Backyard decor ideas, outdoor decor items for travel lovers

21+ Inspiring Outdoor Decor Items for TRAVEL Lovers

Is it time to bring some travel inspiration to your backyard? Here are 21+ outdoor decor items for travel lovers, ready to soothe your travel dreams!

Inspiring outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Whether you’re looking for complete backyard makeover ideas or simple budget ways to inspire-up a small patio, these outdoor decoration ideas can get you there. Be transported to an Hawaiian beach. Wooded cabin on the lake. Elegant Grecian cafe, or bustling New York brewery.

Backyard oasis, here we come!

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1. BRAZILIAN HAMMOCK with Stand Outdoor Travel Decor

Number one on the list of inspiring outdoor decor items for travel lovers HAS to be a backyard hammock! Nothing will bring you back to a blissful beach like a swaying hammock. Just close your eyes and imagine the sound of crashing waves! 

For top-rated Brazilian hammocks, visit the Hammock Sky Store on Amazon. And while you’re at it, make it a double! The best things are meant for sharing.

Don’t have a place to hang your beautiful hammock? Here’s a heavy-duty, portable hammock stand from Best Choice Products. Made of weather-resistant, powder-coated steel that supports up to 450 pounds. Fold it up and put it in its case for storage or to take to the cabin or your family BBQ. 

Brazilian hammock, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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2. HAMMOCK CHAIR or Swing for Backyard Travel Ideas

Don’t have space in your backyard for a full hammock? Try a hammock chair, either as a free-standing rocker or as a porch swing. A hammock chair can be perfect travel decor for small outdoor spaces. 

These handmade hammock chairs from Outer Banks Hammock on Etsy can be folded for storage or hauling out to the cabin. Use it as a rocker or recliner. Choose your color of rope and headrest.

3. Travel Themed Outdoor CUSHION COVERS

Simple and budget backyard decor ideas for travel lovers are new cushion covers. And they’re super versatile. Switch them up as your dreams evolve over the summer. 

For your perfect “pop,” check out the beautiful outdoor cushion covers at My Pillow Studio on Etsy. They have gorgeous patterns that’ll transport you to the tropical, garden or forest destinations you love. Beautiful blues and greens. Burnt orange and reds. SO many perfect options. If they don’t have a size that fits your cushions, just connect with them for a custom order.

Looking for cushions to fit your wicker set, bench or chaise lounge? Visit the Pillow Perfect store on Amazon. They come in a variety of solid, stripe and patterned options. Including lovely tropical, nautical and floral patterns.

Outdoor patio cushions, backyard travel decor ideas
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4. Outdoor BLANKET for Backyard Travel Decor

Cozy up your backyard decor with an outdoor blanket. Choose a travel inspiring pattern to keep you dreaming of travels past and yet to come!

There are SO many beautiful outdoor blankets on Etsy. Some have one-sided waterproofing and rollup carrying straps. Bold or subtle patterns. I love this cozy Turkish Peshtemal throw from Turkish Dowry with a lovely coral pattern. Technically a towel but perfect for an outdoor throw. Or this gorgeous round Bohemian tapestry beach blanket from Rajasthan Culture. Both of these Etsy shops have SO many wonderful color and pattern options to choose from.

Or, go with a classic handcrafted Mexican outdoor blanket conveniently on Amazon. Choose from a variety of bold and subtle colors.

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5. Outdoor RUG for Backyard Travel Decor Items

Pull all of your outdoor decor items for travel lovers together with a beautiful patio rug. An outdoor rug immediately transforms a space to bright and bold, or tranquil and serene.

For an outdoor rug that’ll keep you smiling and dreaming about faraway places, visit the Gertmenian store on Amazon. You’ll find a lot of classic, fun and romantic backyard decor ideas to fit your budget. My favorites include the Bohemian and tropical outdoor rugs. SO beautiful!

6. Outdoor Welcome MAT Travel Decor Ideas

Door mat, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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A perfect outdoor rug idea for small spaces is a travel themed welcome mat. Use your backyard doorstep to immediately transport you to your travel oasis as you step outside. 

