards can be the perfect low-cost stocking stuffer travel gift for men. It’s an easy, compact accessory to help him pass the time with a colleague while waiting for flights or lounging after a long day, or for a relaxed game of solitaire. And if you personalize them (fit for business travel, of course!), he can take a little taste of home with him. With Desogn’s shop on Etsy, you can personalize the front, plus every individual card, too!

5. TRAVEL GAMES Gifts for Someone Who Travels a Lot for Work

Building off the personalized deck of cards, there are some really awesome travel games that make awesome gifts for men who travel for work. Check out the chess/checkers travel game from KB Collection Sand Art that rolls up super-tiny and super-light, and also comes in a backgammon version. Or the super-mini travel crib board in a beautiful leather roll-up pouch from Walnut Studiolo

6. ALCOHOL for When the Frequent Business Traveler Returns!

Now, if the man in your life is anything like mine, he’d really appreciate a nice drink when he gets back home. The toughest decision is which type of drink he’d like most!

Give the gift of craft beer through the Craft Beer Club! Craft Beer Club features 100% independent craft breweries from across the United States, and won’t repeat the same brand for at least two years. And they give you lots of ways to give. Choose from 1 to 12 shipments, and 12 or 24 beers per month (4 styles, and either 3 or 6 of each). You can send a shipment every month, every other month, or every three months. 

More awesome gift ideas are waiting for you at The Whisky Exchange. And no, it’s not just whisky! Choose from elegant gift sets and tasting sets with a variety of price-points and a variety of drinks, including whisky (of course), rum, gin and cocktails. But visiting Scotland definitely gave me a love for Scotch Whisky, so I’d recommend the Tour of Scotland tasting set. It gives you five very different whiskies from different regions of Scotland, including Glenfiddich 21, one of my favorites! 

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Best gift ideas for men who travel for work, business travel gifts for him

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