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50 FUN Things To Bring Camping: Cool Gadgets for the Best Season Ever

Excited for camping season? Spice up your adventures and make your friends and kids smile with these FUN things to bring camping! All of these cool camping gadgets are practical or fold up nice and small, since we all know space is tight on camping trips.Fun things to bring camping, cool camping gadgets and gear

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1. Bottle COOLER for Cold Camping Drinks

Can cooler, fun things to take camping
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Let’s start our list of fun things to bring camping with BottleKeeper’s can and bottle coolers. What a brilliant idea for keeping your beloved camping beverages cold on those hot summer days! Your can or glass bottle fits inside the double-walled and vacuum-insulated bottles, with a non-slip padded base so it doesn’t spill.

CanKeepers include 3-in-1 options that work for 12oz, 16oz and slim cans. BottleKeepers come in standard 12oz size and larger, including short and tall necks. And a PintKeeper for those who want to fit a full pint … with the lid on. Some have a built-in bottle opener, too.

2. Fun Beach BLANKET for Camping Trips

Bring a fun beach blanket on your next camping trip! Choose from eight fun styles, including a hamburger and pineapple, as well as pretty mandala prints, too. Made of spandex and folds up nice and tight.

3. Bamboo SPEAKER for Your Phone

Bamboo phone speaker, fun things to bring camping
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Want to up your phone volume on your camping trip? Check out this beautiful bamboo speaker from Bamboo BG. It uses bamboo’s natural resonance qualities to amplify the sound from your phone. No need to plug it in, so it’s perfect for camping. When you place your order, include your phone model to ensure the perfect fit.

4. Viking AXE for Chopping Firewood

Viking axe, fun things to take camping
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Wouldn’t this gorgeous Viking axe be an AWESOME fun thing to bring camping?! Turn your firewood chopping chore into something epic! Sultan Knives on Etsy hand-crafts this gorgeous Viking axe from carbon steel and ashwood, and wraps it in leather for a comfortable grip. Comes with a leather case.

5. LOGBOOK for Camping Trips

Record all the fun in your camping logbook from Campgirl Clothing! It comes in hard cover, with more than 70 pages to capture your notes, photos and tips for next time.

6. Fun (and Funny) Camping MUGS

You gotta set your camping trip off right with an appropriately funny camping mug. Take a look at some classier designs and extra funny camping mugs from 3C Etching! 

7. Camping STOOL for Camping Trips

Have a little fun with your camping stool of choice! Get a gorgeous leather camping stool from Grommets Leathercraft, available in multiple colors. Or a telescoping camping stool from Amazon you can adjust to the ideal height. Both fold up nice and small for getting to your campsite.

8. Portable Mini TRIPOD for Camping Memories

Portable tripod, gifts for cabin owners, cool things for cabins, fun things to take camping
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Take this light and flexible mini tripod to capture your fun camping moments. It comes with a universal clip that works for all mobile phones. Wrap it around a tree limb to get that perfect shot!

9. Portable Camping TABLE

Camping table, fun things to take camping
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Now, every fun camping trip needs good food and good drink. And a place to keep it all away from chipmunks, ants and dirt. This portable table has four cup holders, a food basket and an insulated cooler. Includes a travel bag.

10. Sleeping Bag HAMMOCK for Camping

Hammock sleeping bag, fun things to take camping
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Okay, this is super fun: a sleeping bag hammock! It sure reminds me of a cocoon, super soft and cozy, but you can choose from other designs if this one looks a little claustrophobic to you.

11. Fishing Rod Campfire ROASTING STICK 

Fishing rod roasting stick, fun things to take camping
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Take the fishing to the fire with a fishing rod roasting stick! What a fun and practical design for roasting those perfect hot dogs and marshmallows. Extends from 8 inches to 20. And you know that Cuisinart makes a good one.

12. Fun LED Helicopter Toy

LED helicopter toy, fun things to take camping
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Have a little fun on your camping trip with this LED helicopter! It has an object-avoiding sensor (yup, I can imagine testing that out) and 10-minute flying time.

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13. Reusable WINE Bottle for Camping

Get a foldable reusable wine bottle from Wine2Go, which holds an entire bottle of wine. No need for corkscrews. And it’s much lighter in your picnic basket or backpack.

14. Portable PICNIC TABLE

Foldable wine picnic table tray, cabin gifts, cool things for cabins, romantic gifts for her
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And what’s camping without a portable picnic table with spots for wine?! A brilliant idea from Komorebi Collection on Etsy, I say. It has four spots to hold wine glasses, and a spot for the wine bottle, too. Plus, space to keep picnic food off the ground and away from bugs. Made from lightweight Acacia wood.

15. Funny Camping T-SHIRT

Bring a funny camping t-shirt on your trip! Journey Mills Co has some ideas that’ll make ‘em smile. Not so sure? They also have some cute retro-style and classic national park options, too. Available in lots of styles and sizes from teen and XS to 5XL.

