Best virtual adventure tours, extreme sports, adventure travel

15 CRAZY Virtual Adventure Tours You HAVE to Take!

Wanna go for a ride?? These AWESOME virtual adventure tours will make your heart skip a beat and leave you catching your breath! Crazy bungee jumping, skydiving, kayaking over waterfalls. Hang-gliding over Yosemite National Park. Flying a wingsuit past cliffs and tight-rope walking over a canyon. This list is SO cool!

Best virtual adventure tours, extreme sports, adventure travel
You’ll wanna save me for later.

All of these virtual tours of extreme sports and adventure travel are 360 videos and compatible with your VR headset. If you don’t have a VR headset, open them in your YouTube app and pan around. Or use a nice big monitor. 

These virtual travel experiences started me on my bucket list. The first two are definitely on it. I hope they inspire you, too!

This post is part of a best-of series of virtual tours. Famous historic sites. Beautiful national parks and waterfalls. Wildlife encounters. Awesome cities.

15 AWESOME Virtual Adventure Tours

This list of awesome virtual adventure tours includes extreme sports and adventure travel. By adventure travel, I mean physically challenging activities that are a little crazy. Ahem. I mean, that have a certain degree of risk. 

And Wikipedia defines extreme sports as having a HIGH degree of risk. Activities that involve speed, height, lots of physical exertion and highly specialized gear. So … basically a “never” will I do these things. But they sure are fun to watch!

Now, which of these things would YOU do??

Tip: Open all of these virtual adventure tours in my YouTube playlist!

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1. Virtual Adventure Tour of Iguazu Falls by Paramotor 

Virtual tour of adventure travel, paramotor over Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina
Photo credit: Henrik Stenberg from Unsplash

Now THIS virtual adventure tour is something I’d LOVE to do for real! How cool is this?! In my virtual tours of waterfalls post, I fell in love with Iguazu Falls, which is on the Brazil-Argentina border. And in this 360 video from Red Bull, Rafael Goberna takes us on a paramotor flight above Iguazu Falls. It’s INCREDIBLE!

2. Virtual Hang-Gliding Adventure over Yosemite National Park

Virtual tour of hang gliding over Yosemite National Park
Photo credit: Jack Finnigan from Unsplash

Here’s another adventure travel virtual tour that I’d LOVE to do for real. Yosemite National Park in California is absolutely gorgeous. And I can tell you that with 100% confidence without ever being there myself because the Yosemite National Park virtual tour is amazing. Check it out yourself in the virtual tours of national parks post! 

But first, jump off one of Yosemite’s many cliffs. Sail past one of its many waterfalls. And glide down to the lush valley floor on this 360 video of hang gliding over Yosemite National Park from Nature on PBS. I LOVE IT!!

3. Virtual Tightrope Walking above a Canyon

Watching this 360 video, I can feel my anxiety in my TOES! I was surprised by how much fun this was to watch. Check out this 360 video from Discovery of tightrope walking across a canyon in Moab, Utah. Hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from his feet, so I had to watch it a few times to enjoy the 360 video views!

4. Virtual Extreme Kayaking down a Waterfall

Virtual tours of kayaking down a waterfall, extreme sports
Photo credit: Sean Geraghty from Unsplash

Okay, this video is pretty crazy. I recommend watching the full video because it tells a great story, but I’ll start the video right at the 70-foot waterfall. First, the guide goes over. Then, the student goes over. Here you go: an extreme kayaking 360 video from VRtually There!

5. Virtual Adventure Tour Ziplining in Costa Rica … SUPERMAN Style!

Virtual tour of ziplining in Costa Rica
Photo credit: Perry Grone from Unsplash

Ziplining is SO FUN!! I’ve only done it once at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta Canada, where you jump off the Olympic ski jump tower for a 500-meter ride (1,640 feet). AWESOME. But short.

Now I really want to zipline in Costa Rica. I kinda assumed the best place to zipline would be in the Cloud Forest, but now I’m thinking the coast. Check out this 360 video of a superman zipline from Mytanfeet Travel Blog. This zipline is in Diamante Eco Adventure Park (by Guanacaste, Costa Rica) and is 1,360 meters/4,461 feet long with terrific ocean views. I can’t WAIT to do this myself!!

6. Virtual Tour of Canyoning in Costa Rica

And while we’re in Costa Rica, let’s do some canyoning! Check out this fun canyoning 360 video from Matador Network. They rappel down six waterfalls, the tallest being 85 feet high. You can just imagine the smells of the jungle around you and the wet rock against your fingertips. The virtual adventure tour starts you at the top of the gorge.

7. Virtual Whitewater Canoeing Adventure in Britain

Virtual tour of whitewater kayaking in Britain
Photo credit: Roya Ann Miller from Unsplash

I love this 360 video from Planet Canoe! I can almost feel the cold water on my face and my body leans left to avoid the huge boulder in the middle of the river. Enjoy the 360 views of Britain’s landscape from the Muota River. This video was taken during the 2018 ICF Wildwater Canoeing World Championships. 

