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56 BEST Gifts for Travelers to Enjoy at Home, Too

Shopping for someone who loves to travel? Even for those of us who can’t travel far, there are plenty of travel gift ideas we’ll still love! Here’s a whopping 56 BEST gifts for travelers stuck at home … that they’ll enjoy at home, too.

But before you go shopping for the perfect travel gift ideas, start with a little inspiration about the travel lover in your life. Where do they love to go for vacation? What do they love to do when they get there? How do they capture their “wow” moments and share them with you?

How you shop for the gadget guy who loves roughin’ it in the backcountry is obviously very different from the glamor gal who lives it up on Rodeo Drive. But, you can use the list below to shop for BOTH!

Below is a carefully curated selection of my favorite travel accessories and gadgets, travel treats and entertainment, beautiful travel room decor gifts, and my favorite, experience gifts for travel lovers. Choose gifts that’ll inspire new adventures, to use on nearby day trips, or to capture their favorite travel memories.

Ready to get some awesome shopping done? Let’s go!

Best gifts for travel lovers, travel gift ideas, travel gadgetsCONTENTS:

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

5 TRAVEL ACCESSORIES and GADGETS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home: Gift Ideas Under $10

1. MAP DECAL Gifts for Map Lovers Under $10

Map decal, Etsy House of Lumber, Gifts for travel lovers

Now we start with a super cute, simple and CHEAP gift for travelers stuck at home! I’d LOVE this world map decal. It fits on a laptop, smartphone, water bottle, thermos, car window … wherever it inspires your travel lover! Check it out at The House of Lumber on Etsy. At less than $5US, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for your travel lover!

2. CORD HOLDER Traveler Gift Idea Under $10

Leather cord holder, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

A cute and practical small travel gift for stocking stuffers, these tiny leather clips keep cords organized. It comes in a pack of 5 to use wherever you are. On the road, in the air or at your home office. 

3. MULTI-UTENSIL Small Travel Accessories Gift Under $10

Travel gadget pocket utensils, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

Look at this awesome small travel accessories gift for those who love the outdoors! This Hikenture 4-in-1 stainless steel multi-tool has your regular utensils plus a bottle opener, corkscrew and reamer. Separate the set to use more than one, and then put them back together, fold and tuck them into the nylon pouch. It’s perfect for local camping trips, and even picnics at the park!

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4. HEADLAMP Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Headlamp for runners, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

We use our headlamp all the time while digging through our storage room! It’s also come in very handy on camping and road trips. Especially when you arrive at your destination in the dark and you’re trying to find your gear. 

You can get a waterproof LED headlamp that’s great for camping. Or if you’re buying a headlamp gift for travelers who run, the Foxelli headlamp is lightweight and has excellent reviews. And it’s less than $10US.

5. FLEXIBLE LOCK Small Travel Accessories Gifts Under $10

Colorful flexible locks, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

A TSA-approved luggage lock with a flexible loop is a very practical small travel accessories gift. Not only will it secure their luggage when flying, but it’ll also work with various-sized lockers at gyms and hostels. It’s a great small travel gift for stocking stuffers and costs less than $10.

8 TRAVEL ACCESSORIES and GADGETS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home: Gift Ideas Under $20

6. SELFIE STICK TRIPOD Travel Gadget Gift Ideas Under $20

Selfie tripod stick, travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

A great gift for travel lovers is a decent selfie stick. I’m so old-school that I just stick my arm out, but I definitely don’t get the selfies others do! The benefit, too, is that most selfie sticks also have a tripod stand underneath, making them extra useful. 

This Mpow selfie stick also comes with a bluetooth remote control and fill light. Perfect for selfies both near and far!

7. GORILLA PODS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Gorilla pods flexible tripod, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

A fun alternative to the traditional selfie stick is a flexible tripod. Adjust the legs in quirky positions to get the perfect angle. Some even have magnetic feet to secure it to metal objects, like your car. These flexible tripods will inspire your travel lover to capture the moments both near and far. FUN gifts for travelers stuck at home!

