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50 Romantic Gifts for HIM: Personalized, Meaningful + FUN!

Want your man to feel loved? Here are LOTS of ideas for romantic gifts for him, so you can find one that fits him perfectly. Find gorgeous personalized gifts for men. DIY gift ideas including getaway gifts. And plenty of unique romantic gifts for him for Valentine’s Day.

This post expands on our romantic getaway series. Where better to give a romantic gift than on an amazing getaway in the USA, Canada or around the world?

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What is the MOST Romantic Gift for a Man?

Merriam-Webster defines “romantic” as “making someone think of love” or “doing and saying things to show that you love someone.” So, a romantic gift has two parts: it’s given to show love, and it makes the recipient feel loved.

So, what is the MOST romantic gift for a man? A gift that’s thoughtfully chosen, based on HIS interests and values. Obviously, this depends a lot on your man! 

What does he enjoy in his free time? Does he drop hints on what he’d like to do more often, or things he wishes you’d try together? Is there something he keeps meaning to buy, or holds off on because it’s too expensive or it’s not a necessity?

A romantic gift for him means paying attention to what he likes and indulging him. (Just like what you’d want from him!) Be careful not to give him something you want of/from him. Keep his wants front and center.

The most romantic gift for a man might be something you can enjoy together, or something he feels guilty getting for himself. And if you’re unsure, consider bundling the two together.

TIPS on How to Choose Romantic Gifts for Him

Before we get into gift ideas, let’s first look at some basic tips on how to choose romantic gifts for him.

  • Keep it useful, in some way. Men tend to be quite practical and want things they can use or consume. Forego the trinkets that sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. If you like personalized gifts for him, you’ll find LOTS of great ideas below he can use, too.
  • Respect his uniqueness. I know some people find matchy things cute, but I generally don’t. Couples are made of two unique individuals, so it’s okay if you have unique styles. In fact, it’s healthy. A matchy gift kinda makes it about you, and not him.
  • Beware of wearable things. It’s risky to give your man clothes, undies and jewelry. Just as you’re particular about these things, he likely is, too. Wearable gifts can be received as you trying to change him.
  • Respect his skills. Only get beginner-level gadgets and tools if he explicitly says he needs them. Whatever you get him should be of decent quality, and things he’s genuinely interested in.
  • Keep it fun. Unless he really loves his job, it’s best to make the gift about his personal life. And even if he really loves his job and needs something for it, soften business gifts with something fun, too.

Okay, let’s get into the gifts!

50 Romantic Gifts for Him (That He’ll Actually Want)

Below are lots of ideas for romantic gifts for him. As you go through these gift ideas, remember that the most romantic gifts for a man are gestures, experiences and things that make HIM feel seen. So, some of these gift ideas might be perfect, and others might not work at all. Have fun!


Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. If you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

21 PERSONALIZED Romantic Gifts for Him

1. Personalized VINYL ALBUM Gifts for Men

Vinyl record album, personalized romantic gifts for him Valentine's DayDoes your man love his vinyl? Customize one for him! With Vinyley Custom Records on Etsy, you can turn his favorite playlist into a fully-customized record. You can fit 20 minutes per side. Choose photos for the front and back of the cover, and vinyl center stickers for both sides. Sound quality is excellent.

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2. Personalized CASSETTE TAPE USB Album He’ll Love

Mix tape on USB, personalized romantic gifts for him ChristmasIf vinyl is too retro, how about a personalized playlist on a cassette tape? Or, kinda. It’s a cassette mixtape, but on USB! Choose from 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and personalize the cassette sticker with your own message. Compile your favorite songs, pictures, and videos. Screenshots of funny text messages. It’s the new version of a mixtape! Get it from The Blank Record Store on Etsy.