Perspective Antiques on Etsy has lots of beautiful patterns to get you in the travel spirit. Persian and Bohemian. Classy African animal prints. Native American, forest animals and wood slice.

7. Travel Themed BIRD FEEDER Backyard Decor Ideas 

You can find SUPER cute bird feeders by artisans on Etsy! Here are two of my favorites. 

First, this retro travel trailer bird feeder from 1 Man 1 Garage is awesome! It comes as a kit with more than 40 pieces you just snap together. No glue required. Choose between a pre-painted kit and natural, with paint or pencils to color yourself. 

And second, don’t you just love this beautiful wood log bird feeder from Schoolhouse Woodcraft? It’s made from air-dried logs, either Cherry or Black Walnut. Let it bring a blissful piece of the woods to your city balcony. 

8. BIRD BATH Outdoor Travel Decor Items

Bird bath, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Bird baths make me think of elegant European palace gardens. Classical music. Reading poetry!

And nothing matches this outdoor travel decor idea better than the ceramic tiles bird bath from Donkey Holla. This bird bath will bring Europe’s elegance and grace to your backyard decor. 

Now, if you’re looking for outdoor travel decor items that remind you of the woods, here’s one for you. This hanging leaf bird bath from LJ Hummingbird Pottery is also incredibly elegant and lovely. But instead of taking you to Rome, it’ll take you to the fragrance of trees after a light rain. Perfect. 

Bird bath, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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9. Garden SOLAR LIGHTS Outdoor Travel Decor Items

To shift the vibe of any space, look to the lights. You can add warmth to your backyard oasis with any number of outdoor lighting ideas. But for travel lovers, you might want to have a little more fun!

Here’s a two-pack of pineapple solar lights on Amazon. Hang them as lanterns on a coffee table or to light a pathway or garden. They’re waterproof and warm white for your tropical ambience. 

Don’t these cracked glass solar lights on Amazon remind you of fireflies?! They take me back to Caribbean nights of watching fireflies dancing in the dark. One package includes two lanterns, each with 30 LED solar-powered lights. Waterproof and anti-heat plastic cap, with auto on/off.

And aren’t these cherry blossom solar lights SO pretty? They remind me that Japan in spring is still on my travel bucket list. These subtle multi-color lights are waterproof, have auto on/off, and come as a 2-pack. Each stem has 20 LED lights. Add some elegant color to your pathway or garden with these outdoor decor items for travel lovers. 

Outdoor lighting, solar lights, backyard travel decor ideas
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10. Outdoor STRING LIGHTS Travel Decor Items

How about string lights for your backyard travel decor ideas? Well, have I found some fun travel-inspiring lights for you! All of these are conveniently available on Amazon. 

First, super cute pineapple string lights. This 33-foot string of pineapple lights includes 40 LED lights with 8 modes, remote control and waterproofing for rainy days. Takes 3 AA batteries. Reviews are great. Not sure about pineapples? Also comes in subtle multi-color hummingbirds and sea glass. 

Next, these lovely Moroccan ball string lights. A 20-foot string with 40 LED balls. Waterproof, solar powered, and warm white light. Love these!

And, finally, I HAVE to include classic white lantern string lights as outdoor travel decor ideas. They’re SO pretty! One string is just under 10 feet, with 10 3” waterproof nylon lanterns. Great reviews. Note that this is a plug-in string, with 2 feet between the plug and nearest lantern. 

Outdoor lighting, string lights, backyard travel decor ideas
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11. Stepping STONES Outdoor Decor Ideas for Travel Lovers

Stepping stones make simple and budget outdoor decor items for travel lovers. Add a few to your garden path, either for a pop of color or to pull together your woodsy backyard getaway.

Hipp Mosaics on Etsy has a huge variety of lovely handmade stained glass and concrete stepping stones. Patterns include sea turtles and beaches. Lighthouses, sailboats and frog ponds. Pandas and deer. Reminiscent of your favorite travel destinations. 