Amazon has a variety of flexible tripods with great reviews. The GorillaPod Magnetic Mini is super portable, has excellent reviews and costs less than $20! 

8. CLOTHING WITH HIDDEN POCKETS Travel Gift Ideas Under $20

Clothing accessories are great gifts for travelers stuck at home to use wherever they wander. Even better? Clothing accessories with HIDDEN POCKETS! They’re super handy for hiding large currencies and even a smartphone at a party. 

My favorite clothing accessory travel gifts for her are infinity scarves with hidden pockets. Check out 4theloveofoils on Etsy for lots of beautiful fabric designs. And for him, Smuggling Duds on Etsy sells a variety of briefs with full or half pockets. Practical, fun AND low-cost!

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9. PHONE CASE Travel Gadget Gift Ideas Under $20

Travel phone case, Etsy CoverWorldLV, Gifts for travel lovers

A new phone case is a fun and low-cost gift for travelers to enjoy at home! Even if he or she already has a phone case, they can trade it out for the fun travel-themed phone case whenever they need a little inspiration.

Etsy has a ton of super fun travel-themed phone cases. Make sure you know the phone model of your friend, and then go shopping! I love the selection from Cover World LV, including options for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei.

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10. POWER BANK Travel Gadget Gift Ideas Under $20

While a portable travel bank is something you’d usually think of for overseas travel, they’re also super helpful to keep in your car or even a purse. Both campers and party animals will appreciate topping up a low phone battery!

Anker is the best-selling power bank on Amazon, which is super slim, high speed and with very strong reviews. Or for something a little more fun, check out these compact, personalized leather power bank from All About Impressions on Etsy. Both are compatible with Android and Apple.

11. QUICK DRY TOWEL Travel Gift Ideas Under $20

Quick dry towel, outdoor Gifts for travel lovers

A compact, quick dry towel is a super practical gift for travelers to use on international trips, camping trips, hostel stays, and days at the pool or beach. 

This travel towel from Rainleaf is thicker and more absorbent than most, but still quick dry, lightweight and compact. Measure your bath towel to pick which of the three sizes is best for you. Reviewers love it.

12. COLLAPSIBLE WATER BOTTLE Travel Gift Ideas Under $20

Collapsible water bottle, outdoors Gifts for travel lovers

A collapsible water bottle is a super practical gift for travel lovers to use either at home or on the go. They’re perfect for hiking, camping, cycling or just hanging around town on a hot summer day. 

Choose from colorful food-safe plastic pouches to roll-up or collapsible silicone water bottles. Although it’s not as cute and a bit bulkier compared to other collapsible water bottles, my favorite is the 22oz QUILIVIK foldable silicone water bottle. It has a protective cap, metal lock to prevent leaks, and a stabilizer to keep it sturdy. Reviewers also don’t complain about the odor and taste, which is common for silicone water bottles.

13. POOL HAMMOCK Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Pool hammock, outdoors Gifts for travel lovers

Wrapping up our travel gift ideas under $20 is this fun pool hammock. Unlike other floats, the pool hammock keeps your head and knees out of the water while the rest of you is submerged. Travelers stuck at home can enjoy this portable gift both near and far. A friend’s pool. Day at the beach. Camping at the lake. 

9 TRAVEL ACCESSORIES and GADGETS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home: Gift Ideas Under $50

14. COMPACT DUFFEL BAG Travel Gift Ideas Under $50

Compact duffel bag, Etsy JoyfulTidingsBridal, Gifts for travel lovers

I LOVE my oversized reusable grocery bag that compresses into nearly nothing. And now I found the same idea but as a large duffel bag! This is a brilliant gift for travelers to use both near and far, because you never know when you’ll need a second bag for hauling stuff around. Like wet towels after a day at the beach. It’s the perfect road trip accessory!

Here’s a great folding duffel bag from Joyful Tidings Bridal on Etsy. Choose from four great colors and personalize it with your choice of thread. It fits on the handle of regular luggage and folds up to the size of the zippered pocket that goes over the handle.

