Best cabin gifts, cool things for cabins

41 BEST Cabin Gifts for Him and Her: Cool Things for Cabins!

Wondering what to buy someone who has a cabin? Here are the BEST cabin gifts for him AND her. A cabin housewarming gift basket filled with things every cottage needs. Thoughtful “just because” gifts. And COOL things for cabins, so your cottage owner feels like they’re truly on vacation!

I’d argue that a good gift for a cottage owner should be ALL all of the above. Useful (because cabins don’t have a ton of space). Thoughtful (because that’s the whole point of giving a gift). And cool … because a gift should feel like a gift!

I think you’ll find something below that hits the spot. Have fun!


Best cabin gifts, cool things for cabins
You’re gonna want to save me!

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Cabin GIFT BASKET for Housewarming or Hostess Gift

Looking for a cabin housewarming gift, or a thoughtful cabin hostess gift? A cabin gift basket can be the perfect gift idea. Whether you want luxury or inexpensive gift ideas for cottage owners, gift baskets are especially great when you’re not really sure what to get. With a variety of things, you’re bound to get something right!

Here’s how to build the perfect cabin gift basket:

  1. Choose a fun theme that your cabin hostess will love. 
  2. Find something to use as a basket that matches your theme. 
  3. Have fun filling your “basket” with a mixture of cool things for cabins and cabin essentials.

How to Choose a Cabin Gift Basket THEME

When choosing a cabin gift basket theme, consider what you know about your hostess and the cabin itself.

If you’ve been out to your hostess’ cabin, jot down what you remember. Was the cabin decor rustic or chic? Is there anything they complained about, or obviously needed or wanted? Did they spend most of their time by the fireplace, fire pit, or lake?

If you haven’t been out to the cabin, you can still make some educated guesses on what they’d like. Is their style high-class or low-key? Did they just buy the cabin, or are they well settled in? What do they talk about most when they go out, either what they love or get annoyed by?

Use these questions as inspiration to build a thoughtful cabin gift basket your hostess will love.

Cabin gift basket ideas, cool things for cabins
Photo credit: Nataliya Melnychuk from Unsplash

Ideas for Cabin Gift BASKETS

Once you have a cabin gift basket theme, it’ll be much easier to pick a “basket.” I have “basket” in quotations because you have SO many options other than an actual basket.

Here are some basket ideas for your cabin housewarming gift:

And then wrap up your cabin gift basket with a cozy outdoor blanket!

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FILLING your Cabin Gift Basket: What Does Every Cottage Need?

Want to fill your cabin gift basket with practical things? Here are a bunch of things that every cottage needs:

  • Consumable gifts: Bug spray, sunscreen, hand soap, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, quality toilet paper, laundry detergent (including for handwashing in sinks).
  • Foodie consumable gifts: Beverages (alcoholic and non), coffee/tea, drink mixes, spice packs, crackers, antipasto, olives and other non-perishable snacks. 
  • Kitchen gifts: Bottle opener, serving tray, cutlery caddy, French press, travel mugs (for outdoor enjoyment!), mixing bowls.
  • Cozy gifts: Blankets (indoor and outdoor), slippers, bathrobes and body pillows.
  • Fun gifts: Water floaties, beach towels, roasting sticks, speakers, books, magazines.

Now, if you don’t really want to pull together a cabin gift basket yourself, check out The BroBasket’s pre-assembled gift baskets. Shop by price, recipient or contents. Like spirits, beer, wine, non-alcoholic or beef jerky.

Get Men and amazing gift this time - scotch and cigars delivered to their door!

41 BEST Cabin Gifts: Cool Gift Ideas Cabin Owners

Now, if you’re looking for practical and cool things for cabins, here you go! Here are the 41 best cabin gifts for him AND her.

Many of these cabin gift ideas are fun versions of the things listed above for what every cottage needs. Perfect for filling those cabin gift baskets for housewarming gifts. And some are bigger thoughtful gifts your cottage host likely won’t treat themselves to. 

TIP! Even if you know your cabin host very well, I generally say to stay away from trinket type gifts. Cottage warming gifts should be fun AND useful.

1. BOTTLE COOLER Cool Things for Cabins

Looking for the coolest things to buy for someone who has a cabin? Can and bottle coolers from BottleKeeper!! BottleKeeper has come up with a brilliant idea for keeping your beverages cold on those hot summer days at the cabin. Double-walled and vacuum-insulated bottles that your can and glass bottles fit inside, with a non-slip padded base to prevent spilling.