3. Personalized BOBBLEHEADS Fun Gift Ideas for Him

Here’s SUCH a fun personalized romantic gift for him: a bobblehead! You could immortalize him with his most beloved hobby, like drinking, fishing, drumming, boxing or golfing. In his favorite Saturday morning outfit or surfing gear that’ll remind him of vacation. Or, make yourself into a bobblehead, with the body of his favorite video game character. You’ll forever cheer him on!

4. Personalized BEER GROWLER Romantic Gift Ideas for Men

Beer growler set, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas ideas for men
Photo credit:

Now, these personalized beer growlers are pretty cool. They’re stainless steel and insulated, and hold 64 ounces of their favorite beer. Choose among eight classy designs to personalize it, and add one or two beer glasses, too.

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5. Personalized COMPASS Romantic Gifts for Him

Compass, personalized romantic gifts for him Valentine's Day gift ideas
Photo credit:

Not sure what it is about a compass, but they’re just sooo romantic! Must be the nod to the nostalgic, and all the imagined adventures ahead. A beautiful personalized compass can be a romantic gift for men who love exploring the outdoors. Especially for back-country hiking, paddling and boating. Pilots, hunters and fishermen. Choose among classy engraving options on the outside and fonts for your message on the inside. Include the handsome leather pouch.

6. Personalized GUITAR PICK HOLDER Gift Ideas for Men

Guitar pick holder, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas stocking stuffer
Photo credit:

For the musician in your life, get him a personalized pick holder and custom picks, too. Woodland Goodlife on Etsy has great options of three or six picks in a case. Customize each of your picks, guitar holder and gift box, too. Use the sample images, or submit your own. Picks are available in ten different woods, and holders are available in eight.

7. Personalized MUSIC BOX Romantic Gifts for Him

Custom music box, personalized romantic gifts for him Valentine's Day
Photo credit:

Here’s quite a romantic gift for men who love music: A personalized music box. Include a photo on the inside lid, or have it engraved. Add a custom design or message to the top. You can even customize the tune with your very own love song! Available as a simple music box, or with space for his special jewelry.


8. Personalized LEATHER JOURNAL Romantic Gifts for Him

Leather journal, personalized romantic gifts for him Valentine's Day
Photo credit:

Isn’t this leather journal just gorgeous? A quality leather journal can be the best romantic gift for men with an artistic side and those who like keeping notes. They’re great for sketchers and poets. For travelers, planners and chefs!

This leather journal from Forest Nine on Etsy is handmade with full grain leather, acid-free paper and durable waxed thread. Comes in five sizes and with 180 pages of lined, blank, grid or recipe paper. It lays flat when your guy’s using it, and secures with a thick leather wrap. Customize pretty much anything, including extra pages, title page and cover embossing.

9. Personalized DOCKING STATION Gift Ideas for Men

Is he always misplacing his keys or wallet? Maybe his phone? How about getting a personalized docking station as a romantic gift for him? Choose from a variety of elegant docking station styles from My Handicraft Studio, with a personalized monogram and two classy color options. Or, you can even get one personalized photo docking station from Kitchenniche.

10. Personalized TRAVEL KEEPSAKE Chain for Travel-Loving Men

Do you two share a love for travel? This idea from Vagabond Life is GOLD! A handsome leather keychain or “twisted gunmetal” chain, with rings engraved with places you’ve visited. Make this an extra special romantic gift for him by engraving places you’ve been to together. Plus, maybe the place you’re planning for your next getaway?!

11. Personalized MUG Gift Idea He’ll Love AND Use

Wooden beer stein, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

For a personalized mug gift idea for him, consider a beautiful wood beer stein! And he can actually use this one from Everest Store on Etsy. The inside is stainless steel and works for hot and cold beverages. Choose from seven gorgeous wood stains and custom engraving on the side and bottom.

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12. Personalized WHISKEY STONES Gift Idea for Men

Whiskey stones, personalized romantic gifts for him, unique gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

Is your man a whiskey guy? Does he love hunting or sport shooting? Check out these bullet-shaped whiskey stones! They’re stainless steel and filled with liquid, keeping whiskey colder than traditional whiskey stones. A pack of three comes in a black fabric drawstring bag, and six comes in a revolver-shaped holder. Keep them blank or personalize with his initials.

