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53 Best Ideas for ROMANTIC Gifts for Her [2021]

Looking for the BEST romantic gifts for her? Sweep her away with these fun gift ideas!

Since “romance” can mean different things to different couples, these ideas for romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife include lots of inspiration. Romantic experiences and getaway gifts. Unique jewelry, foodie gifts, cozy and luxurious ideas. Even gifts you can make for her. And ALL are thoughtful and classy.

This post expands on our romantic getaway series. Where better to give a romantic gift than on an amazing getaway in the USA, Canada or around the world?

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What are Romantic Gifts?

Merriam-Webster describes “romantic” as “making someone think of love,” or “doing and saying things to show that you love someone.”

So, what are romantic gifts? A gift given to show love, and a gift that makes the recipient feel loved.

When my boyfriend gave me a portable air compressor for Valentine’s Day, was it a romantic gift? It was to the giver! Not so much for the receiver. Now, had he paired it with my favorite chocolates, it could’ve worked.

When people think of “romantic” gifts, they often think of impractical or super sexy gifts. Teddy bears and lingerie. But, many of us gals lost interest in teddy bears back in elementary. And many of us prefer to buy our own lingerie. Stop putting pressure on yourself to make a romantic gift sexy. Make it thoughtful and based on her interests, and it is sexy.

Part of the fun of choosing a romantic gift is putting yourself in her head. What is she interested in? Is there something she’d absolutely love to experience together? What are her favorite indulgences? Use these things as your inspiration.

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Why are Gifts Important in a Romantic Relationship?

Gifts are a token of thoughtfulness and effort. Some gifts reflect poor thoughtfulness and effort, but it’s still about these two things.

In a romantic relationship, it’s important to give gifts to show that you think of her when she’s not around and that you’ll set aside time to do something that makes her happy. And giving romantic gifts to your girlfriend or wife will make her feel special and important to you. She’s not just another woman walking down the street.

Now, if you’re asking this question, you may have some misconceptions about what a gift has to be. Does it have to be expensive? No. Does it have to be transformational? No. Does it even have to be a physical thing? No! You can find a romantic gift idea that works for her and you.

53 BEST Ideas for Romantic Gifts for HER

Choosing a romantic gift for her does mean taking a moment to consider what would make her feel loved. Does she love shared experiences? Certain luxuries or special treats?

If you’re really not sure what to get her, a great idea for romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife is to combine a few different ideas together. And this can be a lot simpler than you think. For an experience or getaway gift, give her something she can enjoy at that experience or getaway. And for physical gifts, send her on a treasure hunt to find it. (Gift #1 below is a fun idea to get you started!)

Below are a bunch of fun ideas for romantic gifts for her, with lots of ways to combine them for the ultimate romantic gift.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. If you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Romantic EXPERIENCE Gifts for Her

1. Scratch-and-Reveal ADVENTURE Experience Gifts

This is SUCH a fun idea for romantic gifts for her!! Whether you choose an experience gift, an all-out getaway or a physical gift, take her on a treasure hunt to find it!

On Etsy, you can find lots of different scratch-and-reveal options to customize for your special surprise. Choose a scratch-and-reveal card to reveal the location of your surprise. Or, add a little treat to a little scratch-and-reveal gift box. SO cute!!

2. Romantic PICNIC Experience Gifts for Her

For a simple but super romantic experience gift for her, consider a picnic for two. Plan it for a place she loves, whether her favorite park, lookout or beach. If it rains, use your car as the backup spot, with your very own romantic playlist of favorite songs! 

While you can go all-out with a gourmet meal from your favorite restaurant, you can also keep it simple but classy. Like sushi or croissants, which make any sandwich elegant. A cheese tasting, with crackers or thinly-sliced baguettes, prosciutto and olives. Fun fruity sparkling drinks, and champagne for her. Finish with a chocolate torte or cheesecake. Yum!

My top three romantic picnic must-haves are a roll-up picnic blanket, wine cooler with charcuterie board, and foldable picnic table.

3. READING a BOOK Together Romantic Experiences with Her

When dating, my husband and I spent many evenings reading together. We picked a light and fun fantasy series (I highly recommend the Mallorean series by David Eddings), poured some wine and took turns reading while cuddling on the couch. It was simple but SO great!