CanKeepers include 3-in-1 options that work for 12oz, 16oz and slim cans. BottleKeepers come in standard 12oz size and larger, including short and tall necks. Some have a built-in bottle opener, too. And a PintKeeper for those who want to fit a full pint … with the lid on. Brilliant!

815x130 banner

2. Roll-up PICNIC BLANKET Cabin Gifts

Waterproof roll-up picnic blanket, cabin gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

I’m a huge fan of roll-up picnic blankets as cabin gifts, and this herringbone picnic blanket from Komorebi Collection on Etsy is gorgeous. It’s made from super-soft faux wool, and features a waterproof underside. No need to worry about a damp ground ruining a picnic! And the classy faux leather handles roll it up nice and tight, making it easy to carry around. 

3. Portable PICNIC TABLE Cool Things for Cabins

Foldable wine picnic table tray, cabin gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

And what better to go with a picnic blanket than this portable picnic table?! Also from Komorebi Collection, and a brilliant idea, I say. It has four spots to hold wine glasses, and a spot for the wine bottle, too. Plus, space to keep picnic food off the ground and away from bugs. Made from lightweight Acacia wood.

4. Quality TOILETRIES Cabin Gift Basket Ideas

A wonderful supplier of organic toiletries perfect for cabin gifts is Rooted Earth on Etsy. This shop creates small-batch products for skin, hair and home, many from herbs grown right on their farm in Maine. Excellent choices for cabin gift baskets include insect repellent, healing and itch-relief salves, bathroom spray and cooling spray. 

And if you’re up for ultra-luxurious hair, skin and home products, check out Holistic Hair Tribe’s selection of quality organic toiletries. Amazing shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner and styling. Skincare for men and women. Detox essential oils, fabric spray and teas. Holistic Hair Tribe is definitely a luxurious treat your cabin hostess will LOVE.

5. Water FLOATIES for Lake Cabin Gifts

Everyone loves water floaties. So why not get a fun one?!

Check out this 4-person Rapid Rider raft, with two coolers, two storage buckets and four cupholders. Seats have extra-wide pillow backrests for comfort and pliable mesh bottoms to stay cool.

Or go extra-fun with this giant unicorn floatie! Designed for two adults and fast inflation with a hair dryer. Not a fan of unicorns? Check out LOTS of fun options, like a shark or T-Rex!

6. Theme SIGNS for Cabin Gift Ideas

For personalized cabin signs as gift ideas, check out the huge selection at Benchmark Signs and Gifts on Etsy. These wood cabin signs are handmade and custom engraved, in various shapes, sizes and styles. I love the rustic edge signs, but you can also go with the clean-cut look. As you can see from the picture, this shop can engrave incredibly detailed, lovely designs along with various font styles, too.

And Lewis Design Company creates elegant and elaborate metal cabin signs. They also have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles you can personalize for your cottage hostess gift. Beautiful nature metal signs, including fishing and woodland animals. Fun beach and nautical designs. Something for the gardener and sport fanatic. If you’re not sure they’ll love a personalized cabin sign gift, go with the awesome “explore” sign. You can’t go wrong with that!

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7. Delicious FOODIE Consumables for Cabin Gift Basket

Want to fill that thoughtful cabin warming gift basket your foodie hostess will drool over? Here are two amazing companies to check out, both right on Amazon. 

First, Calivirgin produces quality extra virgin olive oils, flavor crush oils and balsamic vinegars. Plus, olive oil dipping spices, a dirty martini mix and beautiful gift baskets, ready to go. Calivirgin is an award-winning Californian family business, using organic and sustainable methods.

And second, Gustus Vitae produces quality seasonings without MSG, GMOs, soy and wheat. They’re handmade in small batches without fillers or “artificial anything.” Check out their selection of BBQ rubs, gourmet sea salts and spice seasonings. Like New Zealand Lamb & Game BBQ Rub. Rosemary Sea Salt. Fish fry and veggie dip mixes. And any “Taste of” seasoning you can imagine, perfect for travel lovers. Delicious, amazing quality AND fun!

Get more food ideas at Cabin PACKING LIST for Romantic Getaways

8. CUTLERY CADDY Cabin Decor Gifts

A cutlery caddy is something I’ve yet to treat myself to, and complain I don’t have every time I host an outdoor event! Even if your cottage host happens to have one, they can also be used for SO many things. Like organizing pens and stationary. Or toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Here are two very different cutlery caddies, both from highly rated Etsy shops. First, Richman Pottery in New York makes a lovely triple cutlery holder. It comes in a variety of pretty colors and patterns, and features a handle for easy carrying.