Love the idea of whiskey stones as a romantic gift for him, but not so sure about the bullet shape? This shop has lots of other options.

13. Personalized FLASK Romantic Gifts for Him

No matter what his drink of choice is, a personalized flask can be a great romantic gift for him. Flasks are great for men who love the outdoors, where a warming swig can be the perfect finale to a great day of working or playing outside. Choose between a classic leather-wrapped flask from Cabin Leather Goods on Etsy, or a cherry wood wrapped flask from Established Co Gifts. Pair your personalized flask gift with his favorite drink!

14. Personalized WHISKEY GLASSES Gifts for Men

Whiskey decanter, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

Is your man into whiskey (or scotch whisky)? You can get a personalized whiskey decanter, with or without glasses, in a handsome gift box. Choose between a black paper box and sturdy wooden box, both classy.

15. Personalized KEYCHAIN He’ll Love AND Use

A personalized keychain can be a lovely and romantic gift for him. My favorite styles for men are beautiful leather or dark wood. For dark wood keychains, check out the MUUJEE Gifts shop on Etsy. The wood bar is a simple and elegant style, but you can also find more classic tab keychains, all with personalization. 

And for lots of leather keychains, browse the Tony Leather shop. I love the style with the photos inside, but you can also get a classy and minimalist style with an engraved leather band.

16. Personalized AIRPOD CASE Gifts for Men

AirPod case leather, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas
Photo credit:

Does your man have a pair of air pods? This personalized leather AirPod case from ShenDoah on Etsy is a practical romantic gift idea for him. It has a clip to attach to a backpack or keychain, and an opening in the bottom for charging. Choose from three leather colors and AirPod model. Personalize it with his initials, too.

17. Personalized TOILETRIES BAG Romantic Gifts for Him

Leather toiletries bag, Flask, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

Could he use a new toiletries bag for those romantic weekend getaways? Check out the handsome leather dopp kits from AGIOTAGE on Etsy. They come in three sizes and lots of fun and classic colors. Keep in mind that, as of writing this post, TSA allows liquids, gels and aerosols at a per-item maximum of 100-milliliters and a TOTAL maximum size of 1-quart. Make it a super romantic gift for him with a surprise getaway gift inside!

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18. Personalized POCKET KNIFE Gift Ideas for Men

Pocket knife, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas stocking stuffer
Photo credit:

You can get some pretty cool personalized pocket knives, perfect romantic gifts for men who love the outdoors. Or just collect pocket knives! Check these out from Everything Decorated on Etsy. Choose from a variety of blade styles, wood accents and engrave styles.

19. Personalized LEATHER BELT Romantic Gifts for Men

Engraved leather belt, personalized romantic gifts for him Valentine's Day gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

Here’s a wearable gift I think you can get away with as romantic gifts for him. A genuine leather belt, engraved inside with something fun! You can engrave the outside, too, but this would make it trickier on whether he’d be comfortable wearing it. Choose from five colors. The toughest part of this gift idea will be getting his waist size! Customize a message on the gift box, too.

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20. Personalized LEATHER TRAY Gift Ideas for Him

Leather tray, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

These personalized leather trays are gorgeous and functional, perfect for a bedside table or bathroom counter. Choose from three colors and two sizes. Get them from Tony Leather on Etsy.

21. Personalized WOODEN WATCH Romantic Gifts for Him

Wooden watch for men, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

And here’s one more wearable gift that’s simply gorgeous. Available from Stay Fine Watches on Etsy, this wooden watch is made from beautiful Indonesian Blackwood. It features precise Japanese quartz movement, hardened mineral crystal glass, and luminous dials to tell the time in the dark. Personalize it with your message on the back.

