Cute travel accessories for women, minimalist traveler

21 CUTE Travel Accessories for MINIMALIST Women 2021

If you’re looking for CUTE travel accessories for women who are minimalist travelers, you’ve come to the right place! These stylish travel accessories take up little space, add little weight and make your travels SO much better.

Cute travel accessories for women, minimalist traveler

You’re gonna want to save me!

Now, the TYPE of trip you’re going on will add a few more travel accessories to your list. Like a destination wedding, work trip or girls trip to NYC … the ONLY trips I brought heels! So, I’ll include my travel accessory must-haves for special types of trips near the end. (And no, heels won’t make the cut!)

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1. Essential TOILETRIES Travel Accessories for Women

First, a note on toiletries as must-have travel accessories for women. It’s hard to find super cute toothbrushes and toothpaste, but you definitely want to pack ‘em!

Here are essential toiletries travel accessories for minimalist female travelers:

  • Hygiene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and travel shaver.
  • Make-up: Facial sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, mascara and lipgloss.
  • Hair: Brush or pick, tie-backs, bobby-pins, headband and hair product.

Any other essential travel toiletries I’ve forgotten? Share in the comments!

2. Clothing with HIDDEN POCKETS Cute Travel Accessories for Women

What’s WAY better than travel belts we wore back in the day? Clothes with hidden pockets!! These SUPER cute travel accessories for women top our must-have list for your next trip.

The most practical hidden pocket is in a bra, where you can safely carry your credit cards, passport and higher currency. Lululemon has a comfortable and stylish stash it bra, with a zippered pocket in the back and loop for earplug cords, too. And you can use any bra as a hidden pocket with this bra pocket from Isew on Etsy. Just clip on and go! 

A stylish travel accessory for women to show off is an infinity scarf with a hidden zippered pocket. Choose from SO many beautiful fabrics on Etsy! Among my favorites is Canadian-based Ruby’s Daughter shop’s infinity scarves, with lots of fabric choices. Pick a lightweight for summer travel and heavyweight for cooler seasons!

3. Small WALLET for Minimalist Travelers

Want something cute to store your ID, credit cards and some cash? First up is Quasi Quilt Co’s handmade wallets hold up to eight cards comfortably and fit in your pocket! They come in 10 fun and pretty fabrics and has a button closure.

And next up is Anthropologie’s Petite Embroidered Pouch. It’s a stylish travel accessory for women, with delicate embroidery and zippered closure. Choose from five colors and designs, each with a different embroidery feature. Like flowers, palm trees and pink flamingos.

4. Carry-on BACKPACK Stylish Travel Accessories for Women

If you’re looking for CUTE travel accessories for women, you HAVE to check out Vera Bradley carry-on travel backpacks on Amazon! Vera Bradley is known for gorgeous quilted fabrics, but now they also sell travel bags in lightweight recycled cotton. Both are machine washable and super stylish!

Their smaller backpacks have a ton of pockets to stay organized, including a hidden zippered pocket on the back. Plus, two side pockets for water bottles, big mesh pockets in the main compartment, and a front zippered pocket with slip pockets tucked inside.

If you love the Vera Bradley collection, check out their shop for plenty of other cute travel accessories for women. Like wallets, cosmetic bags and ID cases.

Want more backpack ideas? Check out Best Multi-Use Backpacks for Occasional Hikers.

5. Travel TOILETRIES BAG for Female Travelers

Speaking of bags for small travel accessories, let’s show you some cute ones!

First, how you like to organize your small travel accessories? Maybe you want one bigger bag that fits your toothbrush along with make-up and jewelry. Or maybe you like a few smaller bags to separate out your regular and occasional toiletries. Whimsy Eye Designs on Etsy makes a set of three toiletry pouches perfect for keeping everything organized and beautiful.

I do recommend having a separate shower bag where you also keep hair products, just in case of leaks. My favorite small travel accessories bags for wet toiletries is the Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Toiletry Bag. Its PVC lining and machine washable fabric makes it perfect for handling damp clothes and leaky bottles.

Want more ideas? Check out BEST Small Travel Accessory Bags and Jewelry Organizers for Travel.


6. Folding UMBRELLA Cute Travel Accessories for Women

For cute folding umbrellas for female travelers, check out Simons. Choose from classy cane umbrellas that leave you clicking your heels and singing in the rain. Or classic travel umbrellas in cute designs that fold up nice and small. And these curved wood duck handle umbrellas that also fold up nice and small. These umbrellas are SUPER cute and stylish travel accessories for women.