4. YOGA CLASS Romantic Experience Gifts for Her

I know couples that do yoga together and LOVE it. My hunny will definitely need some arm-twisting on this one, but what a way to connect physically with your girlfriend or wife! As a start, check out the free 25-minute couples yoga flow routine from Ryan and Alex. If you love it, sign up for a personalized program.

5. PADDLE BOAT Rental Experience Gifts

Paddle boats are a fun and easy way to get out on the water together. They’re pretty stable so you don’t have to worry much about a Little Mermaid moment. You have to peddle together to keep it going straight, so it builds teamwork. And there’s space to pack a nice picnic lunch, too. 

Not close to a place with paddle boat rentals? Get a portable canoe and take it out to your favorite spot.

6. Easy HIKE Experience Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

Couple at a lookout, romantic experience gifts for her

Photo credit: Clarisse Meyer from Unsplash

Hiking together gives you an incredible shared experience that connects you. There’s nothing like experiencing nature together! Choose a beautiful hike nearby or combine it with a romantic getaway gift. If hiking isn’t really your thing, make it an easy one and pack a light picnic (complete with wine!) to reward you at your lookout.

Turn this into a getaway gift for her with a Michigan romantic getaway on the Upper Peninsula. Stay in a lighthouse atop cliffs overlooking Lake Superior, with simple trails offering spectacular views. Explore Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and waterfalls at Hiawatha National Forest and Ottawa National Forest.

Or, give her a day hiking pack with a scratch-and-reveal card to tell her where you’re going!

7. DANCE CLASS Romantic Experience Gifts

From salsa to ballroom dancing. There’s SO much fun to be had with couples dance classes! If you want to give it a try at home, check out a website like Learn Dance Love. It starts with the basics of partner dancing, and takes you through to a full dance sequence. Choose between two levels, and a monthly trial or weekly date night. Pair it with a romantic dinner in!

8. Hot Air BALLOON RIDE Romantic Experiences with Wife

Talk about a romantic experience gift for your girlfriend or wife! Pack some champagne and strawberries to enjoy with the views. And snuggles, for when one of you gets a little scared of heights.

9. AMUSEMENT PARK Experience Gifts for Girlfriend

Couple on amusement park ride, romantic experience gifts for her

Photo credit: Sept Commercial from Unsplash

Want to ramp up the adventure? Head to a nearby amusement park and take her on the scariest ride she’ll agree to! The adrenaline will get your blood pumping, with plenty of laughs, too. Win a couple of prizes for her. Buy her some cotton candy. It’ll be like being kids again!

10. Romantic BUBBLE BATH or STEAMY SHOWER Experiences with Her

If you have a nice big bathtub, draw a bubble bath for a simple and super romantic date night with her. Pour some wine, light some candles and turn on your favorite album. Amp it up with an exotic mud cleanser from the Dead Sea, either as a mud mask or mud and charcoal body bar. Have fun applying it and rinsing it off. Not fans of baths? Turn your bath into a steamy shower instead.

11. FONDUE NIGHT Romantic Dinner Experiences with Her

Find a local fondue restaurant or buy your own fondue set for a super romantic dinner idea. If you buy your own, definitely go with an electric set, as it’s much easier than the candle options. Choose a savory oil fondue for dinner or sweet chocolate fondue for dessert. Cheese fondue is definitely a trickier one to pull off, in my humble experience!

12. COOKING CLASS Romantic Experience Gifts for Her

Couple cooking, romantic experience gifts for her

Photo credit: Le Creuset from Unsplash

Do you two love cooking together, or want a little dinner night inspiration? Take an online couples cooking class with Cozymeal! They’re fully interactive and feature flexible recipes you can tailor to your needs. Best of all, you’re taught by world-class chefs literally from around the world. Make homemade pasta with a chef in Tivoli, Italy. Caribbean or Venezuelan street food. Asian appies and Parisian macarons. Or, how about a menu inspired by the TV show, Schitt’s Creek? Have fun!

13. BREAKFAST IN BED Romantic Gifts and Gestures She’ll Love

Now, I really think you should consider this last romantic experience gift idea for her: Breakfast in bed. Yup, this simple, tried-and-true romantic gesture she’ll love for any occasion and just because. And what’s great, is you can pair it with a physical gift or getaway gift, too. It’s the perfect way to give romantic gifts to your girlfriend or wife, or be a stand-alone sweet gesture.

