Best gifts for couples that travel together, couple travel gifts

51 Best Gifts for COUPLES That Travel Together 2023

Here’s a FUN and USEFUL list of the best gifts for couples that travel together. Some travel gifts for couples are perfect for on the road or in the air. And others will give them a taste of travelling, right at home!

Best gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts, gifts for couples for Christmas
You’re gonna want to save me!

When shopping for travel gifts for couples, don’t just look at travel gadgets for on the go. Since they’ll still spend plenty of time right at home, consider travel-inspiring homey gifts and exotic consumables, too.

Find inspiration from past trips they’ve taken together. Does their travel style point to luxury gifts for couples, or something more outdoorsy? Do they love certain destinations or cultures? Below are lots of ideas!


51 BEST Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Ready for some fun travel gifts for couples? Remember to take your cue from their travel style. Outdoorsy or luxury. Foodie, homey or gadget ideas. We’ll start with gift basket ideas for couples, because they’re a great base to build from and to get some inspiration.

Travel-Themed GIFT BASKET IDEAS for Couples

1. Multi-Use Travel BACKPACK Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Backpacks make a super useful travel gift for couples to use for SO many things. Pick a gender-neutral, multi-purpose backpack they can use on hikes, as a carry-on for flights, or heading to the gym together. As a travel-themed gift basket idea, you might fill it with hiking gifts for couples, goodies for flying, or workout gifts. You’ll find lots of ideas below!

2. BEACH BAG Travel-Themed Gift Baskets for Couples

Travel beach bag, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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Keeping with the travel bag gift idea for couples is a gender-neutral beach bag. One of my favorites are the gorgeous linen beach bags from Baltic Bloom on Etsy. They’re oversized, double-layered for durability, and have a pocket for securing small things while lazing on the beach. As a travel-themed gift basket idea, pack it with fun beachy travel gifts for couples below.

3. COOLER Travel-Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Wine cooler, foodie gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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A super useful travel themed gift basket idea is a multi-purpose cooler. Not just any cooler, but one specifically for wine or a larger picnic basket cooler that’ll fit a picnic blanket and munchies, too. Take a look at Travelteli on Etsy for plenty of options, in various shapes and sizes. Some also include charcuterie accessories. Your couple that travels together will love it to make long drives fun!

4. SERVING BOWL Couples Travel Gift Basket Ideas

A beautiful, travel-inspiring serving bowl filled with goodies is a lovely gift for couples that travel together. Like this gorgeous wooden bowl from Thy Trading on Etsy. It’s handcrafted and reclaimed from a cedar trunk, and immediately transports me to the cabin! Or beautifully painted Turkish ceramic bowls from Grand Bazaar Shopping on Etsy. Available in different sizes and seven primary colors.

5. WOVEN BASKET Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Finishing up our list of travel-themed gift basket ideas for couples is a gorgeous woven basket, filled with any goodies you can come up with! Shop basket styles on The Jolie Market on Etsy, like this Bohemian wicker basket. Or on the Kenyan Crafts Company, with TONS of styles of handwoven African craft baskets. Including recycled plastic and recycled wool.

OUTDOORSY Travel Gifts for Couples

6. Hiking ACCESSORIES Travel Gifts for Couples

You can blend fun and practical travel gifts for couples who hike by filling a backpack with hiking goodies. Hiking accessories travel gifts for couples might include practical consumables, like a simple first aid kit to a full-on outdoor survival kit. Or handy accessories, like LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles or a pair of Hikenture 4-in-1 utensil sets with a fork, knife, spoon and bottle opener.

7. Flexible MINI-TRIPOD Outdoorsy Travel Gifts for Couples

Mini tripod, outdoorsy gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts gadgets
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These flexible mini-tripods are awesome outdoorsy travel gifts for couples!! The universal clip attaches to all mobile phones, and is compatible with digital cameras, too. Its flexible legs wrap around a tree limb or railing, and anti-slip feet work on the hood of a car. Use the wireless remote for perfect timing. It’s the couples travel gift for getting that perfect shot, wherever they go! Your traveling couple will love it to make long drives fun AND packing for cabin getaways.