15. PORTABLE SPEAKER Travel Gadget Gift Ideas Under $50

Waterproof portable speaker, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

Amazon has a lot of portable bluetooth speakers that are water resistant and with strong reviews. Note that even those marked as waterproof don’t do super well after being submerged. 

With that in mind, my favorite is the COMISO bluetooth speaker. It has very strong reviews, with great sound, light-weight at under 13 ounces, and an incredible 36-hour playtime (at ⅔ volume). Critics question it being waterproof but lovers say it’s perfect in the shower. So, don’t take it into the pool.

16. SMARTPHONE LENS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Here’s a fun and low-cost gift idea for travelers who love taking pictures. This Xenvo Pro Lens Kit turns your Android or iPhone camera into a 15x macro lens and 0.45x wide-angle lens, while also improving pictures in low-light environments with the warm and natural LED light. Clip the LED light to your phone, choose from three brightness settings and easily recharge it. Available on Amazon, with excellent reviews.

17. EYE MASK Travel Gift Ideas Under $50

Best eye mask, business travel gift ideas for him

Yeah, okay. Typically you won’t use an eye mask anywhere but on a flight or in a hotel room. BUT, this one is SO cool!! It’s a gift for travelers stuck at home to use right on their couch!

Check out this wireless bluetooth travel eye mask. It has 3D contours around the nose and eyes to keep light out and let his eyes move comfortably, and soft breathable fabric good for those with insomnia, migraines and dry eyes. Your traveler can be lulled to sleep listening to favorite music or white noise through the bluetooth speakers!

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18. TRAVEL PILLOW Travel Gift Ideas Under $50

Best travel pillow, business travel gifts for him

And while I’m at it, I’m going to include this awesome travel pillow! This travel neck pillow from BCOZZY isn’t just for red-eye flights. Think: road trips, and gift ideas for dad or mom, who keep bobbing their heads as they watch TV. Reviewers love it. It’s like a hug for your neck!

19. PORTABLE COFFEE KIT Travel Gadget Gifts Under $50

Portable coffee espresso maker, travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

For us coffee lovers on the go near or far, a portable coffee maker can make for one very happy camper! You can get portable coffee makers for those who like drip, espressos and french press (my personal favorite). And you can even get portable coffee makers with adaptors to heat up water in your car. Awesome!

20. HAMMOCK Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Travel hammock, outdoors Gifts for travel lovers

If you’re looking for low-cost but luxury vibe gifts for travelers stuck at home, check out this travel hammock! How I love hammocks on the beach. But lazing around in a hammock at your campsite or even your backyard would be pretty great, too!

Wise Owl Outfitters has the best-selling travel hammock on Amazon, with awesome reviews. It’s made of heavy-duty parachute nylon that’s soft, durable AND lightweight. Choose from lot of colors and either a SingleOwl for one person or a DoubleOwl to enjoy it with them! Both cost less than $50 and have a weight limit of 500 lbs. It comes with 9-foot tree straps and carabiners for an easy set-up and a carrying pouch for excellent portability.

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21. FILTERING WATER BOTTLE Outdoor Travel Gift Ideas Under $50

Filtering water bottle, outdoors Gifts for travel lovers

A filtering water bottle is a fantastic gift for travel lovers who visit undeveloped nations or wherever the water source is questionable. So, this also makes it super practical for camping, backcountry hiking and emergency kits. 

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles have an award-winning two-stage filtration that removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine or batteries. It’s durable, a good 23-ounce size, and leak-proof. 

22. MULTI-TOOL Outdoor Travel Gadget Gift Ideas Under $50

Multi-tool outdoors Gifts for travel lovers

This multitool from RoverTac is pretty awesome. It’s a 14 in 1 stainless steel tool, including an axe, pliers, wire cutter, hammer, bottle opener, wood saw and fish descaler.