DIY Romantic Gifts for Him

22. DIY Romantic COUPON Gifts for Men

A classic romantic gift for him is a set of DIY love coupons. Include coupons for romantic gestures, like a massage and breakfast in bed. His choice of movie, take-out and evening outing. A special treat, sexy rendezvous and weekend getaway. Make them yourself, or use these fun scratch-off love coupons. (Psst … you can also cheat the diy and order this book of 20 coupons from Amazon.)


A DIY scavenger hunt is a fun romantic gift for him that you can use to spice up pretty much any gift idea. Lead him to your final gift, a scratch-and-reveal card or gift box with an experience gift, or YOU and your date night plans, ready to go. 

Some simple tips when planning out your scavenger hunt for him:

  • Start with the end. Figure out your final gift and where you want it to be.
  • Use clues unique to your relationship, like items, places and references. This brings the “romantic” into the hunt.
  • Keep it fun. If you like poetry, go ahead with the rhyming hints. But, it’s okay just to be silly, too. And aim for 4-8 clues so it doesn’t get tedious.

If the scavenger hunt is the main activity, consider taking it around town. Take him to different spots for parts of your dinner and entertainment, giving him the next clue as you go.

24. DIY Romantic DATE NIGHT at HOME

Backyard date night, romantic experience gifts for him
Photo credit: Jonathan Borba from Unsplash

Planning a romantic date at home doesn’t have to be super stressful or crazy elaborate. First, don’t call it “romantic!” This puts WAY too much pressure on both of you. Call it something you both want, like a “fun” or “relaxing” night in. The main elements to plan are food, atmosphere and an activity. Other than that, let the rest flow.

Here are some low-stress ideas:

  • Food: Order from your favorite place, pre-order a gourmet dinner from Home Bistro, or plan ahead for an online cooking class. Pick up simple hors d’oeuvres, like crackers, olives and cheese. A few delicacies from her favorite chocolatier, and a sipping drink.
  • Atmosphere: Some people love their dim lights, candles and slow love songs. You could go with this, but I think it screams, “pressure!” Instead, I’d suggest a fun, upbeat playlist. Your goal should simply be to have fun together, and the romance will come.
  • Activity: Draw from your favorite experiences together. We loved reading together, over a bottle of wine. Maybe you like playing games, watching scary movies or going for walks. You could also turn dinner into the activity, like with a cooking class or a fondue.

25. DIY Romantic DATE NIGHT OUT Gifts for Him

Car date night, romantic experience gifts for him
Photo credit: Jonathan Borba from Unsplash

If planning a romantic evening in sounds too stressful or you’re eager to get out, take your date night out. The same three elements apply: food, atmosphere and activity. Here are three ideas:

  • Easy: A new or favorite restaurant, followed by an activity like bowling, arcade games, shooting range, amusement park or escape room. Pick an activity he does well! 
  • Some effort: Plan a car date at your favorite lookout spot. You could still get takeout from a fun restaurant. Create a playlist and bring along conversation starters. Pack a tablet with a movie, cozy blanket and popcorn for your private drive-in!
  • More effort: Plan a picnic date at a new or favorite park. Follow it up with a bike rental or tour, paddling on the lake, or hot air balloon ride (as long as he isn’t afraid of water or heights!) Or, simply go on a walk through the gardens.


26. DIY CABIN Getaway Experience Gifts for Men

Collective Hill Country, romantic getaways Texas Hill Country, Hotels for romantic getaways Texas USA, romantic weekend getaways United States, Texas cabins near Austin
Photo credit:

Romantic getaway gifts are my favorite experience gifts, especially if it’s to a beautiful cabin. There’s something special about escaping to your own private retreat with no one around to distract you. And you can find cool rustic cabins as well as luxurious resort cabins.

For LOTS of incredible cabin getaways in the USA, Canada and around the world, check out my romantic getaway ideas. One of my absolute favorites is Collective Hill Country’s luxury tents between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Enjoy the wood-burning heater, cozy bathrobes and slippers, room service and incredible views. Plus, an onsite spa, restaurant and wellness center with various activities and live entertainment. Rent bikes, go horseback riding, take a cooking or yoga class, or go on a cultural tour.

