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27+ TASTEFUL Travel Decor Ideas for Bedroom 2023

Best travel decor for bedroom, bedroom decor ideas
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Where better to bring your love of travel than into your bedroom? And no, it doesn’t have to be tacky! Here are more than 27 tasteful and romantic travel decor ideas for your bedroom. Perfect for minimalists, too.

Trends for bedroom decor have been shifting from all-neutral tones to bold statement pieces that reflect your personality. Warmer nature tones are big, like greens and blues. Add depth by layering tones, and interest with contrasting colors. Let go and follow your gut with patterns and pieces that make you happy!

Below you’ll find a HUGE variety of bedroom travel decor. Furniture, like pretty headboards, quirky shelves and fair-trade nightstands. Cozy bedding, pillows and throws. Bedroom lighting ideas. And incredible artwork to complement your style.

Have fun!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

1. HEADBOARDS Bedroom Decor Furniture

Leather headboard, bedroom decor wall ideas furniture, travel decor
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If you read design recommendations for bedroom decor, they’ll all say to make your bed the focal point of the room. Your bed dominates your room, and anchors your style, too. So, don’t be afraid to be bold! Let it make the statement you’re after.

You can find rustic, chic and elegant headboards on Amazon. For travel-themed bedroom decor ideas, my favorite is this upholstered headboard. Doesn’t it remind you of a suitcase?! Get it in vintage brown faux leather or grey fabric. Mount it on the wall with the black metal rail, and adjust it to the perfect height. Available for all bed sizes.

Slumberland has a large variety of headboards, including lovely upholstered and rustic wood slats to match your look. While it’s hard to find headboards that are truly travel-inspiring, you can find ones that work with other travel decor in your bedroom. Like European elegance, rustic outdoors and whimsical beach.

2. STORAGE Ideas for Bedroom Travel Decor

If you’re looking for travel-inspiring storage solutions for your bedroom decor, consider suitcases! These vintage suitcases from Lavinia’s Tea Party shop on Etsy are SO cute. Picking my favorite two to feature in the images was so incredibly hard! Some come in a set of three and others on their own. Love maps? Vintage florals, pastels or geometrics? Take a look! They’re perfect for storing photos, keepsakes and out-of-season accessories.

You can also find these handsome vintage-style suitcase trunks on Amazon. They come in a set of three, and are made of polywood faux leather. Perfect for stacking and storing.

Want something bigger? Here you go! A set of three travel-themed trunks, with vintage Victorian map print and made of wood with faux leather accents. Great option for a very reasonable price.

3. Travel-Inspiring PAINTINGS for Bedroom Decor Wall Ideas

Travel themed paintings, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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Now, artwork is DEFINITELY in the eye of the beholder. So, I’m going to show you two very different approaches to something I think most of us love … the beach. And these two artists are amazing!!

First, The Colorful Cat Studio creates gorgeous watercolor artwork, with both originals and fine art giclée prints. For prints, you can choose among four types of paper to achieve the look you’re after. Featured here is the romantic Hawaii watercolor painting entitled “Green Waves.” (Psst … as of writing, the original is still available!) 

And second, Aimee Weaver paints her beautiful beach scene onto reclaimed wood. Choose between these vivid or more muted colors. Both are gorgeous and perfect for travel-inspired bedroom decor ideas for your wall.

Travel themed paintings, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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4. BENCH Bedroom Travel Decor Furniture

Aren’t these benches pretty?! I’ve always wanted a beautiful bench at the foot of my bed, but never seem to have a bedroom big enough. One day!

This Lillian bench just oozes sophistication. It immediately reminds me of a European cafe, with expensive cappuccino, vine-covered walls and French accents! And this Stephanie ottoman is similar, but with more of a palace garden feel. And storage!

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5. Travel Themed BEDDING Bedroom Decor

How about bedding that takes you to European palace gardens, or Asian tigers on the prowl? Antropologie has a selection of romantic, travel-inspiring duvet covers for bold and minimalist bedroom decor. 

And if you LOVE maps (like me!), take a look at this printed map duvet cover from Mapology on Etsy. I assumed it’d be a bit scratchy, but reviewers say it’s nice and soft. Choose a vintage color theme, or opt for bolder, more colorful options.

6. Travel-Themed BOOKS for Bedroom Decor

Travel-themed books can be more than entertainment or textbooks for planning that epic trip. Beautiful travel photography compilations are pieces of art, and can be wonderful travel-themed bedroom decor ideas.

One idea is National Geographic’s “Destinations of a Lifetime,” available on Amazon. You can’t go wrong with possibly the MOST recognized source of epic travel photography in the world. This compilation takes you to 225 incredible destinations, both natural and manmade. Travel to ancient rainforests, cobblestone streets and massive monoliths. Scenic islands, stunning cityscapes and fascinating architecture. Each location includes details for planning your trip, too.