8. BEACH TOWELS Gifts for Traveling Couples

Turkish beach towel, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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Whether you’re shopping for travel gifts for couples that vacation on pristine beaches or backcountry cabins, matching beach towels are gift ideas that inspire fun and romance! I love my Turkish beach blanket that works as both a beach towel and a cozy blanket for cold evenings. Shop beautiful Turkish beach towels at Organic Turkish Towel shop on Etsy.

9. PICNIC BLANKET Gifts for Couples Who Travel Together

Roll-up picnic blanket, romantic gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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Another fantastic blanket as a travel gift for couples is a roll-up picnic blanket. It can be used at the beach, the park or a romantic cabin getaway. This roll-up picnic blanket from Komorebi Collection on Etsy is perfect. Its design is classic and simple, with faux-leather handles and waterproof backing. And it’s large enough for both him and her to relax together under the sun or moon!

10. TRAVEL MUGS Gifts for Couples

Travel mug, foodie gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts kitchen home decor
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A pretty set of quality travel mugs can be a great add-on for outdoorsy gifts for couples that travel together. And just look at these beautiful handmade ceramic travel mugs from 3 Points Pottery on Etsy, designed using pressed leaves. Pre-cool the mug in the freezer to keep drinks cold, or warm it up in the microwave. Each one comes with a silicone lid that’s also microwavable. Easily wash them in the dishwasher!

11. DOUBLE HAMMOCK Travel Gifts for Couples

Hammock, outdoor gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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I can’t have a list of best gifts for traveling couples without including a double hammock! Double hammocks are SO romantic, immediately sweeping me away to my vacation happy place. For a couples travel gift, check out this soft and pretty double hammock from the Hammock Sky Store. Doesn’t it look dreamy?! It includes a carrying case that also works for storage.

12. Collapsible TRAVEL KETTLE Couples Travel Gifts

Collapsible tea kettle, camping gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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Here’s a cute outdoorsy couples travel gift idea: A collapsible tea kettle! It’s made of stainless steel and silicone, and nice and portable. Works as Christmas gifts for couples that travel together for business or pleasure. To the weekend getaway cabin or romantic hotels! Compatible with USA and European outlets.

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LUXURY Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

13. LUXURY ACCESSORIES Travel Gifts for Couples

Are you looking for gifts for a couple that travels to exotic destinations, first-class? You can fill beautiful beach bags and wine coolers mentioned above with luxury travel accessories. Consumables are usually a safe bet, and I’m a big fan of The Body Shop. They have some great travel-related products, like the blueberry hand sanitizer. But you can also be confident in their gift sets that are mostly travel-sized.

Or you could go with handy little travel accessory gifts, like these classy and tiny leather clips to keep cords organized. And beautiful leather passport holders or cork passport holders!

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14. PLUSH SLIPPERS Luxury Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Luxury gifts for couples who travel first-class should definitely include plush slippers. When looking for romantic getaways for couples, I LOVE seeing slippers on the hotel amenities list. They’re such a simple way to make a hotel SO much cozier. But if your travel-loving couple has their own, every place will feel so much more luxurious! Anthropologie has a huge variety of super plush women’s slippers in a variety of price ranges. And Simons has a great selection of sophisticated men’s slippers.

15. LIGHTWEIGHT ROBES Luxury Travel Gifts for Couples

Now, luxurious robes are another thing I love to see at romantic getaway hotels. But you can also consider lightweight robes as luxury travel gifts for couples, if they pack in nice and tight. Simons is my favorite place to shop for bathrobes. Take a look at their men’s robes, including ultra-soft velvet, organic cotton and casual recycled polyester. And women’s robes include long and short styles in organic cotton, linen and sustainable jersey.

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16. MUD CLEANSER Luxury Gifts for Couples

A fun and romantic luxury gift for a travelling couple is an exotic mud cleanser. You’re probably familiar with the mineral-rich Dead Sea clay, which is fantastic for cleansing pores and removing dead skin. Dead Sea mud has been shown to relieve psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily skin, and arthritis, too. Here’s a traditional mud mask from Best Natures Cosmetic on Etsy. Another luxurious option is a fragrance-free mud and charcoal body bar from Artisan Bath and Body.