So, take it fishing. Camping. Chop wood for a fire. And crack open that beer before folding up your handy tool. Apply the safety lock and tuck it into a solid nylon pouch that fully covers the blade, safely away from little hands. A pretty handy travel gadget gift idea for outdoorsy folks, with excellent reviews!

9 AWESOME Travel Accessories and Gadgets Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

23. DRONE Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Drone, Gifts for travel lovers

If you’re shopping for gifts for travelers who love videography or techy things, consider buying them a drone. The quality of video and angles you can get by drone are pretty incredible. Just take a look at the drone videos in my Best Videos of Waterfalls in Canada post!

DJI Mavic Mini has a lot going for it. Super light and portable at 249g, it folds up to 5.5×3.2×2.2 inches and has 2.7K video (or 1080p at 60fps), GPS-based return to home and a beginner-friendly app that interfaces with your phone as you fly it. In normal weather, it’ll fly for about 22 minutes and reach 1,640 feet (500 meters). Check current prices and reviews at Amazon. 

To make this drone gift for travel lovers even better, combine it with a weekend getaway to a nearby national park or your favorite campsite!

Now, you’ll need to get to know the drone regulations for the area you want to fly it in. Although DJI Mavic Mini is barely under the weight for required registration in the USA, Canada and China, if you add anything to it, like propeller guards or collision sensors, it’ll be over the takeoff weight of 250g.

And watch for free online courses on how to fly drones safely. While the average Joe can give you helpful tips, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has offered a free drone course in the past.

24. VR HEADSET Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

VR headset, Gifts for travel lovers

Virtual reality (VR) headsets didn’t really interest me until I researched the best virtual tours out there. Virtually traveling to Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China, Petra and Sistine Chapel put a VR headset on this travel lover’s wishlist! Definitely consider VR headsets as gifts for travelers stuck at home.

If you want a low-cost VR headset, you can get a fun Google Cardboard VR headset that works with a smartphone for less than $10. Just find a VR video on your YouTube app, slide your phone inside and enjoy. 

Or, you can get a standalone VR headset. Oculus gets glowing reviews as the best VR headset out there, and its Amazon reviews reflect this. If you just want something for watching movies or 360 videos, the Oculus Go is a solid choice. But for a VR headset gift to travel lovers who’d also have fun with VR games, consider the wireless Oculus Quest. It has advanced graphics and movement tracking, making it much better for VR gaming. Choose between the 64GB and 128GB, which is how much storage you have for games. And you don’t need an external computer, like you do with the Oculus Rift. Check current prices on Amazon.

Make this VR headset gift for travel lovers even better, with a travel-themed dinner and virtual tour through your favorite city. 

25. GOPRO CAMERA Gifts for Travel Lovers

GoPro, travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

For a waterproof, super durable digital action camera gift for travel lovers, GoPro is a very popular choice among adventurers. The latest GoPro is Hero9 with a streamlined design, impact-resistant lens and excellent reviews. 

For a little inspiration for what this baby can do, check out Best CRAZY Virtual Tours! Adventure can be right around the corner.

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26. Super-Small INSTA360 GO Video Camera Gadget Gifts for Travelers

Insta360 Go video camera, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

This super-small, super-light hands-free video camera is a fun gift for travel lovers. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhones, and comes with a charge case small enough to fit in his or her pocket to charge on the go. I’m thinking roller-coasters! What a FUN small gadget travel accessory!!

Shoot 30- or 60-second clips, in hyperlapse, time lapse or slow motion. It has stabilization, is water-resistant and easily attaches by clip, magnet or the pivot stand to get awesome angles. Available on Amazon, with solid reviews.

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27. PORTABLE PHOTO PRINTER Travel Gadget Gifts for Travel Lovers

Portable smartphone photo printer, small travel gadgets, Gifts for travel lovers

Are you shopping for someone who still loves printed photos? A portable smartphone printer he or she can take on the road might just be the perfect gift they would never treat themselves to. 

Chances are, you can find a portable smartphone printer from your favorite electronics brand. Fujifilm, Kodak and Polaroid all make highly-rated options compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. One of the cutest and best rated on Amazon is Zinc Polaroid, which comes in both basic and fun colors.