And I wholeheartedly recommend Dave Brosha photography. His latest compilation, “Southern Light: Photography of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands,” will whisk you away to “the land at the end of the world.” The land of penguins, icebergs and incredible cold. Where the dramatic play of light and dark on massive mountain peaks will leave you breathless. And sleeping seal pups will melt your heart.

Plus, Dave’s photography will look fantastic with the rest of your travel-inspired bedroom decor. (FYI I’m SO proud to say I grew up with Dave! Actually, his little brother was my elementary sweetheart *wink*)

7. BOOKENDS Bedroom Travel Decor Ideas

Bookends are a practical way to build on your bedroom travel decor. Check out these fun metal bookends from Glozis Decor on Etsy. For travel-themed bedroom decor ideas, you might go with a city skyline, lighthouse or New York City taxi. Or, choose a bookend that takes you into your favorite travel-inspiring book, like Sherlock Holmes or a Japanese Samurai fighter. A smokey jazz club or cobblestone street lined with lampposts.

Another great option for warmer, softer bedroom decor is this wooden mountain bookend set from The Blooming Willow on Etsy. It’s handmade from solid wood and painted, and finished with a protective coat. You can have it painted in pink, blue, green, grey or black. My favorites, though, are the natural and dark wood stains. 

Would you rather have a paper weight? They’re a bit more versatile than bookends, and you can find some super cute ideas on Etsy. Among my favorites is this bronze globe from Rebels Craft Creations on Etsy, made from concrete. Cool, hey?!

Globe paper weight, bedroom decor ornaments, bedroom travel decor
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8. Travel-Inspiring BODY PILLOWS for Bedroom Decor 

Bedroom decor pillows luxury, travel decor for bedroom
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Even for minimalist bedroom decor, an oversized body pillow is wonderful. Let it welcome you to your cozy, comfy bed and lull you off to travel dreamland! 

For romantic travel-inspiring bed pillows, take a look through The Citizenry’s lumbar pillow collection. You’ll find both subtle and bold patterns and colors, handwoven around the world. Like the one featured here, handwoven in Guatemala.

You can also find some BEAUTIFUL travel-themed lumbar pillows on Etsy. Browse light florals and tropical prints and bold boho and Turkish prints, like this gorgeous print from Turkish Rug N Roll.

Turkish lumbar pillow, travel decor for bedroom
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9. WALL LIGHTING Ideas for Bedroom Travel Decor

If you’d love wall lighting ideas for all that travel reading and dreaming, check  out the beautiful outdoors-inspired wall lights from Woods Lamp. This shop has SO many great wall lighting ideas, including for minimalist bedroom decor. Do you prefer smooth, polished wood, or the unfinished look of bark? A walk-in-the-woods or nautical vibe? How about an upcycled wine bottle or beer mug? SO fun!

10. DRAPERIES Bedroom Travel Decor

Here are luxurious and romantic draperies for bedroom decor, ready to whisk you away. Custom made by Anna’s Home Decor Store on Etsy, including header, lining, soft ruffles and French pleats. Choose among rich designer fabric reminiscent of European gardens, or light airy linen. Beautiful.

And Theodora Studios on Etsy has a wonderful selection of travel-inspiring fabrics for bedroom draperies. I love the Asian Chinoiserie and coral reefs patterns. Select your length, color and pleats. Price includes a variety of lining options. 

11. Luxurious Throw BLANKETS Travel Decor for Bedroom

Bring practical and decorative warmth to your bed, chaise or chair with a luxurious throw blanket. Find lovely Turkish throws for minimalist bedroom decor at Infuse Zen shop on Etsy. Choose from soft, elegant patterns and colors. Like dandelion and pineapple prints that carry you away to the meadow or the beach!

I also love these soft printed throws from Archana Arts and Crafts. My favorite is the Persian print. SO pretty and romantic!

12. Travel-Themed ELECTRICAL COVERS Bedroom Decor Ideas

How boring are your light switch and outlet covers? Wanna dress them up?? 

I love the image variety and TEXTURE of embossi electrical covers from the Craftsprite shop on Etsy. These light switch and outlet covers are made from printed metal, with embossing and varnish for a fun 3D effect. Choose from beautiful floral and natural woodsy patterns. Retro and ethnic prints. Sunny beaches and cityscapes. All with matching screws!

13. WALL SHELVES Travel Decor for Bedroom

Suitcase shelves, bedroom travel decor, bedroom decor wall ideas
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How about these cute suitcase shelves for travel inspiration? Not sure you can get much more travel-themed bedroom decor than this! Double Decker Vintage features a variety of suitcases to choose from, including sizes, colors and styles. Like the top buckle or the bottom hinges. Modern or vintage. Bold or neutral. Have fun mixing and matching!