Another terrific option is a Celtic design by Inspired By Nature Arts on Etsy. These beautiful reinforced concrete stepping stones have a quality, rustic feel to them. They come in a variety of colors, including vibrant blue, green and red. Or custom order your color.

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12. Outdoor CURTAINS for Backyard Travel Decor

Bring both warmth and travel inspiration to your backyard decor with outdoor curtains. A great place to shop for outdoor curtains is The Filigree Fern on Etsy. Choose from classic white, solid and striped options. Or, either bold or subtle tropical and floral patterns.

13. Patio BLINDS Outdoor Decor Items

Outdoor bamboo blinds, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Maybe you’re looking for a bit more backyard privacy or sun protection? Check out natural bamboo roll up shade from Thy Trading on Etsy. It comes in a variety of widths. Includes all hardware and can be used both indoor or outdoor. Pair with curtains from The Filigree Fern!

14. Outdoor COFFEE TABLE Travel Decor Ideas

For the perfect outdoor coffee table, you HAVE to check out Bamboo BG on Etsy. This shop makes absolutely gorgeous stump stools, both classic whole and hollowed out to store your favorite outdoor goodies. LOVE these. Both for a woodsy vibe and to match your elegant outdoor decor items for travel lovers.

15. PRIVACY SCREENS Outdoor Decor Items for Travel Lovers

Backyard privacy screens can bring a whole lot of style and travel inspiration to your little oasis. Why go with a boring screen when you can shop at Metal Art Fever on Etsy?! This shop creates gorgeous rust-coated panels from steel. Or, choose bare metal if you want to paint them a certain color. 

Take a look through their pattern options. Some are best used vertically and others horizontally on top of your fence or patio railing. A variety of sizes are available. Among my favorites are the bamboo, ferns, sea turtle, reeds and dandelion fluff. (Yes, I have a lot of favorites!) These functional works of art are ideal outdoor decor items for travel lovers. Let them transport you to travel destinations you love, both near and far!

16. Outdoor BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS Travelers will Love

Outdoor bluetooth speaker, backyard travel decor ideas
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Now that you have a privacy screen in place, how about a Bluetooth speaker to bust out those moves?! But not just any Bluetooth speaker. Something that adds to your backyard travel decor, of course!

Check out the Margaritaville tiki torch style Bluetooth speaker on Amazon. Mount it on the pole (included) or use it on a table. Pair your device with two speakers to amplify the sound. And their warm yellow LED “flame” will add that cozy vibe to your backyard decor. Note: Not waterproof.

Another super cool option is this bamboo speaker from Bamboo BG on Etsy. It uses bamboo’s natural resonance qualities to amplify the sound from your phone. No need to plug it in, so you can move it around to the perfect spot in your backyard! Beside you at the campfire. Near the hot tub. Or while you work away in your garden. Include your phone model when you order to ensure the perfect fit.

Outdoor bluetooth speaker, backyard travel decor ideas
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17. PLANTERS Outdoor Travel Decor Items

Simple backyard decor items for travel lovers on a budget are good ol’ planters. Replace your generic planters with something MUCH more fun! And you have SO many options to match the vibe you’re after. Here are four of my favorite Etsy shops.

I love the bold, beautiful designs from Su Casa Bonita. Check out this shop for a variety of planter styles. Classic pots, of various sizes. Strawberry planter, perfect for growing strawberries and herbs. Or fun shapes, like a chicken, turtle, frog, fish and elephant!

Another bold, beautiful option is the wooden planter with Mexican tiles from Halohope Design. These handmade planter boxes are varnished for a smooth protective surface, making them durable for outdoor use. The interior is sealed, so you can plant directly in the box. Note: Add a note when ordering that you plan to use it outside, and the artisan will add a drainage hole.

Unique Arts 22 creates fun and unique planters from resin. They look and feel like weathered stone, but are much lighter. Check out the super cute elephant planter, or similar rhino and hippo statue pots. You can also get them in wall mounted versions. Note: These don’t have drainage holes but can easily be added yourself.