17. Matching LUGGAGE TAGS Travel Gifts for Couples

New matching luggage tags are great add-on gifts for couples that travel together. Find lots of great options right on Amazon, including this 2-piece luggage tag from Fintie. It has a magnetic privacy cover and stainless steel loop, and fits business cards. And this rubber luggage tag from Kate Aspen is fun, also with a privacy cover. Just be sure to order two.

18. LUGGAGE FINDER TAGS Luxury Gifts for Couples

Tile Mate travel gadgets, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts gadgets
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A super helpful luxury gift for couples that travel together is Tile Mate … their personal tracking system! They can sync it to their smartphone via Bluetooth and attach or tuck it into things like wallets and travel bags. Then, if one goes missing, it’s easy to locate them. They can even use it to find their phone. Double-press the tile button and it’ll make their phone ring, even when it’s on silent mode. 

The most common version of Tile is Tile Mate, which has a small ring hole to attach to key rings and zippers. Tile Slim is super thin to fit inside a passport holder or wallet, or bundled with important documents. And Tile Sticker is even smaller, handy on things like a camera or TV remote control.

19. LUGGAGE ORGANIZERS Travel Luxury Gifts for Couples

Luggage organizers can be a super helpful luxury couples travel gift. This luggage organizer set from Inspire Uplift includes six bags of various sizes and comes in five colors. They’re lightweight, soft, and have a zipper and mesh top to easily see and access travel clothes and accessories. And this 8-piece packing cube set on Amazon includes a drawstring, cosmetic and shoe bag. Clothing bags also have top mesh, double zippers and interior buckle. Available in 25 colors and patterns.

20. CONVERSATION STARTERS Travel Gifts for Couples

Now, conversation starters are a fun little add-on gift for couples that travel together. Whether your couple has been together for years, or you’re buying a wedding gift for a travelling couple, any couple can benefit from getting to know each other better! They can use them to pass time on long road trips and in the air. While cuddling up by the fire in a cabin getaway or luxurious hotel. Order a conversation starter package or printable conversation starters.

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FOODIE Travel-Themed Gifts for Couples

21. TRAVEL-THEMED SNACKS Gifts for Couples

Here’s a foodie gift for couples that travel together you can’t really go wrong with. A bunch of snacks from around the world! Amazon has a bunch of options, including a Turkish snack box and Japanese snack box

Or, get your travelling couple a premium snack subscription box with 8-12 treats from a different country each month! Past boxes include treats from Greece, Taiwan, Israel and India.

22. SERVING TRAYS Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

You can find some absolutely gorgeous travel-themed serving trays on Etsy. Like the resin serving trays from Sea Side Creations. These serving trays are made from Arcadia wood, feature that perfect beach wave, and are available in various sizes. Don’t you love this live edge option? Beautiful!

Another fantastic, more rustic serving tray option is a bourbon barrel tray from Gambill Woodworking. They’re seriously cool, handmade from Hillrock Distillery barrels. I love the one with real leather handles!

23. TRAVEL CHOPSTICKS Couples Travel Gifts

Travel chopsticks, foodie gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts kitchen home decor
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Does your foodie couple LOVE Asian food and culture? Take a look at the beautiful travel chopstick sets from Chideno Canada on Etsy. Choose from beautiful bamboo and ultra-durable stainless steel. Sets come in a variety of travel case styles.

24. SUSHI SET Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Sushi set, foodie gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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How about a handmade ceramic sushi set for two? Take a look at the lovely sushi sets from Melange Marche on Etsy. The ceramic sets are made with a special glazing technique that makes them microwave and dishwasher safe. Pretty AND practical!

25. Japanese TEA POT Travel Gifts for Couples

Japanese tea pot, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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While visiting the Melange Marche shop on Etsy, take a look through their wide selection of beautiful tea pots. Choose among traditional porcelain tea pots, zen-living travel tea pots, lucky cat individual-sized tea pots, and cast-iron tea kettles. Designs range from simple and elegant to elaborate and bold for the perfect travel gift for couples. Many include a stainless steel tea infuser and matching tea cups. 