7. Stylish Travel HAT for Women

You won’t be disappointed investing in a great travel hat. One that bounces back after getting squished under too many clothes. That looks great walking the beach as well as Fifth Avenue in NYC. Tall order? 

Check out two VERY different styles, and I LOVE them both!! First, this foldable wide brim floppy straw hat on Amazon that’s perfect for the beach and just about anywhere with a cute sundress. It has a removable chin strap for windy days, comes in two sizes and has an adjustable inner elastic band. 

And then there’s this distressed baseball cap from Sew Vivid Designs on Etsy that’d pair well with the more casual traveler. Choose from a variety of sayings and designs or personalize with your own.

8. Portable SHOPPING BAG Travel Accessories for Women

In my travels, I’ve definitely learned to pack a fold-up portable shopping bag. You NEVER know when it’ll come in handy! Whether it’s actually shopping in the market or hauling your loot back home on the plane, having an extra bag will definitely come in handy.

You can choose from a variety of fold-up bag styles that are cute travel accessories for women. For travel, I recommend one that’s zippered. Like this pretty waterproof duffel bag from REKO Accessories on Etsy. It folds into its side pocket, which fits over your luggage handle and has a zippered pocket, too. Choose from four cute colors. 

Or, check out this 20L water-resistant backpack from Outlander on Amazon. It has three zippered compartments, an inside zippered pocket, and two side pockets for water bottles. Made from durable rip-resistant nylon and folds into the inside zippered pocket.

9. SUNGLASSES Stylish Travel Accessories for Women

Traveling is the BEST way to try out new cute sunglasses! They’re the perfect cute travel accessories for women daring themselves to try a new look.

At Simons, you can find lots of inexpensive sunglasses for women. Shop plastic or metal frames. Minimalist or really out there. Round, square, oval and cat-eye shapes. Among my favorites are the Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses in pink and Metal Access Round Sunglasses in light brown. SO fun, right?!

10. Stylish SMALL PURSE for Evenings Out

Another stylish travel accessory for women who love those spontaneous nights out is a pretty small pouch. Chances are, your daypack is better for long days trekking around the city than glamming it up at the club!

For traveling, I recommend a thin crossbody pouch that squishes down nicely in your luggage and still has a full strap for security purposes. Simons has some great options, including the pebbled oval shoulder bag and two-compartment shoulder bag. Both have adjustable shoulder straps, multiple zippered pockets and come in different colors. 

11. PHONE CHARGER Travel Accessories for Women

Not much sucks more than running out of battery power when you’re traveling. Been there, done that. I’ve learned to keep my data OFF and only turn it on when absolutely necessary. 

But even smarter is a portable phone charger you can carry with you when you’re on an extra-long day trip. And when it comes to slim, portable phone chargers, Anker has serious credibility. Okay, so it’s not super cute. How about this 2-pack portable charger with a flashlight? It’s available in multiple patterns and has great ratings, too!

12. Travel CAMERA ACCESSORIES for Your Phone

Xenvo pro phone camera lens, techy travel accessories for women

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Want more cute travel accessories for your phone? A Xenvo Pro Lens Kit! Yup, it’s hard finding cute techy travel gadgets, but this is still pretty cool. The Xenvo Pro Lens turns your Android or iPhone camera into a 15x macro lens and 0.45x wide-angle lens. It also makes pictures in low-light environments MUCH better, with the warm and natural LED light. Clip the LED light to your phone and choose from three brightness settings. Easily recharge it when needed.

13. Portable SANITIZER BAG Travel Accessories for Women

And while we’re on the topic of phones … Just think of where it’s all been! Did you know you can get a portable sanitizer pouch that uses UV-C germicidal LED lights to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from your phone’s surface? Plus your keys, remote, cash. Its rechargeable battery works for 18 uses. Cool, huh?

Too pricey? You can also put your mini sanitizer in a cute little keychain pouch! Clip the carabiner to your travel bag and you’re good to go.

14. DAY TRIP BAGS Cute Travel Accessories for Women

A travel bag for day trips is a pretty essential travel accessory for women. And, I’d argue, it’s also the trickiest travel accessory to buy. How big should it be? What material? Type of handle?

From my travels in various climates and where petty theft is common, I’ve come to prefer a canvas material crossbody bag for my day trip travel bag. It’s the most comfortable style of bag to wear for a long time, and you can keep your hand on your stuff in crowded areas. And I’d recommend getting one big enough for a water bottle and light sweater, and at least one zippered pocket for your wallet and keys.