Wondering how to give her the most romantic breakfast in bed? Take your queue from luxury resorts and her favorite romantic movies, but it’s okay to keep it simple. Pair orange juice with champagne. Scones with jam, or muffins from her favorite bakery. Delicious berries. Her favorite coffee, finished with gourmet chocolates. Because chocolate makes everything romantic!

Want more romantic experience gift ideas? Check out Tinggly’s experiences for couples around the world.

Romantic GETAWAY Gifts for Her

14. Romantic SPA Experience Gifts for Her

Mandarin Oriental Miami, spa resort romantic getaway gifts for her

Photo credit: Booking.com

Would she love a spa getaway? You can find spas that also offer culinary classes, beaches and even adventure sports as perfect romantic experience gifts for her. Browse my romantic getaways for the perfect spa getaway in the USA, Canada and around the world.

One of my favorite romantic spa getaway gifts for her is the Mandarin Oriental Miami in Florida. Wow!! Even if you stayed in your room the entire time, your balcony views over Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline would be magnificent. Plus, the property features a full-service spa, infinity pool with butler service, restaurant, onsite yoga classes, and pretty waterfront garden paths to explore. Awesome! 

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15. Romantic CABIN Getaway Gifts for Her

Collective Hill Country, romantic getaways Texas Hill Country, Hotels for romantic getaways Texas USA, romantic weekend getaways United States, Texas cabins near Austin

Photo credit: Booking.com

Romantic getaway gifts are my favorite experience gifts, especially if it’s to a beautiful cabin. There’s something special about escaping to your own private retreat with no one around to distract you. And you can treat her to the perfect cabin getaway, whether she’s more into a luxurious resort cabin, treehouse overlooking the ocean, or backcountry glamping with your completely private beach! 

For LOTS of incredible cabin getaways in the USA, Canada and around the world, check out my romantic getaway ideas. One of my absolute favorites is the luxury tents of Collective Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Enjoy the wood-burning heater, cozy bathrobes and slippers, room service and incredible views. Plus, an onsite spa, restaurant and wellness center with various activities and live entertainment. Rent bikes, go horseback riding, take a cooking or yoga class, or go on a cultural tour.

Then, plan out your experience gift for her with this cabin packing list for romantic getaways.

16. Romantic WINERY TOUR Getaway Gifts for Her

A romantic getaway for her, with nothing to worry about but beautiful scenery and delicious drinks. Well, and comparing tannins and legs. Take her on a romantic getaway to a valley of grapes and resorts. Below are areas renown for their wine tours:

Check out our series of romantic getaways for more ideas.


LUXURY Romantic Gifts for Her

17. Luxurious SLIPPERS Gifts She’ll Love

What’s a great way to present a romantic spa getaway gift to your girlfriend or wife? Give her super luxurious slippers and “slip” the getaway details inside! Anthropologie has a huge variety of super plush women’s slippers in a variety of price ranges.

18. Silk PILLOWCASE Ideas for Romantic Gifts

Silk pillowcase, luxury romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Anthropologie.com

A cotton pillowcase isn’t good enough for your girlfriend or wife. A silk pillowcase is much better! She’ll feel like she’s sleeping in a luxury resort, and love you for it. Sleeping on silk is apparently pretty amazing for our skin. It helps with acne, wrinkles and thinning hair. A beauty expert-approved luxurious romantic gift for her.

19. Shower STEAMER Romantic Gifts for Her

Organic shower steamer, romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Want to treat your girlfriend or wife to the spa experience wherever she is? These shower steamers from Mineral Me California use steam to release essential oils, turning a regular shower into soothing aromatherapy. What I like most about these shower steamers is that they’re made from organic essential oils.

20. Plush BATHROBE Gifts for Wife

One thing I always look for in a romantic getaway hotel is whether they include bathrobes. The perfect bathrobe can make a meh experience unforgettable. And it can make the ideal luxury romantic gift for her. Simons has an excellent selection of bathrobes for her, including long and short. Casual or elegant. A variety of rich materials, including organic cotton, satin and cashmere. All super sexy.

21. Fragrance DIFFUSER Ideas for Romantic Gifts

Fragrance diffuser, romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife

Photo credit: Anthropologie.com

How about a fragrance diffuser for your girlfriend or wife to create the perfect ambience in her home? This Para diffuser set from Anthropologie is a smart romantic gift for her. She can plug it in and adjust scents, timing and intensity from her smart phone app. It includes an LED ambient nightlight, customizable by color and brightness.