And I obviously don’t know enough about my boats, because these look like kayaks to me.

8. Virtual Speed-riding Tour Through the Alps

Virtual tour of speedriding through the Alps, extreme sports
Photo credit: Henry Perks from Unsplash

Red Bull Snow brings you this short but cool 360 video, speed-riding through a gorge in the Alps. Part skiing, part paragliding. All crazy?? And I totally know someone who’d do this. 

9. Virtual Adventure Tour Wingsuiting Through a Ravine

Virtual tour of wingsuiting through the mountains, extreme sports
Photo credit: Chris Robbins from Unsplash

Okay, this is INCREDIBLE. This wingsuit 360 video from Making View AS takes you on a super-crazy wingsuit virtual adventure through a ravine. Look how close he gets to the cliffs and treetops. His shadows. Pan backwards to watch his friend. CRAZY.

10. Skydiving Virtual Adventure Tour 

Virtual tour of skydiving
Photo credit: Kamil Pietrzak from Unsplash

Now we go up. Waaay up. 

I was booked and days away from my first skydiving adventure when a family member got terrible health news. So, I’ve never gone. A part of me still wants to, and a part of me is very content just watching this.

This 3D 360 VR skydiving experience takes you from take off to landing. You can just imagine your nerves running wild! The description doesn’t tell us where this video was taken, but it’s a pretty incredible ride.

11. Virtual Bungee Jump off Victoria Falls Bridge

Virtual tour of adventure travel, 360 video, bungee jumping
Photo credit: Sebastian Coman Travel from Unsplash

Okay, I have to admit that bungee jumping might just be the most terrifying thing to me, ever. Even more than skydiving … not too rational, but there it is. Something about the feet being tied up and diving head first?? 

But if you’re ever going to bungee jump, the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe might just be the absolute COOLEST place to do it. Check out this really fun 360 video from Adam and B that gives you a great sense of what it’d be like.

12. Canyon Swing Virtual Adventure Tour

Virtual tour of canyon swing in Moab, Utah
Photo credit: Doran Erickson from Unsplash

So, maybe this isn’t quite as terrifying as a straight-up bungee jump, since you’re secured at the waist? And ‘cause it’s called a swing?? Here’s the ultimate rope swing in Moab, Utah as a 360 video from Discovery. Fun or crazy?

13. Virtual Tour of Surfing in Tahiti 

Virtual tour of surfing in Tahiti
Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop from Unsplash

So, is surfing adventure travel? Maybe not to some of you, but to me, definitely!! Plus, this fun VR video from GoPro takes you to beautiful Tahiti … with waves I’d be avoiding. I watched this one a few times!

14. Virtual Motocross Stunting Adventure

Okay, I was looking for a good interactive virtual adventure tour for motocross stunting, and finally found one. On this extreme sports virtual tour, Blick VR gets us a 360 video on the helmet of Swiss motocross freestyle world champion Mat Rebeaud as he practices his jumps with a new electric bike. The video cuts back and forth from his helmet to the sidelines. You can find some decent 360 videos of motocross racing, but I love the flips!

Now, I’ll also point you to this one … GoPro takes you out sand dune jumping in Idaho. It doesn’t have the flips but it’s still fun to watch.

15. Virtual Adventure Tour Compilation in the Austrian Alps

Virtual tour of extreme sports, ski jumping
Photo credit: Jorg Angeli from Unsplash

This VR/360 Video compilation from VIEMR – Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality captures a variety of extreme sports in the Austrian Alps. Paragliding along mountaintops. Extreme downhill skiing and ski jumping. Kayaking chilly rapids with boulders crowding you in. Such a FUN video to end our list of virtual adventure tours!

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Summary and Resources

So. Which of these virtual adventure tours would you absolutely do? And which would you NEVER do?? Leave it in the comments!

Searching for the best interactive virtual tours has led me down a techy rabbit hole. While I’ve had fun just panning on my wide-screen monitor, a proper VR headset would make these 360 videos much more immersive. And YOU can make and share 360 videos, too!

Types of VR Headsets

To really enjoy the VR experience, you gotta get a VR headset. You can keep it cheap by just getting a Google Cardboard for your smartphone. (Fun name, hey? Yup, it’s actually just cardboard.) 

Or, you can get a standalone VR headset that’s a lot more sophisticated than cardboard. Oculus VR headsets are highly-rated, with Oculus Go as a top choice. But if you’re into gaming, you’d love Oculus’ VR gaming line-up.

Types of 360 Cameras

Interested in making your own VR videos? As expected, the technology is getting better and cheaper every year. Here’s a variety of 360 cameras, all highly rated and with different features. 

And here’s a helpful 360 camera buying guide from Digital Camera World.

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Best virtual adventure tours, extreme sports, adventure travel

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