Bring a little Greek goddess to your backyard oasis with these planters. These cement head statue planters from The Lettering Studio are made of cement, great for outside. But note that there isn’t a drainage hole. Choose your size and personalization, too.

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18. Travel Themed SERVING TRAYS for Backyard Decor

Bourbon barrel serving tray, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Whether hosting a crowd or yourself, a travel inspired serving tray is a simple budget backyard decor idea to quickly make you smile. Are you a laid-back backyard BBQ person, or refined wine and cheese person? Here’s a serving tray for you!

First, Missleath on Etsy crafts a handsome bourbon barrel serving tray. Handmade from Hillrock Distillery barrels and featuring a food-safe finish. Choose which end of the barrel you want! 

Mosaic tile serving tray, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Next, Hebron Arts on Etsy has a beautiful hand-painted tile and wooden serving tray. Let this Palestine-crafted serving tray remind you travels past and bucket list destinations to come! Made of beech wood and ceramic tile. Shop a variety of tile patterns and tray sizes.

Beach resin tray, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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Finally, if the beach look is what you’re going for, take a look at these resin serving trays from Sea Side Creations on Etsy. This artisan has perfected the beach wave look, for the perfect simple budget backyard decor idea for beach lovers! Made from Arcadia wood and available in various sizes.

19. Travel Themed Backyard SIGNS

Hawaii tiki bar sign, outdoor decor items for travel lovers
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A quick way to add some pizzazz to your outdoor travel decor is a well-placed sign. 

Want to bring the Hawaiian vibe to your backyard? Try a bold tropical sign, handmade by Tsunami Surf Signs on Etsy. These tiki bar signs are cut, sanded, painted, lettered, brushed and sanded all by hand. Customize them, too!

More fun backyard decor ideas include a backyard bar and grill sign. Two of my favorites are both customizable and come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. The Thompson Designs engraves fun and classy wooden signs (real wood, not engineered fibreboard). And these flange signs from DC Designs USA are double-sided aluminum metal, with some pretty sassy designs! 

20. WIND CHIMES Outdoor Decor Items for Travel Lovers

Don’t you just LOVE wind chimes? The dancing rhythm of the wind, brought to life. We didn’t have wind chimes growing up, and the first place I actually remember hearing them was on my first solo trip … to Trinidad in the Caribbean. Bamboo chimes will forever bring me back there.

My Family House on Etsy is pretty close to the wind chimes I found in Trinidad. Beautiful bamboo, coconut shell and grasses. These are fair-trade, made by co-operatives in Bali. Choose between natural and a variety of patterns. Like painted flowers, turtles or sunburst. Burnt designs and temple roofs. While visiting this Etsy shop, also check out their glass and shell wind chimes.

For beautiful metal and sea glass wind chimes, check out All Decor Lighting on Etsy. You’ll find a variety of options. Asian swirl and Tibetan garden chimes. Glass cut into cute shapes, like crabs and hummingbirds. But my favorite is the simple sea glass strand chimes, in multi-color or vibrant blue. Also beautiful outdoor decor items for travel lovers.

21. Backyard ART Travel Decor Items

Rounding out this list of inspiring outdoor decor items for travel lovers is wonderfully impractical garden art! You can find incredible artisans on Etsy for pretty much anything you might want. Here are two of my favorites.

Mucho Bueno Imports has a fantastic set of three handmade metal cactus plant sculptures to liven up any backyard. They come in three different colors, but I LOVE the turquoise. The perfect backyard decor for desert lovers!

For small backyards, consider wall art as part of your travel decor items. Tropical Wall Art has an incredible variety of beautiful outdoor wall art. Find the perfect piece to remind you of the beach, cabin, desert or favorite fishing hole. Pieces range from relatively simple, individual things like a gecko. (I LOVE geckos!) To intricate, complex scenes like a beach, fishing village and boardwalk carnival!

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