28. GARMIN GPS Travel Gadget Gifts for Travel Lovers

Garmin GPS, small travel gadgets, road trip Gifts for travel lovers

My husband and I agree that our Garmin GPS saved our marriage on our road trip through the United Kingdom. While our smartphone maps are often enough while traveling around, there are plenty of spots with poor cell service. And then you add unfamiliar, rural roads without reliable signage. Well, a good GPS can come in very handy on a road trip wherever you go.

29. NOISE-CANCELING HEADPHONES Travel Gadget Gifts for Travelers

Bose noise-canceling earbuds, best business travel gifts for himYou’ll see noise-canceling headphones on every gift guide for travelers. And it’s because they’re awesome! Part of why they’re so great is that your travel lover can use them on trips, at school, commuting or simply listening to their favorite podcast at home.

We’re big fans of our Bose headphones, but earbuds are also a great choice for ultra-portability, under hats and sleeping.

30. DAYPACK Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

A good quality travel daypack for him or her is a great gift for travelers stuck at home and dreaming of far-off lands. It blends the practical AND fun, and can be used for SO many things. A commuter bag. Travel bag for bikes. Or just hanging with friends. 

One of my favorite daypacks for guys is the ultra-sophisticated leather backpack from Coach. Isn’t it gorgeous?! And for women, I love the cute and classy convertible shoulder bag backpack from Sisoibags on Etsy.

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31. TRAVEL FITNESS Gifts for Travelers who Work Out

Portable fitness, Gifts for travel lovers

Here’s a gift for travelers who are also serious about fitness. This portable TRX GO suspension training package is lightweight at only 1lb and includes indoor/outdoor anchors, two workout guides, and a mesh travel bag to easily take it with you. Anchor it to a door, rafter, beam, tree, pole or post for a full-body workout. Anytime, anywhere!

A friend brings her resistance bands to the playground so she can work out while her daughter plays. I felt a little goofy (I’m definitely not a fitness buff!) but it was fun!

3 TRAVEL TREATS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

32. COFFEE Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Coffee club, gifts for travel lovers

Fresh, aromatic specialty coffees from around the world, delivered straight to your travel lover’s door every month. What could be better?! Talk about the BEST gifts for travelers stuck at home!

At, you can pick the perfect gift for travel lovers. Select from 3, 6 or 12 month coffee subscriptions. Between a 12-ounce bag or 18-count coffee pods. Or, choose a sampler box of Native American coffees or coffees from around the world.

33. CRAFT BEER Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Craft beer club, gifts for travel lovers

If craft beer sounds even better than coffee, check out the Craft Beer Club. Craft Beer Club features 100% independent craft breweries from across the United States, and won’t repeat the same brand for at least two years.

You have lots of ways to give the gift of beer to your traveler stuck at home! Choose from 1 to 12 shipments, and 12 or 24 beers per month (4 styles, and either 3 or 6 of each). Send a shipment every month, every other month, or every three months. 

34. WINE Gifts for Travelers to Enjoy at Home

Wine club, gifts for travel lovers

Or, how about the most delicious wines from around the world? Possibly THE best gift for your traveler to enjoy a home?! At Cellars Wine Club, you can choose from a variety of subscription gifts. One bottle. Two. Three, or even by the case. All include helpful tasting notes and can be changed at any time.

With the International Club, your gift for travel lovers features a different region each month. Wines include limited releases and boutique vineyards all over the world. Doesn’t that sound perfect?!

5 TRAVEL KEEPSAKE Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

35. Custom PHOTO ALBUM Gifts for Travelers at Home

Customized photo album, Etsy woodlack, gifts for travel lovers

In the age of digital photography, I know that some of you don’t print photos. But I still do, along with many of my travel lover friends! There’s something so special about a book dedicated to your life’s adventures.

You’ll find a lot of beautiful custom photo albums on Etsy to fit any taste. Just look at this handmade wood and leather photo album from Woodlack! It comes in a variety of sizes and wood colors, and has lots of options for engraving your special message. Choose from 30, 40 or 50 sheets.

36. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT Small Travel Gift for Travel Lovers

Christmas tree ornaments are the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for travel lovers to enjoy at home. I’m not a fan of trinkets, but love Christmas tree ornaments. You can pull them out and enjoy them in a specific part of your house, for a certain amount of time, and then tuck them away at the end of the season. Guilt-free! 

And you know I’ll point you to Etsy’s incredible variety of handmade travel-themed Christmas ornaments! I had such a hard time picking my favorites, but here are two very different and very pretty options. First, pottery flag Christmas ornaments by Magic Moon Pottery. And second, a gilded glass globe Christmas ornament with a gold leaf map from Holiday Every Day Art.

37. TRAVEL JOURNAL Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

As I shared in Best Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad, the best travel gift I received was a journal from my mom just before I left on my first solo adventure. She urged me to write in it regularly so she could follow along after I got back. She got me in the habit of taking a travel journal with me on all my trips, and oh, how I love going back over those magical “wow” moments!

A travel journal can be used in so many different ways. While I typically keep it pretty simple by just recording my activities and thoughts, some go all-out with scrapbooking and junk-journaling their plans and keepsakes. Journals as gifts for travelers stuck at home might just be the inspiration they need to finally get their memories and plans down on paper.

Cover Cafe has a wide selection of beautiful leather journals, refillable as your travel lover fills it with his or her adventures.

And Paris Flea Market 1918 has a gorgeous selection of vintage parisian style journals. Each journal is a piece of art and perfect for storing pictures, tickets and other collectibles from your travel lover’s trips. 

Make this travel journal gift for travel lovers even better by adding your favorite pens and fun stickers. My favorite pens are FriXion erasable pens, and you can order tons of super-cute travel-themed stickers from Etsy.

38. MEMORY BOX Gift for Travel Lovers

Travel memory box, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy Cadeaura

For the traveler who loves collecting things from their adventures, a memory box might just be the perfect travel gift idea. You have so many wonderful options on Etsy

Just look at the gorgeous decoupage travel keepsake boxes from Cadeaura. This wooden one is a great size to hold awkwardly sized trinkets and treasures and works as a great travel gift idea for him and her. Gorgeous.

39. JEWELRY Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Travel-themed jewelry is another fantastic gift for travel lovers to enjoy wherever they are. Shop Etsy for simple and pretty, or chunky and eclectic! I love this compass necklace travel gift for him from Lovelace Design Shop. And this pretty globe bracelet travel gift for her from Sea Side Motifs.

5 ENTERTAINMENT Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Always Italy book, travel gift idea, gifts for travel lovers40. Always Italy BOOK Gift for Travelers Stuck at Home

If your traveler loves a good read, get them a book that inspires their next adventure. Like Always Italy by Frances Mayes and Ondine Cohane. 

Always Italy pairs iconic Under the Tuscan Sun author and a New York Times travel writer with more than 350 National Geographic images, giving you an incredible tour through Italy’s iconic regions. Be inspired by stunning photos of Cinque Terre, Aeolian Islands, Florence and Rome. And then get ready to pack your bags for your own epic adventure through Italy, as you read through true insider intel like the best little restaurants, hiking trails, spas. Who doesn’t love Italy?!

41. INSPIRATIONAL BOOK Gifts for Travel Lovers who Like to Read

Another fun book for travel inspiration is Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020, or their compilations like Epic Hikes of the World, The World, and The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World. Lonely Planet is my go-to for destination guides whenever I’m planning a trip, because of their practical, insider local knowledge. These collections will inspire your traveler on to their next great adventure.

Another fantastic inspirational read for travel lovers is Matt Kepnes’ How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Matt Kepnes is the super successful travel blogger behind Nomad Matt, who teaches how to travel the world on a budget. How can you not be inspired?

42. COLORING BOOK Gifts for Artsy Travel Lovers 

If your travel lover is also a creative soul, consider a travel-themed adult coloring book. These books have gorgeous images, from scenic coastlines and romantic vistas to grand cities and fun amusement parks.