26. Travel-Themed TEA PACKAGE Gifts for Couples

A fun consumable gift for couples that travel together is a package of international teas. Amazon has lots of options, including Numi’s large selection of international organic teas. Wonderful couples travel gifts include a pretty box of tea bags or gorgeous flowering teas, with a glass teapot or for individual cups. Flowering teas are hand-sewn tea leaves that open up into beautiful shapes!

27. Travel-Themed NAPKIN HOLDER Gifts for Couples

Travel-inspiring homemade kitchen gadgets make great travel gifts for couples! And just look at the beautiful sponge and napkin holders from Vsocks on Etsy. These handmade pottery holders can suit any travelling couple in your life. Mountains, cactus and clouds. Whales, bears and tigers. 

28. SPOON REST Travel Gifts for Couples

Beautiful spoon rests are another great kitchen gadget idea for couples who love to travel. They’re small and minimalist gifts, practical AND travel-inspiring. There are SO many great handmade options on Etsy. One of my favorites is the olive wood spoon rest from HolylandbeadsCrafts. It’s simple and elegant, made from genuine Bethlehem olive wood. Another are the hand-painted Turkish ceramic spoon rests from Shubugo. They’re vibrant and beautiful, lead-free, scratch-proof and dishwasher safe.

29. SALT + PEPPER MILLS Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Here are two very different salt or pepper mills as gifts for couples that travel together. First, a vintage Turkish spice mill with an adjustable grinder from Crystalia USA. Use it for grinding pepper, salt, coriander, cardamom, mustard, cumin and sumac.  

Got an outdoorsy couple? Look at these salt or pepper grinders made from tree branches! Choose from different heights and type of wood for the perfect outdoorsy gift for couples. Mechanisms inside are quality CrushGrind, with a 25-year guarantee when you purchase from Cam Lavers Designs.

30. Travel-Themed UTENSILS Couples Travel Gifts

Salad utensils are such a fun way to bring a little travel joy to a person’s house! Take a look at these two gorgeous options on Etsy for couples travel gifts. First, Kenyan salad serving utensils with a braided handle from Fair Trade World Crafts. They’re hand-carved from wild olive wood. Browse this shop for more style options and beautiful salad bowls, too.

And second, Hawaiian salad tossing hands from Hawaiian Jewelry Gifts. Also hand-carved, from kamani wood in Maui.

31. Travel-Themed COOKIE CUTTERS Gifts for Couples

Okay, here’s SUCH a cute idea! Travel-themed cookie cutters are a fun addition to a foodie travel-themed gift basket for couples. Scroll through the search on Etsy for lots of great ideas. Like a romantic hot air balloon and globe, both from Bakerlogy. Other ideas include USA state shapes, airplane, luggage, mountains and backpack.

32. Travel-inspiring SEASONINGS Gifts for Couples

Luxury food seasonings, cabin gift basket ideas, gifts for cabin owners, foodie couples travel gifts
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For foodie couples that travel together, a variety of travel-inspiring spices could be the perfect couples travel gift. And you can feel great about giving Gustus Vitae seasonings, free of MSG, GMOs, soy and wheat. They’re handmade in small batches without fillers or “artificial anything.” Check out their selection of BBQ rubs, gourmet sea salts and spice seasonings. Like New Zealand Lamb & Game BBQ Rub. Rosemary Sea Salt. Fish fry and veggie dip mixes. And any “Taste of” seasoning you can imagine, perfect for travel lovers. Delicious, amazing quality AND fun!

33. COFFEE PACKAGE Travel Gifts for Couples

Fresh, aromatic specialty coffees from around the world, delivered straight to the door. What could be better? How about fully compostable coffee pods?!

At Halo.Coffee, you can choose between whole beans and coffee pods, and a one-time gift or subscription. If you live in the UK, you can even get plantable gift cards your couple can plant in the garden! International shipping is available. Note that the coffee pods are only compatible with Nespresso Original Home systems.

34. WINE PACKAGE Luxury Gifts for Couples That Travel

Wine club, gifts for travel lovers, foodie couples travel gifts
Photo credit: Cellars Wine

For gifts for couples that travel together AND love wine, consider a subscription gift from Cellars Wine Club. Wines include limited releases and boutique vineyards all over the world. Choose how many shipments you want, how often and how many bottles. The International Club features a different region each month, and all deliveries include helpful tasting notes. Doesn’t that sound perfect??