And second, Savon Earthy Home has a wonderful handmade mango wood cutlery caddy. It’s perfect for rustic cabin decor gifts, with metal horseshoe handles completing the look.

9. MOSQUITO REPELLER for Cabin Gift Basket

Portable mosquito repeller, cabin warming gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

Mosquitos can seriously threaten a fantastic weekend at the cabin. Take them out of the equation with Thermacell’s mosquito repeller! Good friends of mine carry theirs with them everywhere. To the park. Campfires. And they WORK! Good for a 15-foot radius. They’re powered by an unscented 12-hour fuel cartridge, without need for batteries or cord. Choose from 12 great colors. 

10. BEACH BAG Lake Cabin Gifts

Beach bags are excellent lake cabin gifts, especially if you’re putting together a cabin warming gift basket. Find the perfect beach bag on Etsy and start adding in the goodies!

Here are two of my favorite Etsy shops for beach bags. First, Baltic Bloom makes gorgeous linen beach bags. They’re oversized, double-layered and have a pocket. Perfect as cabin gifts for men and minimalists. (While visiting this shop, also check out their robes!)

And second, French Baskets features a variety of handmade straw baskets. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles, like market baskets, tote bags, and round bags. Those that double as a backpack. Short or long leather handles. Pretty wool pom poms or glittering sequins. Have fun!

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11. BEACH TOWELS for Lake Cabin Gifts

Turkish beach towel lake cabin gifts, gifts for cabin owners
Photo credit:

And what better way to wrap up a beach bag gift basket than with a beach towel?! Big beautiful beach towels are cabin gifts you simply can’t go wrong with. Beach towels are oversized and soft, making them perfect for regular towels and throw blankets, too. 

Like these Turkish beach towels from Kalkedon Towels, which is based out of New York. They’re highly absorbent and quick-drying. Sand-resistant, durable and lightweight. Peshtemal is chemical-free, and comes in lots of pretty colors.

Also check out Travel Decor for your BEDROOM

12. ROASTING STICKS Cabin Gift Ideas

Color-coded roasting sticks cabin gifts, cabin warming gifts
Photo credit:

Roasting sticks are a pretty safe bet for useful cabin gifts. These extendable roasting sticks have comfortable wooden handles that work for marshmallows, hot dogs and vegetables. They’re easy to clean and come in five different colors to prevent swiping! Package of five and includes canvas storage bag.

13. Cozy SLIPPERS for Cottage Warming Gifts

Cozy slippers unisex, cabin warming gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

Cozy slippers make great cottage hostess gifts for couples, men or women. Pack them in your cabin housewarming gift basket, too.

When picking slippers for the cabin, I suggest getting ones that are both cozy and sturdy. Cabins can have rough floors, so a durable bottom is best. These beautiful unisex alpaca wool and leather slippers from My Artisan Designs on Etsy hit the mark. They’re handmade, super soft, and protect your feet from the occasional sliver.

14. Luxurious BATHROBES Cabin Gifts for Couples

Bathrobes can take the average cabin getaway up a whole lot of notches. And chances are, this is a cabin warming gift your cottage hostess won’t have.

Simons is my favorite place to shop for bathrobes, no matter what style you’re after. If you’re looking for cabin gifts for men, these men’s bathrobes include ultra-soft velvet, organic cotton and casual recycled polyester. And women’s bathrobes include long and short styles in organic cotton, linen and sustainable jersey. Get one of each as cabin warming gifts for couples.  

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15. Cozy Cabin BLANKET Decor Gifts

Cozy cabin blanket, gifts for cabin owners
Photo credit:

Can you ever have too many blankets in your cabin?? I think not! And this Eddie Bauer sherpa fleece throw blanket and pillow is SOOO cozy. Choose from red and black or black and white plaid.

16. Cozy SOCKS for Cabin Gift Ideas

My mother-in-law would stock cozy socks for guests visiting her cute riverfront cottage. I always thought this was such a nice touch. They were perfect for cooler evenings on the deck and for chilly floors in the winter. I suggest picking socks with grippers on the bottom for anti-slip and adding these to cabin warming gift baskets.

My two favorites include fleece-lined knit socks from Hazzy R and knit slipper socks with suede bottoms from Azerbaijani Socks. Both are beautiful and practical socks for cabin gifts.