My favorite small day trip bags for women include Lululemon’s larger 5L All Night Festival Bag and the waxed canvas shoulder bag from Green is Wise on Etsy. Both are stylish travel accessories for women, are made of water-resistant material, and feature adjustable shoulder straps and plenty of pockets. Including inside zippered pockets and zippered main compartments ideal for travel bags.

Want more ideas? Check out these beautiful Canada-made travel daypacks for women.

15. WATER BOTTLE SLING for Minimalist Travelers

For those days or events where you’d rather leave your daypack at the hotel, consider a water bottle sling pouch. You can keep your wallet, passport and cash in hidden pockets. But you only have to carry a water bottle for about 10 minutes before remembering how much you hate it!

For the CUTEST water bottle sling pouches as travel accessories for women, check out both Etsy and Amazon. On Etsy, I love Captured Imagination’s crochet bottle sling in a lovely loose pattern. They’re super soft and come in more than 20 colors and two sizes, regular and large for wine bottles. Brilliant! 

And on Amazon, the Made Easy Kit store sells these insulated bottle slings in 30 fabrics and 5 sizes. Shoulder strap is adjustable. And the neoprene is durable, lightweight and stretches to fit your bottle.

16. JOURNAL as Unique Travel Accessories for Women

As I shared in my Best Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad, the best travel gift I received was a journal from my mom when I left on my first solo international trip. I’ve carried one with me ever since, and LOVE reading through them.

When picking a journal as travel accessories for women, you gotta make it beautiful! Maybe your style is vintage junk journals or soft leather. My main tip is to pick something you love the look AND feel of, so you feel inspired when you pull it out of your bag. 

Take a look through the inspiring journals on Etsy. Among my favorites are the handcrafted journals from By Amber And Rose in the UK. Choose from gorgeous quality leather journals, some with semi precious stones. Vibrant sari, reclaimed scraps from the Indian garment industry. And (believe it or not!) colorful paper made from elephant dung! How’s that for unique travel accessories for women?!

17. GUIDE BOOK with NOTES Essential Travel Accessories

Possibly the most HELPFUL travel accessory for women is none other than a guide book. Duh! As an avid travel planner and dreamer, I LOVE pulling out my Lonely Planet guide book and erasable FriXion highlighters, and pouring through every word. Multiple times. And those highlights and notes come in super handy when you’re on your trip.

(Sure, guide books aren’t that cute. BUUUT … you’ll look super cute pouring through them!)

18. Compact TRAVEL GAME for Minimalist Travelers

Now that I’ve spent quite a bit of time traveling on trains and planes, I’ve come to love compact travel games. It’s a great way to make friends at a hostel, too!

Classic choices as travel accessories for women include card games. Other than a traditional deck of cards, you could also go with the popular Backpacker card game. It’s a fun way to “travel” the world while actually traveling. Or, go with a chess/checker travel game that rolls up super tight!

19. TRAVEL ADAPTER/CONVERTER Accessories for Female Travelers

If you’re traveling from the USA or Canada to Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia or Asia, you’ll get a ton of use from your universal travel adapter. They’ve become really convenient, with built-in USB charging ports, too.

But if you might want to use your own hairdryer or straightener, get yourself a voltage converter. Just be sure to read the instructions first, as they can be a bit more complicated to use. Maybe just pack the instructions, too. Just in case. (And sorry, I know they’re not that cute. Maybe a little??)

20. Beauty Sleep PILLOW Luxury Travel Accessories for Women

Silk travel pillow, luxury travel accessories for women, luxury travel gifts

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Here’s a luxury travel accessory for women I’ve heard SO much about. A silk travel pillow and matching sleep mask in a pretty pink marble pattern. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is supposed to be pretty amazing for our skin. It helps sensitive skin deal with acne. Aging skin deal with wrinkles. And thinning hair hang onto your scalp. 

21. Light ROBE for Romantic Getaways

Okay, I’m listing these beautiful robes as luxury travel accessories for women on romantic getaways. BUT, I think we’ll love these on ANY getaway! First, Baltic Bloom on Etsy hand makes lovely linen robes that’ll just make you happy. Choose from short or long, and LOTS of color options. And next is a variety of bathrobes at Simons. The one featured is in ultra-soft jersey and fleece. Doesn’t it look sooo dreamy??

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Cute travel accessories for women, minimalist traveler

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