Romantic Gifts you can MAKE for Her

22. Sentimental Scratch-and-Reveal CARD Romantic Gift Ideas

Scratch-and-reveal reasons I love you, ideas for romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife

Photo credit: Etsy.com

What are the top 10 reasons you love your girlfriend or wife? Write them down, and then cover them with scratch-and-reveal stickers! This 10 Reasons scratch-and-reveal card is from the Scratch Away Shop on Etsy, and is such a cute addition to any romantic gift for her!

23. Hot Air Balloon COOKIE CUTTERS (with Cookies!)

Hot air balloon cookies, foodie romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: InspireUplift.com

This hot air balloon cookie cutter is sooo cute, and super romantic if you use it to make her cookies first! Easily turn it into an experience gift idea for her by bringing icing for cookie decorating, complete with your favorite love song compilation. It’s also a super cute idea for presenting a hot air balloon ride experience gift!

24. CONVERSATION CARDS Easy Romantic Gifts for Her

Conversation starters, romantic experience gifts for her

Photo credit: Etsy.com

These conversation starters from The Savvy Sparrow on Etsy are fun and classy. Print the sheets, cut out the question cards, and put them in a hat or cute little gift box. Take turns drawing and answering them as your activity for a candlelight cuddle by the fireplace or car date at your favorite lookout.

25. Romantic PLAYLIST Gift Idea for Her

Here’s another fun idea you can use with pretty much any romantic experience or getaway gift idea for her. Create a playlist with your favorite love songs. And don’t just include the slow sappy songs. Include fun, energetic songs that make you get up and move!

Get a free trial for Amazon Music Prime, and build your playlist there.


OUTDOORSY Romantic Gifts for Her

26. BEACH BAG Idea for Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend

Beach bag for cabin gifts, romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Etsy.com

Now, this handmade straw beach bag just oozes romance! And French Baskets on Etsy has plenty more styles to choose from for the best romantic gift for her. Fill it with a beach cover-up and a scratch-and-reveal card with details of your beach date!

27. BEACH TOWEL Romantic Gifts for Her

Cozy beach blanket, ideas for romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Etsy.com

Here’s another beach-related romantic gift for her: A gorgeous Turkish beach towel from Kalkedon Towels in New York. They’re highly absorbent and quick-drying. Sand-resistant, durable and lightweight. Peshtemal is chemical-free, and comes in lots of pretty colors. Doubles as a beautiful throw blanket. Perfect for beach, picnics AND cuddles on the couch.

28. Double HAMMOCK Romantic Gift Idea

Double hammock, outdoor gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts, ideas for romantic gifts

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Most (maybe all?) of my “best-of” gift guides for travel-lovers includes a hammock. Because it’s still on my to-buy list! A portable hammock for two looks sooo romantic. I recently saw someone string theirs up next to my favorite waterfall in Canada (yes, I was SO jealous!). Check out this soft and pretty double hammock from the Hammock Sky Store on Amazon. Doesn’t it look dreamy?! Includes a carrying case for storage during winter.

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29. Flexible TRIPOD Gifts She’ll Love

Gorilla pods flexible tripod, Gifts for travel loversHere’s another gift idea that makes a LOT of my traveler gift guides: a flexible tripod from GorillaPod. It works with smartphones AND fancier cameras. Get the perfect shot by wrapping its legs around tree branches or sticking the magnetic feet to the hood of your car. You can finally get that perfect date-night selfie!

30. Polaroid CAMERA to Save Those Romantic Experiences

Want to keep the moments in your wallet or hanging from your car mirror? Use a Polaroid camera to capture and print them out. Make this gift idea more romantic by adding fun photo props you can use, and then create your very own photo booth session! 


HOMEY Romantic Gifts for Her

31. Indoor GARDEN Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Does your girlfriend or wife love fresh produce? Click-and-Grow smart gardens are self-watering and guaranteed year-round, regardless of a green thumb! Choose from fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables or flowers, or a combination. 

32. Concrete PAPERWEIGHT Globe or Heart

Give her the WORLD with this romantic gift idea! These concrete globes from Etsy’s Elemental Design Store are super cool and perfect for any decor style. Each globe comes with felt feet, so they won’t scratch. Choose between raw concrete grey or hand-painted copper. Both are awesome!

Pssst … This shop’s customizable heart paperweight is pretty cool, too.