17. Coffee PRESS Cabin Gifts 

Coffee press gifts for cabin owners, cabin warming gifts
Photo credit:

We LOVE our stainless steel coffee press. It’s amazing how delicious coffee tastes in the press. Plus, stainless steel is super durable and easy to clean at the cabin. Mueller Austria makes a popular double-insulated coffee press, which also comes with a convenient matching canister to hold two rounds of coffee. Pair it with your cottage host’s favorite coffee!

18. BOOKENDS Cabin Decor Gift Ideas

Is your cottage hostess gift for a book-lover? Consider these bookends that would warm up any cabin.

These wooden mountain bookends from The Blooming Willow on Etsy are handmade from solid wood, painted and finished with a protective coat. Available in pink, blue, green, grey or black. My favorites for cabin decor gifts, though, are the natural and dark wood stains.

And Rustic Deco Inc sells a huge variety of cast iron bookends. This bear family is perfect for rustic cabin decor gifts, but take a look through this shop’s collection. Crescent wrenches, motorbikes and diver helmets. Deer heads and steampunk. Great cabin gifts for men!

19. BOOKS and MAGAZINES for Cabin Warming Gifts

How about a beautiful travel-inspiring book or magazine subscription to fill those bookends? This cottage hostess gift will happily warm many relaxing evenings by the wood stove!

If you’re unfamiliar with Dave Brosha photography, you have to check him out. His latest compilation, “Southern Light: Photography of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands,” is ideal for ski chalet decor. It’ll whisk you away to the land of penguins, baby seals, massive icebergs and mountain peaks. Dave has been featured in National Geographic, and grew up with my sister!

Another fun idea for cabin gift baskets is magazines in your theme. And while you obviously have SO many options, pretty safe bets are cabin-themed magazines. Like Cabin Living, The Cottage Journal and Country’s Best Cabins. Or classics like Real Simple (my personal favorite), Southern Living and People. And great reading like Reader’s Digest, Family Handyman and Travel & Leisure!

20. PILLOWS Cabin Decor Gift Ideas

Search “cabin pillows” on Etsy and you’ll find SO many fun cabin gift ideas! Woodsy rustic cabin decor, with wildlife, mountain scenes and plaid. Cute coastal decor, with paddles and lake scenes. Or just classic map and compass designs. 

Creative Places has a wonderful variety of rustic cabin pillows, including these awesome wildlife profiles burlap pillows that’ll fit any cabin decor. And Willow and Olive has a great selection of personalized lumbar cabin pillows, including some perfect for lake cabin gifts.

21. STRING LIGHTS Cabin Decor Gifts 

String lights can dress up any cabin decor and make the perfect cabin warming gift. To make them as versatile as possible, I suggest choosing solar or battery powered string lights. 

Take a look at the fantastic selection of string lights from Marwin Craft on Etsy. My favorite for cabin decor gifts are the white cotton ball string lights. Aren’t they pretty?! They’re super versatile to match any cabin decor style. Available in a battery-powered option.

Or, go with outdoor solar lights from Touch of Eco on Etsy. They come with a small solar panel that automatically charges during the day. Lights stay on for up to 8 hours. Includes an off switch.

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22. NIGHT LIGHTS Cabin Decor Gifts

Aren’t these night lights so perfect for cabin warming gifts?! They’d round out a cabin gift basket very nicely.

The mountain scene night light is perfect for a cabin in the woods. It’s both elegant and rustic, made from glass and wood. And it’s LED with a dusk and dawn sensor, so it automatically turns on as it gets dark. Find it at Teardrop Glass Shop on Etsy.

And this pretty glass night light is one of many designs from J Devlin Glass Art. Definitely take some time to browse this shop! Choose among other pretty travel-inspiring cabin decor gift ideas, like garden flowers, woodland animals, tropical fish and stained glass.

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23. SERVING TRAY Cool Things for Cabins

Wow, have I ever found some beautiful serving trays PERFECT for cabin gifts! These definitely make my list of coolest things for cabins.

If you’re looking for cabin gifts for men, you have to check out Missleath on Etsy. This shop makes a seriously cool serving tray from bourbon barrels, handmade from Hillrock Distillery barrels. Choose which end of the barrel you want!

And if you’re shopping for a beach-loving cottage hostess, these resin serving trays from Sea Side Creations on Etsy are gorgeous. Just look at that perfect beach wave! Made from Arcadia wood and available in various sizes.