For the minimalist travel-inspired bedroom decor, take a look at this beautiful driftwood shelf. It’s one of a kind, but you can find more at Strollin the Beach on Etsy. This shop reclaims driftwood and sands down their treasures into gorgeous live-edge shelves. Super romantic and perfect for the beach lover and adventurer at heart. (Psst … while visiting this shop, also check out their jewelry holders. Another awesome idea for bedroom travel decor.)

Rustic wood shelves, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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14. Bedside TABLE Travel Decor Furniture Ideas

While we’re looking at upcycling suitcases, why not use them as your side table?! 

Interested in modern and chic bedroom decor? Check out Maverick Finds on Etsy for suitcases upcycled into awesome suitcase tables. I love this white one! 

Or, custom order exactly what you want. I LOVE these vintage suitcase tables from Rustique Re In Vintage on Etsy. But if you’d rather have something shabby chic, army-style, or one that reminds you of a French garden, they’ll do that, too!

15. Bedroom Decor PLANTS

Lavender plants, travel decor for bedroom, bedroom decor plants
Photo credit: Josephine Lityo from Unsplash

2021 bedroom decor trends are about bringing nature in. So, what better way to do this than with actual plants? 

And if you’re going to have a plant (or three?) in your bedroom, lavender is the ideal choice. They’re pretty, edible AND recognized as a sleep-aid. Apparently lavender lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. 

While plants aren’t necessarily travel-inspiring, they are for non green thumbs like me who have to visit a botanical garden to enjoy living plants! If this is you, too, check out the super-easy lavender pods from Click and Grow. Click and Grow’s Smart Soil creates the ideal environment for plants to grow, and is free of harmful stuff. Comes in a pack of 3 or 9. Add a Smart Garden for those pods, and you’re good to go!

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16. Travel-Themed WALL ART Bedroom Decor Ideas

Travel themed wall art, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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Even with minimalist bedroom decor, you can indulge in some tasteful travel-inspiring wall art. I love this script wall art from the All Wrapped Up in Yarn shop on Etsy. It’s lightweight and handmade, featuring map vinyl on top. Choose from classics that inspire you, like “adventure,” “explore” and “discover.” “Dream” is also rather perfect for your travel themed bedroom decor.

17. CHAISE LOUNGE Bedroom Decor Furniture

Bedroom decor furniture chaise lounge luxury, travel decor for bedroom
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Doesn’t this Baroque chaise lounge just leave you dreaming of a French getaway?! It’s vintage from the 1940s, with floral baroque motif, tassel carving and tufted in white leather with gold. And while this dreamy chaise lounge is one of a kind and likely sold by the time you read this, Sittin Pretty by Myleen’s shop on Etsy has other refinished European Antiques ready for your travel-inspired bedroom decor!

Or this gorgeous contemporary chaise lounge from Baxton Studio on Amazon. I love the smooth curves and dark charcoal linen upholstery. Has a solid birch frame, non-marking legs and very firm polyurethane foam cushioning. Just add a travel-inspired cushion and it’ll send you on those travel dreams! Also available in beige.

Bedroom decor furniture chaise lounge luxury, travel decor for bedroom
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18. Travel-Themed CUSHIONS for Bedroom Decor Ideas

There are SO many travel-themed cushions you could go with for your bedroom decor. Do you want something bold, or subtle? Fun, elegant or whimsical? I had SUCH a hard time choosing that I’m including four!

For bold and fun, check out these airport code cushions from YHM Designs on Etsy. Choose from SO many USA, Canada and worldwide destinations. If you love Paris elegance, take a look at this great selection of classic Eiffel Tower cushion covers on Amazon. Features a hidden zipper closure.

For minimalist travel-inspiring bedroom decor ideas, I love the linen world map cushion cover from The Travel Shop on Etsy. And rounding us out is the cute beach cushion cover with pretty embroidery, piping and zipper closure. Available on Amazon.

19. TABLE LAMPS for Bedroom Travel Decor Ideas

You need a lamp for your bedside table. So, you might as well make it part of your bedroom travel decor! But it’s almost overwhelming how many ideas are out there. Here are four of my favorite … and all very different.

First up is a nautical table lamp that lulls you off to the beach. It’s perfect for minimalist bedroom decor, with muted colors and only the winding rope to take you away. But if you’d rather have a place to keep all the sand and shells you brought back, this fillable glass lamp might be perfect.

For travel decor that whisks you off to Paris, you have to love this Eiffel Tower lamp! It’s 14” with a neutral shade, so all eyes are on the tower. And if you’d rather be whisked off to Turkey, take a look at this beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp. Its elegant swan neck and multi-color pattern are SO pretty.