16. Damascus Steel POCKET KNIFE to Bring Camping

Damascus steel pocket knife, fun things to take camping
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Here’s possibly the coolest pocket knife around! Impress your camping buddies with a gorgeous hand-forged Damascus steel pocket knife from Morf Steelware. Choose from a variety of handle styles, colors and shapes. Exotic Pakka wood, ram horn or rare black bone. Personalize it so no one walks away with it!

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17. Light-up GAMES

Keep the fun going long into the night with your favorite outdoor games lit up! Toss a glow in the dark football or disc. Light-up ring toss, bean bag toss, bocce ball and lawn darts. How about a limbo or round of capture the flag? SO fun!

18. ONESIE Camping Sleeping Bag

What’s better than a sleeping bag when camping? A sleeping bag you can walk around in and use your hands! You can find silly and classy onesie sleeping bags to suit your style. 

19. Portable SHOWER to Bring Camping

There’s nothing like a nice warm shower to keep your camping trip fun. So, bring your own portable shower! On warm sunny days, use the solar shower to warm up between 2.5 and 10 gallons of water in under 3 hours. Or, use a shower with pump to turn a hot bucket of water into your perfect outdoor shower. Both have great reviews.

(Psst… While you’re at it, you might want to get a privacy tent, too.)

20. Inflatable COUCH for Camping Trips

Inflatable couch, fun things to take camping
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This inflatable couch will bring the fun to any camping trip! It’s easy to fill without a pump, and store and carry. Can hold up to 200kg.

21. Fun Water TRAMPOLINE to Bring Camping

Lake trampoline, fun things to take camping
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A water trampoline for the lake is definitely a fun thing to bring camping! Also works as a swimming island or floatie for sunbathing.

22. Glow in the Dark Anything!

One of the worst things about camping is tripping over things when the sun goes down. So, turn this around with glow in the dark duct tape, rope, tent stakes and toys!

23. FAMILY Sleeping Bag

Family sleeping bag, fun things to take camping
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Keep it cozy with a family sleeping bag. TETON Sports has fantastic reviews for its massive sleeping bag, longer and wider than a queen-size mattress. Features warm fiber fill, draft tubes to keep the warm air in, and unzips on both sides and at the bottom for easy access.

24. Fun Inflatable MOVIE SCREEN to Bring Camping

Inflatable movie screen, fun things to take camping
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How’s this for fun things to bring camping: an inflatable movie screen! Just imagine watching your favorite horror movie with the creepy glow of your campfire. Or maybe the new Top Gun? Choose an impressive or more modest size.

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25. Camping Chair CADDY

Keep your goodies handy with a pretty handmade chair caddy from Tip Top Teepee on your camping chair. Includes three heavy-duty and reinforced Velcro straps and three pocket styles. Fabric is heavy duty, stain resistant, washable and lined with waterproof fabric. Choose from two sizes and personalize it with your name, too.

26. Solar Inflatable LANTERN for Camping Trips

Solar lantern, fun things to take camping
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Out of batteries? No biggie, with this solar inflatable lantern and charger. It has both white and red LEDs, so you can choose how bright you want it in the dark. Charge it up with USB for 4 hours or solar power in 16-20 hours, and it’ll run up to 100 hours on low mode. It can charge your phone in a few hours, a few times on one charge. 

Strap it up wherever you need it. Waterproof and folds up flat.

27. Fun Inflatable KAYAK to Bring Camping

Inflatable kayak, fun things to take camping
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I love kayaking, so my inflatable kayak was one of the best purchases I made! You can find a variety of styles and qualities out there to fit your needs and budget. You can even find them for white-water and with padded seats.

28. Handy Portable RAIN JACKET for Camping Trips

A super portable rain jacket is a great thing to bring camping! This one folds up super tight into a ball you can carry as a keychain. Never worry about getting caught out in the rain again.

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Waterproof roll-up picnic blanket, cabin gifts, cool things for cabins, romantic gifts for her
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While we’re talking portable things to bring camping, check out this herringbone picnic blanket from Komorebi Collection on Etsy. It’s made from super-soft faux wool, and features a waterproof underside. And the classy faux leather handles roll it up nice and tight, making it easy to carry around. 

30. Fun Water FLOATIES to Bring Camping

If you’re camping by the lake, you’ll want something to float on. So, make it a fun floatie! Among my favorites are the giant luxury golf cart and giant pizza you can share.

31. Travel NECK PILLOW with Hood

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Check out this travel pillow hoodie to stay comfy while watching the campfire crackling away. Soft and cozy sweatshirt fabric is filled with squishy microbeads to make it super comfortable. Drawstrings can be pulled tight if you want to rest your eyes. Comes in a neutral grey.

32. Fun Camping SWEATSHIRT to Bring Camping

Take the crisp edge off the nights and mornings with a camping sweatshirt from Nunus Studios! Find lots of fun designs to suit your style and mood. Choose between the classic unisex sweatshirt or unisex hoodie. Available in lots of colors and small to 2XL.

Bringing your cat? Check out this cat lover sweatshirt with a cozy cuddle pouch!