24. HAMMOCK Cabin Gifts for Couples

Hammock cabin gifts, gifts for cabin owners
Photo credit:

We can’t have a best cabin gifts without a hammock, so here you go! Check out this soft and pretty double hammock from the Hammock Sky Store on Amazon. Doesn’t it look dreamy?! I suggest going with a double, just in case you feel like sharing! Includes a carrying case for storage during winter.

25. Mosquito Net HAMMOCK Cool Things for Cabins

Hammock with mosquito net cabin gift ideas, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

And if you love hammocks but not the bugs, check out this mosquito net hammock! The hammock is made from durable parachute nylon, with a netting on top you zip up to keep the bugs off you. When bugs aren’t a problem, just tuck the netting under the hammock. 

Comes with two carabiners, two tree straps (each with 10 loops to adjust the length) and a storage bag. Good for up to 660 lbs and available in five colors. 

26. Bluetooth SPEAKERS Cool Things for Cabins

Or, how about awesome bluetooth speakers for those cabin dance parties?!

Here are two very different options, both highly rated. First, this super fun retro bluetooth speaker from Victrola! It’s an AM/FM radio, with bluetooth, too. Wouldn’t it look great in a cabin?! And second, a more modern style bamboo wood bluetooth speaker from Archeer. The sound is great, and it looks good no matter your cabin hostess’ style.

And I have to show you this beautiful bamboo speaker from Bamboo BG on Etsy. It uses bamboo’s natural resonance qualities to amplify the sound from your phone. No need to plug it in, so you can move it around the cabin or take it outside. When you place your order, include your phone model to ensure the perfect fit.

Wood speaker for cell phone, cabin warming gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

27. Portable MINI TRIPOD Cabin Gifts

Portable tripod, gifts for cabin owners, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

Help the memories last with your cabin housewarming gift. Give your cabin host a portable mini tripod to capture the moments! This UBeesize phone tripod is light and flexible, and comes with a universal clip that works for all mobile phones. Use a tree limb, railing or the hood of your car to get that perfect shot!

28. Portable PHOTO PRINTER Cabin Gift Ideas

Portable photo printer, retro cabin gifts, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

While we’re talking cabin memories, how about a Polaroid-style portable printer? These photos are SO cute and nostalgic, and add a little vintage touch to cabin decor!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer is highly rated, and comes with packs of 60 or 120 sheets. Use Bluetooth and the free Instax Mini link app to add fun filters and frames to your photos, too. You can even print photos from your videos!

29. UTENSIL SET Cabin Housewarming Gifts

Multi utensil cabin gift basket ideas, cabin warming gifts
Photo credit:

I LOVE these camping utensils! Hikenture 4-in-1 utensil set includes a fork, knife, spoon and bottle opener. Plus, they detach so you can use multiple utensils at once. Not only would this be a great little gift to add to your cabin gift basket, but it’d be super useful, too. Cabin getaways are full of hiking day trips, overnight canoe trips, and picnics by the beach. 

30. COOLERS for Cabin Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for basket ideas for your cabin housewarming gift? A cooler is perfect! Travelteli on Etsy has a lot of great options. Something small, fitting two bottles of wine and a corkscrew. Or something bigger, like a backpack cooler or full-sized picnic basket.

More gorgeous options are the wine barrel coolers from Eco Wine Furniture on Etsy. They’re made from the natural wood of a wine barrel, full of unique character. Choose between two main styles. The first is on legs with a hinged cover. And the second gives you most of the barrel, with bottle access through the middle.

31. GAMES for Cabin Warming Gifts

If you search cabin games on Etsy, you’ll find SO many fun cabin gift ideas! I LOVE this personalized 3D wooden cribbage board, handcrafted from Big Fish Woodworks in Wisconsin. Isn’t it perfect for lake cabin gifts?! You can also order it with the live edge bark. Gorgeous! Worth learning cribbage for *wink*

And this roll-up leather chess/checker board is beautiful, handcrafted from Copper Top Leather Shop in Minnesota. It’s made from real oil tanned cowhide leather, stitched with heavy-duty thread and available in a variety of colors. Includes a full set of wood chess coins. Store them in the attached zippered pouch. Engraving is available, too.

32. CLOCK for Cabin Decor Gift Ideas

I’m a sucker for pretty clocks. Yes, yes … I know “cabin time” doesn’t need a clock. But just LOOK at these beautiful wood clocks from Terra Firma 79!! They’re handmade from reclaimed wood, and come in lots of shapes, sizes and styles. Personalize them, too!