20. Travel-Inspiring LAMP SHADES for Bedroom Decor

Have a lamp you love but want to change up the shade? It’s an easy idea to bring your love of travel to your bedroom decor!

I highly recommend searching Etsy for gorgeous and unique lamp shades perfect for you. One of my favorites are the beautiful flower garden shades from Fab Funky Pillows. They’re stunning at first sight, and perfect if you love the flower gardens of European palaces. But if you look closer, you’ll see fantastical creatures, too! (Psst … when visiting this shop, also check out their gorgeous cushions!)

More fabulous options are the designer shades from Blue Crocus Textiles. Choose from a great variety of scenes, sizes and metallic interior. Lampshades are lined with a tested and approved heat-safe PVC backing material. I love the watercolor look of this hillside and similar wilderness scenes. But you can also choose from more defined art pieces, too.

21. Travel-Inspiring HANGING LIGHTS for Bedroom Decor 

Here’s a beautiful hanging light for bedroom decor that transports you to the woods! Sonliner Wood Art Studio on Etsy has a variety of stunning hanging light fixtures. And their “pine cone” chandelier is perfect for the outdoors travel lover! Isn’t it beautiful?! Handcrafted with 174 smoothened pieces of wood. Choose from many special oil colors, plus cord color and length.

Or how about pretty string lights? Check out Marwin Craft shop on Etsy for SO many beautiful string light ideas for the bedroom. They’re elegant and tasteful, with plenty of flower garden lights. My favorite for bedroom travel decor is the cherry blossom Japanese lanterns. Aren’t they lovely?! Choose between battery and plug-in options, and various lengths.

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22. NIGHT LIGHTS for Minimalist Bedroom Travel Decor

For super minimalist travel-inspired bedroom decor ideas, take a look at these pretty night lights. Here’s a mountain scene night light from Teardrop Glass Shop on Etsy, made from glass and wood. It’s LED with a dusk and dawn sensor, so it automatically turns on as it gets dark. Perfect for those who love the outdoors!

And this tropical fish night light from J Devlin Glass Art is SO perfect for beach lovers! You have to browse this shop for more beautiful night light ideas. Like gorgeous garden flowers, autumn trees and stained glass. (Psst … also check out the small trays, which would be perfect for a jewelry tray.)

23. Travel POSTER Bedroom Decor Wall Ideas

Travel themed wall art, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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For tasteful bedroom travel decor posters, take a look through The Citizenry’s travel prints collection. You’ll find lovely landscapes and dreamy close-ups that’ll take you away to favorite travel destinations. Like desert sands. Irish cliffs. Famous Spanish architecture and more.

I also love the colors of the Amalfi Coast print from Emerald and Ivy Studios on Etsy. SO dreamy, of a place still on my bucket list!

Travel themed wall art, bedroom decor wall ideas, travel decor
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24. Travel-Inspiring RUGS for Bedroom Decor

An area rug adds warmth to bedroom decor, and comfort to your toes! For romantic bedroom travel decor, choose a rug that exudes your favorite romantic destination. 

Rug Source has a huge variety of romantic rugs to choose from, often with excellent sales, free shipping and free 30-day return. Love Turkish, Oriental or Persian rugs? Antique or modern? Kork wool, jute or silk highlights? Want a rug from a specific area or vintage? You can sort by SO many options to find your perfect rug. Like the vegetable-dyed, hand-knotted Egyptian rug featured above!

25. VASES for Bedroom Travel Decor Ideas

Whether you love fresh flowers or dried twigs or neither, vases are an easy, budget-friendly idea to bring a little travel love to your bedroom. Here are two of my favorite travel-inspiring vases for bedroom decor. Bamboo vases, from Thai Home Shop on Etsy and handwoven in Thailand. And small batch, hand poured concrete vases from North Fernside in California that’ll remind you of the desert. 

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26. NIGHTSTAND Bedroom Decor Furniture

Mindi wood night stand, bedroom decor furniture, travel decor for bedroom
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Make your nightstand a piece of art, sustainably sourced in a fair-trade environment. I love this Kura Nightstand – Mindi & Cane from The Citizenry, handmade in Indonesia. It’s made from light mindi wood, with handwoven cane weaving and leather pull accents. Perfect minimalist bedroom decor for travel lovers, effortlessly and tastefully reminiscent of far-off lands.

27. Travel-Inspiring WALLPAPER for Bedroom Decor

Want to pull your bedroom travel decor together with beautiful, inspiring wallpaper? Check out Anthropologie for fantastic wallpaper options! From Fiji gardens, to African savannah, to Misty Mountain. Add a mural or full wallpaper to a feature wall, or just a room divider for less commitment but full “wow.”

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