43. BOARD GAMES Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Travel-themed board game, gifts for travel lovers, travel gift ideas

Does your traveler love a good board game or card game? Challenge their knowledge of the world with travel-themed games as gifts for travelers stuck at home! You can always go with a fun classic, like Monopoly National Parks Edition. Or, try a new game, like Passport to Culture Travel Edition to test their cultural intelligence, The World Game geography card game, or Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game that’s small enough to take on their next trip.

Travel-themed card game, gifts for travel lovers, travel gift ideas

44. TRAVEL-SIZED GAMES Small Gifts for Travelers 

Building off the travel-themed game ideas, you can also find some fantastic travel-sized games that make awesome gifts for travelers to use at home or on the go. Check out the chess/checkers travel game on Amazon that rolls up super-tiny and super-light. Or the super-mini travel crib board in a beautiful leather roll-up pouch from Walnut Studiolo. 

7 HOME DECOR Gifts for Travel Lovers

45. WALL ART Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travel-themed wall art, gits for travel lovers, Etsy TomasDesign

Although travel-themed wall art can be a bit of a risky gift for travel lovers unless you really know their personal style, there are some awesome pieces on Etsy that are pretty easy to love. Find your favorite handmade travel-themed art, from maps and departure boards to photography and watercolors. Among my favorites are these city prints from Tomas Design.

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46. PUSH PIN MAP Gifts for Map Lovers

Push pin map, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy HolyCowCanvas

My goodness, you can find some gorgeous push pin maps as gifts for travelers! So long as you’re confident in the style of the person you’re buying for, this would be such a beautiful gift for travel lovers to mark where they’ve been and other travel destinations on their bucket list.

I highly recommend browsing through the variety of push pin maps on Etsy to find just the right one. Choose from world maps or USA maps of various sizes. Mounted or framed. Classic, vintage or pretty colors. 

My favorite is the 3-panel Industrial Detail map from Holy Cow Canvas. It’s gallery-wrapped canvas with foam-like backing that secures pins and hides the holes if you move them. (Kids, anyone?!) Choose from different sizes, with or without cities, and customize the title, legend and quote.

47. PUSH PIN GLOBE Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Push pin globe, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy wendygold

If you love the push pin map idea but feel safer going with a mantelpiece gift for your traveler stuck at home, consider a beautiful push pin globe. This 15.5” push pin globe from Wendy Gold on Etsy is mounted on a solid hardwood base, available in 7 finishes. It comes with 100 pins, red string to chart out adventures, 50 adhesive flags and a custom tool for inserting the pins. Make it extra special by personalizing with a legend or phrase on the globe or with an engraving on the base.

48. Custom PHOTO COLLAGE Gifts for Travel Lovers

Custom photo collage map, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy PrettyArtDesign

Celebrate an incredible journey with a totally customized photo collage gift for travel lovers. Pretty Art Design on Etsy creates custom digital art collages of your travels into any county map of your choice. Send in your pics and receive a proof you can take to your favorite print shop. 

49. WINE CHARMS Gifts for Travelers Stuck at Home

Travel-themed wine charms, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy PickinsGalore

For the perfect small gift for travel lovers who also love WINE, get them travel-themed wine charms! Here are super cute European-themed travel wine charms from Pickins Galore on Etsy. Stuck at home or not, your traveler will LOVE these charms!

Be warned: this Etsy shop has LOTS of fun options for anyone in your life who likes wine.

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50. COASTERS Travel Lovers will Love

Oh, how I love cute coasters! And you can find super cute ones for the perfect gift for travel lovers on Etsy. From cork-backed stone coasters for the outdoor enthusiast from Kabram Krafts to chic black and white fabric Paris coasters from CCN Designs.

51. THROW PILLOWS Travel Lovers will Love

I don’t think you can EVER have too many throw pillows. And you have SO many awesome options on Etsy! Cute and whimsical. Neutral classics. 