Choose from rustic or modern styles, pretty paint or classic stains, and different number fonts. For lake cabin gifts, check out the many coastal clock options. And for cabins in the woods, shop the rustic modern or farmhouse designs. Want a clock but have to respect “cabin time”? Check out the “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” clock! You can’t argue with that.

33. Cabin JOURNAL Cool Things for Cabins

Leather cabin journal, cabin warming gifts for cabin owners
Photo credit:

A quality leather journal makes a handsome addition to any cabin housewarming gift basket. And this gorgeous leather journal cover from Lifetime Leather is a great gift even if your cabin hostess isn’t much into journaling. Inside, you’ll find a card sleeve and two large pockets for storage. And the notebook can be used as a journal, guest book, or shopping list.

34. MUG with Lid for Cabin Housewarming Gifts

Rustic travel mug with lid cabin warming gifts, cabin gift basket ideas
Photo credit:

I LOVE my eclectic collection of beautiful mugs, and don’t think you could EVER go wrong with mugs for your cabin housewarming gift! And as hostess gifts for cottage owners, I suggest searching Etsy for unique travel mugs with lids. Travel mugs are great at keeping drinks hot or cold, and preventing silly spills that no one wants to clean up. 

One of my favorite Etsy shops for travel mugs is 3 Points Pottery. Not only are they beautiful, using pressed leaves to create the design, but they’re microwave and dishwasher safe. Each one comes with a silicone lid that’s also microwavable, so it’s easy to warm up your drink. Mugs can also be pre-cooled in the freezer to keep drinks cold.

35. ESSENTIAL OIL Diffuser Cabin Warming Gifts

Essential oils diffuser cabin gift ideas, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

These clay essential oil diffusers are beautiful decor gifts for cabins! Each clay stone is hand-rolled from Terra-cotta, brown and white stones. Add a few drops, display them in a pretty bowl, and enjoy the subtle aroma for a few hours. Best for a small room or near where you’re sitting. 

36. FLASHLIGHT Gloves Cool Things for Cabins

Flashlight gloves cabin gift ideas, cool things for cabins
Photo credit:

Here’s an interesting and useful cabin gift for men: flashlight gloves! These gloves feature two LED lights, one on the index finger and one on the thumb. They’re waterproof, too. Perfect for dealing with electrical boxes during blackouts and crawl spaces. Takes two CR2016 cell batteries (included).

37. KEYCHAIN Cabin Gift Basket Ideas

Closing out this list of best cabin gifts is a good ol’ fashioned keychain holder. Because they’re cute in cabin warming gift baskets and every cabin hostess should have one. Just check out the fun cabin keychains on Etsy! 

Here are two of my favorites. That Jewelry Place hand-stamps a huge variety of metal keychains, like this cabin in the woods scene. Choose accents, like initials, stamped heart and beads. And Little North Boutique laser-engraves lovely wooden keychains in various shapes and sizes. Get it with burned edges for an extra little touch.

38. Coolest POCKET KNIFE Gifts for Cabin Owners

Damascus steel pocket knife, fun things to take camping, cabin gift ideas
Photo credit:

Here’s possibly the coolest pocket knife around! This gorgeous hand-forged Damascus steel pocket knife from Morf Steelware would make a practical AND cool gift for cabin owners. Choose from a variety of handle styles, colors and shapes. Exotic Pakka wood, ram horn or rare black bone. Personalize it for a lovely cabin housewarming gift.

39. Portable WINE Bottles for Cabin Housewarming Gift

Portable wine bottle, fun things to bring camping, cool cabin gift ideas
Photo credit:

The one trouble with wine is that those glass bottles can get heavy on a hike or break on the rocks. A foldable reusable wine bottle from Wine2Go solves these problems! It holds an entire bottle of wine and solves the other problem of corkscrews in the kayak.

40. Portable TABLE Cabin Gift Ideas

Camping table, fun things to take camping
Photo credit:

Now, every campfire needs good food and good drink. And a place to keep it all away from chipmunks, ants and dirt. This portable table has four cup holders, a food basket and an insulated cooler. Includes a travel bag for lugging from the cabin to the fire.

41. Viking AXE as Cabin Gifts

Viking axe, fun things to take camping, cool cabin gifts
Photo credit:

Wouldn’t this gorgeous Viking axe be the COOLEST cabin housewarming gift?! Turn their firewood chopping chore into something epic! Sultan Knives on Etsy hand-crafts this gorgeous Viking axe from carbon steel and ashwood, and wraps it in leather for a comfortable grip. Comes with a leather case.

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