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35. WINE CHARMS Couples Travel Gifts

If you’re shopping for wine-lovers, travel-themed wine charms are a nice addition to couples travel gifts or travel-themed gift basket. Two of my favorite options are international sights wine charms and beach-themed wine charms. Both are sold by the Gnollko Store on Amazon, and include a set of 16 charms.

36. SAKE SET Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Sake set, foodie gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
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If your couple loves sake, check out the beautiful sake sets from Melange Marche on Etsy. Choose among a variety of styles, from traditional to modern. Lucky bamboo, cherry blossoms, and Japanese calligraphy. Two-toned and solid options in matte or shiny finishes. 

37. CRAFT BEER Travel-Themed Gifts for Couples

Craft beer club, gifts for travel lovers, foodie couples travel gifts
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Would a craft beer subscription be the perfect gift for your couple that travels together? Craft Beer Club features 100% independent craft breweries from across the United States, with lots of subscription options. Choose from one to 12 shipments, and one or two dozen beers per month. Send a shipment every month, every other month, or every three months. Deliveries include four styles, and won’t repeat brands for at least two years. 

TRAVEL GADGET Gifts for Couples


38. CAR ADAPTER Travel Gadget Gifts for Couples

Road trip car charger, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts gadgets
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This fast-charging car adapter charger would be fantastic for road trips! It has four plugs for your travelling couple’s devices, and four-mode LED light display to tell you the voltage level. Great add-on travel gifts for couples.

39. LED CAR CUP HOLDERS Couples Travel Gift 

Road trip car coasters, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts gadgets
Photo credit:

And while we’re thinking of road trips, check out these LED cup holder coasters for the car. They’d be a super handy couples travel gift for those long drives in the dark. Coasters are 6.8 centimeters in diameter, and USB-rechargeable. They’ll automatically shut off after 15 seconds, but just push them down to turn back on or change to one of seven colors. One package includes two LED coasters, one charging cable and one suction cup.

40. His and Hers TRAVEL POWER BANK Gifts for Couples

Personalized travel power bank, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts gadgets
Photo credit:

How about his and hers personalized power banks? You can’t get more useful travel gifts for couples than that. These faux leather power banks from All About Impressions on Etsy are perfect. Choose from six great colors and a variety of font styles, including custom. They’re super portable, compatible with both Android and Apple, and have carabiners to attach to luggage or keys.

41. Bluetooth EYE MASKS Travel Gadget Gifts for Couples

Best eye mask, travel gadgets, business travel gift ideas for him, couples travel giftsI’m not really a fan of travel masks, but this one is SO cool!! It’s a wireless bluetooth travel eye mask travel gadget gift for couples to use on the plane, in the hotel, or even on their couch at home. This eye mask has 3D contours around the nose and eyes to keep light out and let his eyes move comfortably. And soft breathable fabric good for those with insomnia, migraines and dry eyes. Get a pair as gifts for couples that travel together!

42. Smartphone LENS Travel Gifts for Couples

Xenvo pro phone camera lens, techy travel accessories for women, travel gadgets, couples travel gifts
Photo credit:

This smartphone lens is a fun and surprisingly low-cost gift for couples that travel together. Turn their Android or iPhone camera into a 15x macro lens and 0.45x wide-angle lens. It also improves pictures in low-light environments with the warm and natural LED light. Clip the LED light to your phone, choose from three brightness settings and easily recharge it. It has excellent reviews!

43. GPS Couples Travel Gadget Gift Idea

Garmin GPS, small travel gadgets, road trip Gifts for travel loversMy husband and I agree that our Garmin GPS saved our marriage on our road trip through the United Kingdom. While smartphone maps are often enough on road trips, it can quickly drain your power and data, plus rack up roaming fees. And we found LOTS of unfamiliar, rural roads with poor cell service and unreliable signage. If you’re shopping for gifts for couples who love road tripping, a GPS can be a relationship-saver!