Then, use this cabin packing list for romantic getaways to plan out your ultra-romantic experience gift for him.

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway, trip planning printable templates

27. DIY CRAFT DRINK Tour Romantic Gifts for Him

Kentucky bourbon distillery trips with dad, father son or daughter trip ideas USA
Photo credit: USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

Does your man love craft drinks? Take him on a weekend getaway tour! Great ideas right in the USA include:

  • Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Nearly 40 distilleries within 70 miles of each other, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy on a father son trip to Kentucky. start is in Louisville, and then make a round-trip to Cincinnati, Lexington, and Bardston
  • Tennessee Whiskey Trail: start in Nashville and make a loop to the distilleries in South Central Tennessee. Jack Daniel Distillery, about 1.5 hours south of Nashville, with craft distillers along the way.
  • Craft Beer Tour: California, Vermont and Portland, Oregon all have a lot, but per capita, top spots are Portland Maine, Boulder Colorado and Asheville North Carolina. For inspiration, visit Cool Material’s Top 25 Breweries in USA.

In Canada, I completely vouch for Calgary Alberta and Halifax Nova Scotia as rockin’ the craft brewery business. And Vancouver BC and Montreal Quebec are definitely fun spots to drink them.

28. DIY CITY Getaway Experience Gift Ideas

Crossroads sign of Via Rodeo and Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles
Photo credit: Peter Thomas from Pixabay.

Is there a city you two are itching to visit? Surprise him with it on a free weekend! Maybe it’s a romantic getaway in Texas, to the historic and Cowboys-central city of Dallas or the super romantic San Antonio. A Florida beach getaway in bustling Miami or the gorgeous Florida Keys. Or, explore the epic cities of New York or Los Angeles.

For planning help, check out 29 Tips: How to Plan a Romantic Getaway.

29. DIY ADVENTURE Getaway Gifts for Him

Virtual tour of hang gliding over Yosemite National Park
Photo credit: Jack Finnigan from Unsplash

A romantic adventure getaway could be as simple as a weekend of amusement parks or skydiving, and as grand as caving in Europe or hiking in South America. Since weekend getaways are a whole lot easier to do than global treks, consider a 2-day canyon drive from Las Vegas or exploring an epic national park (Yosemite is my favorite!).

Find more epic getaway ideas he’d love on Trips to Take with Dad.

UNIQUE Romantic Gifts for Him

30. Beer Can CHICKEN STAND Unique Romantic Gifts for Him

Beer chicken stand BBQ, unique romantic gifts for him Christmas gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

Doesn’t this thing just make you chuckle?? Handmade from stainless steel, this rebel biker stand is THE way to roast your chicken. Put a can of beer in its spot, set the chicken on top, and roast in your grill or oven. Complete with metal sunglasses. Your man can also just use it as a beer holder on his bar or deck. It’s definitely a fun conversation starter for party hosts! And it’s dishwasher safe.

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31. Globe DECANTER SET Unique Gift Idea

Globe whiskey decanter, unique romantic gifts for him Christmas gift ideas for men, travel gifts for him
Photo credit:

Does your man love traveling and trying drinks from around the world? This beautiful globe decanter set is a great option for men who like putting their drinks on display. To make it an extra romantic gift for him, pair it with a new craft drink to try and an evening of reading or listening to music together.

32. Damascus Steel KNIFE SET Unique Romantic Gifts for Men

Damascus steel chef knife set, unique romantic gifts for him Christmas gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

If your man loves his knives, check out these beauties from Super Gold Knives on Etsy. This handmade Damascus steel knife set comes with a paring knife, utility knife, santoku knife, chef knife and cleaver. Or, you can get a chef knife and santoku knife with nakiri, boning and petty knives. Sets also come with a leather sheath that you can have personalized.