33. Collapsible Camping STOVE

Portable campfire, fun things to take camping
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Make campfires a breeze with this collapsible camping stove! It’s made of light and durable stainless steel that folds down into a convenient travel pouch. Get that coffee going ASAP, and then deal with the campfire.

34. MOSQUITO Repellers for Camping Trips

Mosquitos can seriously threaten a fantastic camping trip. Take them out of the equation with Thermacell’s mosquito repeller. Good friends of mine carry theirs with them everywhere. To the park. Campfires. And they WORK! Good for a 15-foot radius. They’re powered by an unscented 12-hour fuel cartridge, without need for batteries or cord. Choose from 12 great colors.

Or, for a mosquito repeller on the go, check out these waterproof mosquito bracelets with great ratings.

35. Aqua SOCKS for Camping Trips

Colorful aqua socks are a practical AND fun thing to bring camping. Choose from a dozen colors and patterns, and keep your feet happy whatever your plans. Flexible and lightweight.

36. Cozy BLANKET for Fun Camping Cuddles

Cozy cabin blanket, gifts for cabin owners, how to make a car romantic
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Cuddle up around the campfire with this super cozy Eddie Bauer sherpa fleece throw blanket and pillow. Choose from red and black or black and white plaid.

37. DISCO BALL Camping Fun!

Car disco lights, how to make a car romantic for date night
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Bring a fun portable disco ball on your camping trip! Sync it to your music or keep it relaxed with one of four soft colors. Recharge it for the next night by plugging it into your USB car converter.

38. Classic Camping HAMMOCK

Brazilian hammock, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Hammocks are sooo dreamy. Let your camping buddies sit in their uncomfortable chairs while you relax in the comfort of a hammock. Go with a double, just in case you decide to share. Includes a carrying case for storage during winter.

39. MOSQUITO NET Hammock for Camping Trips

Hammock with mosquito net, fun things to take camping
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Do you love hammocks but not the bugs? Check out this mosquito net hammock! The hammock is made from durable parachute nylon, with a netting on top you zip up to keep the bugs off you. When bugs aren’t a problem, just tuck the netting under the hammock. 

Comes with two carabiners, two tree straps (each with 10 loops to adjust the length) and a storage bag. Good for up to 660 lbs and available in five colors.

40. Handy Folding WATER BUCKET for Camping

Portable water jug, fun things to take camping
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Keep the good times rolling with lots of water! This expandable water storage bucket makes it easy to pack in and ease your load for the way out. Choose from different capacities.

41. Fun TENT to Bring Camping

Volkswagen tent, fun things to take camping
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Now, I’ve seen these 4-person Volkswagen van tents all over blogs. They’re SO cool! For more fun tent ideas, consider this canvas teepee-style tent or a stingray tree tent!

42. Portable BUNK BED for Camping Trips

Camping bunk bed, fun things to take camping
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Here’s another fun sleeping option for your camping trip. A portable bunk bed that doubles as a sofa is super practical and convenient. You can also use them as separate side-by-side twins. Includes carry bags.

43. Campfire CONVERSATION Starters

Campfire conversation cards, fun things to take camping
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Get a great conversation going with these fireside conversation starters. Ponder the mysteries of life and laugh so hard you pee your pants! (Well, don’t do that.)

44. Waterproof Playing CARDS to Bring Camping

Waterproof deck of cards, fun things to take camping
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Keeping a pack of playing cards in your camping gear is a great idea, especially if they’re waterproof playing cards!

45. Handy LED Camping Hat

Take a light with you wherever you are, with an LED camping hat. Choose from a variety of styles, including caps and beanie hats for cooler nights.

46. Colorful FLAMES for Campfire

Colorful flames, fun things to take camping
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Spice up your campfire with these magical flames! Toss the pouch into the fire and watch for vibrant colors of purple, red, green and blue.

47. Fun FIRE STARTER Keychain to Bring Camping

You can find some pretty awesome fire starter keychains that are super handy on a camping trip. Some include a whistle, compass, thermometer. Bottle opener, ruler and glass breaker.

Or, show off how sophisticated you are with this English flint and steel fire striker from Konvoy Survival Gear on Etsy. Its hand-forged high-quality carbon steel creates high-temperature sparks with minimal striking.

48. Folding CUPBOARD for Camping Trips

Portable cupboard, fun things to take camping
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Okay, so a folding cupboard might not be super fun, but it’ll keep your camping trip fun. Look for a portable cupboard that folds up nice and light, and has a table that can handle your cooking stove and has a windscreen.

49. Fun Scavenger Card GAME to Bring Camping

Camping scavenger hunt card game, fun things to take camping
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A fun thing to bring camping for kids to stay busy is this scavenger card game. Young kids can play, too, by using the pictures to find something similar to the card theme. A great way to teach the five senses.

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50. Fun Kids HEADLAMP to Bring Camping

Practical AND fun things to bring camping for kids are themed headlamps. Kids headlamps tend to come with an extra adjustable strap at the top to keep them in place. Find one perfect for your little camper, like an owl or bear, or a unicorn or dinosaur!

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