I love the travel-themed pillows from Fab Funky Pillows, including the Nautical/Coastal and City/Landmarks sections. And take a look at the beautiful selection of pillows from Catherine Originals.

5 EXPERIENCE Gifts for Travel Lovers 

Now, there are plenty of experience gift ideas travel lovers will LOVE, even without whisking them away to far-off lands. That said, if the reason they can’t travel is they lack motivation or a travel companion, you can certainly take care of that! 

Whatever experience gift ideas you come up with, wrap it up in some fun! I LOVE this mini suitcase scratch and reveal from The UK FactoryFind more tips in our 5-step gift giving guide.

Travel gift ideas reveal, gifts for travel lovers, Etsy UKFactory

52. ACTIVITY Gifts for Travel Lovers 

Colorful hot air balloons, experience gifts for travel lovers
Photo credit: Ian Dooley from Unsplash

What does your travel lover love to do? Use this as inspiration for an activity gift idea! Search Viator or hire a locally-owned company to take you two out on a kayaking and rock-climbing tour, bike tour or walking tour for foodies. Take them to a pottery class, symphony or live theatre. Rent bikes and explore the shops, pubs or museums in your favorite area in town.

53. EVENT Gifts for Travel Lovers 

Outdoor band, experience gifts for travel lovers
Photo credit: Danny Howe from Unsplash

As an extension to an activity in your area, what’s an event they’ve always dreamed of going to? A Dallas Cowboys game? The Oscars in Los Angeles? Filming of their favorite TV show? Finally seeing their favorite musician in concert, or the New Year’s ball drop in New York City? This is the perfect inspiration for planning weekend getaway gifts for travel lovers!

Search events, including livestreams, at Live Nation.

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54. Weekend GETAWAY Gifts for Travel Lovers

Resort getaway in California, experience gifts for travel lovers, Calistoga Ranch
Photo credit:

If you’re looking for the perfect experience gift idea for a travel lover, take a look at awesome weekend getaway options near you. 

How about Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, California? Surrounded by Napa Valley’s enchanting woods, this stunning property features 50 freestanding guest lodges that maximize your outdoor space. Each guest room has an outdoor rain shower, fireplace and luxurious surroundings. Some have an outdoor living area with a fireplace and hot tub. Enjoy the pool, restaurant, free bikes, yoga and spa. If you want to venture out, you have, of course, the famous wineries of Napa Valley nearby. 

Not in the Napa Valley area? Search other beautiful retreats near you on!

If you’re looking for luxury gifts, be sure to check out Best LUXURY Travel Gifts for Him and Her!

55. CLASSES for Travel Lovers who Love to Learn 

Celebrity MasterClass, gifts for travel lovers

If you want an experience gift idea for travel lovers who love learning, get them a subscription to MasterClass. This is such a cool idea! Pay an annual membership to get unlimited access to all 85+ classes and new ones that are launched while you’re a member. Each class is typically about 20 video lessons about 10 minutes each, and includes an in-depth workbook. All are taught by A-list celebrities, so they’re educational and entertaining.

Learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay. How to write from Dan Brown and Margaret Atwood. Basketball from Steph Curry or tennis from Serena Williams. Singing from Christina Aguilera and acting from Natalie Portman. Magic tricks from Penn and Teller. Conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall. Space Exploration from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. 

With such variety and fun edutainers, a MasterClass subscription is a fantastic gift idea for SO many people on my list. What a fun way to deepen your knowledge and learn a new skill! Download the app to learn at your favorite coffee shop.

56. GROUP TOUR Gifts for Travel Lovers

Small group tour, experience gifts for travel lovers
Photo credit: G-R Mottez from Unsplash

Even if you can’t travel far, why not join a group tour in your area? Choose from popular group tours, like Intrepid Travel small group tours and Trafalgar premium tours. They arrange all the details and hit all the top tourist destinations, with free time to explore what matters most to your travel lover. 

Explore the best national parks in the USA. Beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains or Vancouver Island. Or combine them with a tour of the best in USA and Canada!

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