Would you prefer a knife for hunting and camping? Maybe a pocket knife? These are available, too!

33. Cool VIKING AXE Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Viking axe, unique romantic gifts for him Christmas gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

Now, how about a gorgeous Viking axe? Turn his firewood chopping chore into something much more epic! Sultan Knives on Etsy hand-crafts this gorgeous Viking axe from carbon steel and ashwood, and wraps it in leather for a comfortable grip. Comes with a leather case.

34. Luxury CHESS SET Romantic Gifts for Men

Is he into chess? Wow, can you EVER find some gorgeous chess sets on Etsy! If he’s outdoorsy, consider the olive wood live-edge chess set from BfCart Mallorca. They’re hand-crafted in Spain, featuring the natural olive trunk shape and carved game board. If he loves traveling, check out the hand-crafted Syrian chess set from Kayann Bazaar. It’s made from walnut, with mosaic pearl inlay and drawer storage.

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35. Special SILVER SPOON Gift for Men

Engraved silver spoon, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas stocking stuffer
Photo credit:

This is such a simple and wonderful romantic gift for him! Now, what man wouldn’t love waking up to a special silver spoon reminding him how handsome he is? Pair this gift idea with breakfast in bed, maybe with that surprise scavenger hunt, experience gift or getaway??

36. Craft BEER SOAP Romantic Gifts for Him

Beer soap, unique romantic gifts for him, Christmas gifts for men
Photo credit:

Here’s a fun romantic gift for him. Quality handmade soap, made from craft beer! This 6-pack sampler of beer soap includes six different soaps, including Angeles Forest IPA, Hops & Barley Scrub, and Coastal Sage Lager. They’re scented with essential oils and extracts, and use rich, moisturizing butters like shea and cocoa. He’ll get a nice lather, too.

Pair this gift box with a variety of craft beers to drink, too!

37. Whiskey Barrel CUFFLINKS Unique Romantic Gifts for Men

Handmade cufflinks, unique romantic gifts for him Valentine's Day gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

For your suave man, get him a pair of whiskey barrel cufflinks! Tims Wood Designs on Etsy hand crafts these cufflinks from whiskey barrels from the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Choose between clean cut or charred inside barrel sections, and between silver, antique brass and Rhodium finishings.

38. MASTERCLASS Membership Gift Ideas for Men

MasterClass online classes, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas gift ideasDoes your man have a love of learning? Gift him with a MasterClass membership. He can master his culinary craft with Gordon Ramsay. The art of building a band with Metallica. Space exploration with Chris Hadfield. Plus, business strategy and leadership, the art of negotiation, and economics.

More Romantic Gifts for Him for Valentine’s Day

39. Fun UNDIES Romantic Valentine Gifts

Men's underwear with hidden pocket, unique romantic gifts for him
Photo credit:

Okay, so I know I said to beware of wearable gifts, including undies. BUT! These ingenious men’s underwear from Smuggling Duds on Etsy have to make this list. Undies with a hidden pocket are fantastic gifts for men who travel, and even just for nights out with the guys. Choose from a variety of fun patterns and pocket styles. Maybe just pair them with his favorite craft drink?

40. Leather WEEKENDER BAG Valentines Gifts for Men

Leather duffel bag, personalized romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

Does your man need a new travel bag for romantic weekend getaways? Take a look at the gorgeous leather duffel bags from Capra Leather on Etsy. They have small zippered pockets inside and out, with a shoulder strap that’s padded, adjustable and removable. You can personalize it, too, with custom engraving. Available in brown, dark brown, black, grey, tan, blue and green. And in three different sizes.

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41. Leather WALLET Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

A quality leather wallet is a classically romantic gift for him. You might go with a super classy option like the slim billfold wallet from Coach. Or, go for a personalized handmade leather wallet from Script Leather on Etsy. You can personalize the front with text or even an image, plus a scripted message inside.