HOMEY Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

If you’re interested in more travel-themed gift ideas for the home, check out these fun posts:

Below are some of my favorites!

44. Travel-Themed CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS Gifts for Couples

Travel-themed Christmas tree ornaments are awesome add-on gifts for couples that travel together. Even if your travelling couple hates trinkets, doesn’t everyone love Christmas tree ornaments?? Add them to a travel-themed gift basket or as a decoration for your wrapping.

Head to Etsy for SO many inspiring ideas to match any travel-themed gift for couples! Beach-themed, USA states, globes and campers. Many can be personalized, too. Picking my favorites was hard, but you gotta see these. First, this hiking ornament from RV Metalshop, made of raw steel! Perfect for your outdoorsy couple. And these classically beautiful, globe-inspired gold leaf ornaments from Holiday Every Day Art. Have fun shopping!

45. Inspiring COFFEE TABLE BOOK Couples Travel Gifts

I’m going to put a plug in here for a gifted photographer I’m proud to know from my childhood! Dave Brosha has published two nature photography books. Northern Light: The Arctic and Subarctic Photography and Southern Light: Photography of Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. Either (or both!) would make beautiful travel-inspiring coffee table books as gifts for couples that travel together. If your traveling couple prefers good reads, Dave just released his fun memoir, The Art of Misadventure.

46. Travel-Themed WELCOME MAT Gifts for Couples

Travel-themed welcome mat, gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts home decor
Photo credit:

You could also go with a fun travel-themed welcome mat as a travel gift for couples. I love this simple arrivals-departure welcome mat from Doormat Decor on Etsy. Find more cute designs, like cactus and animal patterns, tree silhouettes, “bonjour” and “hola” scripts, and cabin welcome mats. Customize the size and font color, too.

47. Globe PAPERWEIGHT Travel Gifts for Couples

Globe paper weight, keepsakes gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts home decor
Photo credit:

I love these concrete globes, this one from Elemental Design Store on Etsy. They’re the perfect complement to any travel-themed shelf or as a travel-inspiring desk paperweight. Each globe comes with felt feet, so they won’t scratch. Order it in raw concrete grey or hand-painted copper. Both are awesome!

48. Travel-Themed NIGHTLIGHT Gift for Couples

These travel-themed nightlights are SO fun! They’ll add a pretty ambience to the home of any travel-loving couple. First, this mountain scene night light is perfect for outdoorsy gifts for couples. It’s both elegant and rustic, with layers of rusted steel adding beautiful depth. Love the concept but interested in a different design? This shop has LOTS of fun designs, including RV, beach and campfire.

And second, this gorgeous glass night light is one of many designs from J Devlin Glass Art on Etsy. Definitely take some time to browse this shop! Choose among other pretty travel-inspiring cabin decor gift ideas, like garden flowers, woodland animals, tropical fish and stained glass. These also work beautifully as luxury gifts for couples.

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49. MEMORY BOX Couples Travel Gifts

Personalized memory box, keepsake gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts
Photo credit:

A memory box is a beautiful gift for couples that travel together. It’ll hold travel journals, photos, trinkets and keepsakes as they build those memories. I love this customizable memory box from Reimagine Brewing on Etsy. It’s available in seven gorgeous finishes and nine mountain designs. This memory box also works as a travel-themed gift basket idea, if you fill it with wine, craft beer and other foodie goodies. Want your own design? You can customize that, too!

50. Travel GAMES Gifts for Couples

Backpackers card travel game, fun travel accessories for women, couples travel gifts
Photo credit:

Looking for gifts for couples that travel together, AND love games? Challenge their knowledge of the world with travel-themed games, Passport to Culture Travel Edition to test their cultural intelligence and The World Game geography card game. Or go with a classic,  like Monopoly National Parks Edition. And Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game is small enough to take on their next trip.

51. TRAVEL-SIZED GAMES Gifts for Couples That Travel Together

Building off the travel-themed game ideas, you can also find some fantastic travel-sized games that make awesome travel gifts for couples. Check out the chess/checkers travel game on Amazon that rolls up super-tiny and super-light. Or the super-mini travel crib board in a beautiful leather roll-up pouch from Walnut Studiolo.

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