42. Bluetooth EYE MASK Valentine Gifts for Men

Best eye mask, travel gadgets, business travel gift ideas for him, couples travel giftsDoes your man listen to podcasts or music to help him fall asleep? Check out this Bluetooth eye mask. It has 3D contours around the nose and eyes to keep light out and let his eyes move around comfortably. And its soft breathable fabric is good for those with insomnia, migraines and dry eyes.

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43. Compact TOWEL Romantic Gifts for Him

Quick dry towel, outdoor Gifts for travel loversA compact towel can be a romantic gift for men who love the outdoors. It would be handy on any back-country excursion, camping trip or fishing trip. And microfibre towels are ideal, because they dry quickly and are antibacterial. This travel towel from Rainleaf is thicker and more absorbent than most, but still lightweight and compact in its carrying case. Measure your bath towel to pick which of the three sizes is best for you. Maybe include a coupon for a skinny dip??

44. ALCOHOL Gifts for Him Valentine’s Day

Speaking of his favorite craft drink, you could indulge him as a romantic gift for him. The Craft Beer Club is a great option, featuring independent craft breweries across the United States. Choose from 1 to 12 shipments, and 12 or 24 beers per month. Each shipment includes four styles of beer. You can send a shipment every month, every other month, or every three months.

Another great option is a gift set from The Whisky Exchange. You can engrave your gift or personalize the label with a special message or image. Browse their wide selection of tasting sets, including whisky, rum, gin and cocktails. If your man likes scotch, consider the Tour of Scotland that comes with five whiskies from different regions of Scotland.

815x130 banner

45. BBQ Spice Rubs Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

BBQ spices, romantic gifts for him Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for men
Photo credit:

Is your man a grilling foodie? He might LOVE getting a Gusto Spice’s barbecue box, with meat rubs, thermometer and smoked salt. Gusto Spice rubs are original recipes and handmade by them in Western Massachusetts USA. Their quality blends do not use flavor enhancers nor artificial ingredients.

46. Cozy SLIPPERS Romantic Valentine Gifts for Him

If you two love romantic cabin getaways, a pair of quality slippers is a great romantic gift for him. Take a look at the wide selection of sophisticated men’s slippers at Simons. The mule style is pretty classic, including casual and more refined options to match his style.

47. Luxurious ROBE Romantic Gifts for Men

Another thing that makes romantic getaways SO much more luxurious is plush robes. So, treat him to one at home! Simons is also my go-to place for great men’s robes. Find a variety of styles to make him feel like the king of his castle.

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Get Men and amazing gift this time - scotch and cigars delivered to their door!

48. KINDLE Membership Valentine Gifts for Him

Does your man love reading? Even better, do you enjoy reading together? Then consider an Amazon Kindle membership for him. Choose from six, 12 and 24-month membership plans, with unlimited reading from over a million ebooks and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks. He can read on any device, too. Pair it with a romantic evening in, or a cozy robe (see below!).

49. AUDIBLE Membership Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Amazon Audible gift idea for men, romantic gifts for him Christmas
Photo credit:

Does he prefer audiobooks and podcasts? Then check out Amazon Audible membership as a great gift idea for him. He can stream thousands of podcasts and audiobooks, across all of his devices. Want to make it romantic? Include a coupon for lots of cuddles while you listen! Choose from one, three, six and 12 month membership gifts.

For a limited time, get 46% off on your first four months of Audible Premium Plus membership.

50. EAR PLUGS Practical Gifts for Him

Silicone earplugs, best gift ideas for men who travel for work
Photo credit:

Has he complained that you snore? Toss and turn so much that he can’t sleep? How much more romantic can you get than by giving him quality ear plugs?! Yup, he might laugh, but that’s good, too! Pair it with any gift above that he’d like, and you’re gold.

I found these not-so-uncool and highly-rated reusable silicone earplugs that come with a portable case. They work for any ear size, for those who sleep on their side, and reviewers love them. Plus, they’re a pretty blue. Perfect!

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