33. Pretty NIGHTLIGHT Romantic Gifts for Her

Here’s a unique romantic gift idea she’ll love … gorgeous glass night lights from Ety’s J Devlin Glass Art shop. They just ooze romance! Take some to browse this shop’s nightlight designs to find the perfect one for your girlfriend or wife. Designs include garden flowers, woodland animals, tropical fish and pretty stained glass.

34. Personalized MEMORY BOX Romantic Gifts for Wife

Personalized memory box, keepsake gifts for couples that travel together, couples travel gifts, ideas for romantic gifts

Photo credit: Etsy.com

Does your girlfriend or wife love her keepsakes? Consider a personalized memory box as a lovely romantic gift for her. It’ll hold photos, journals, Christmas ornaments and more as you build memories together. The Reimagine Brewing shop on Etsy offers theirs in seven gorgeous finishes and nine mountain designs. Want your own design? You can customize that, too!

35. Super COZY COUCH BLANKET for Two 

Cozy couples blanket, ideas for romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife

Photo credit: Etsy.com

While you shouldn’t need an excuse to get cuddly together, a cozy couch blanket for two works as a great romantic gift idea for her. Like this super-cozy and gorgeous cable knit sherpa blanket! You can even have it monogrammed with her initials. Pair it with wine, those conversation cards and that playlist you made for her.

36. Beautiful JOURNAL Ideas for Romantic Gifts

A beautiful journal can be the perfect encouragement for your girlfriend or wife to embrace her creative self. Whether she likes reading poetry or writing her own. Sketching, chronicling her adventures or traditional journaling. Just the feel of a quality leather journal can be enough to inspire her. Etsy is my go-to spot for beautiful journals. My two favorites include the handcrafted leather journals with semi-precious stones By Amber And Rose and classic records journals from Tangled in Tradition. Romantic gifts for a girlfriend or wife who loves fantasy novels or music!

FOODIE Romantic Gifts for Her

37. Pretty TEA Foodie Gifts She’ll Love

Tea drops, foodie romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Take a look at the new way to enjoy tea: Tea Drops. Pressed from tea leaves into pretty shapes, they completely dissolve in hot water. No more messy, dripping tea bags to worry about! Not only are they perfect for commuting or traveling, they’re also fair trade, organic, kosher certified, and made in the USA. Choose her favorite flavor, or treat her to a variety pack.

38. Romantic MEAL DELIVERY for Date Night

And here’s the new idea for your romantic dinner date: Order a gourmet meal, right to your door! With Home Bistro, you choose from over 50 meal ideas prepared by chefs like Cat Cora from Iron Chef. Meals are delivered fresh, and you heat and enjoy.


39. Chocolate-Dipped STRAWBERRIES Romantic Gifts for Her

Chocolate-dipped strawberries, romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Godiva.com

Now, can you get any more romantic than chocolate-dipped strawberries?! Well, I guess if you paired them with champagne for your very own Pretty Woman moment! Delicious Godiva Belgium chocolates has a variety of milk or dark chocolate-dipped strawberry boxes.

In a long-distance relationship? You can have these strawberries delivered. 

40. International TREATS Ideas for Romantic Gifts

If your wife has a sweet tooth, she’ll have lots of fun with a box full of international goodies! Amazon has lots of great options, including a Turkish snack box and Japanese snack box. Or, get her a snack subscription box to enjoy treats from a different country each month. Turn it into a monthly theme date night!

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41. Heart-Shaped TEA INFUSER Romantic Gifts for Her

Heart-shaped tea infuser, romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife

Photo credit: InspireUplift.com

Here’s another tea-loving romantic gift idea for her, and it’s SO cute! A steel heart-shaped tea infuser. Pair it with her favorite organic loose tea from California Teahouse.

Romantic JEWELRY Gifts for Her

42. Personalized LOVE LETTER Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Personalized love letter locket, romantic jewelry gifts for her

Photo credit: CapsulJewelry.com

This pretty love letter necklace is from Capsul Jewelry, made-to-order with your personalized note tucked inside. Each piece is uniquely designed, 3D printed and hand-finished with quality, non-toxic materials. Perfect for preserving a special moment in your romantic gift for her. Choose between sterling silver and brass, and between gold, gold rose and silver finishes.

43. Romantic STAR WARS Jewelry Gifts for Girlfriend

Star Wars jewelry, romantic jewelry gifts for her

Photo credit: StarWarsFineJewelry.com

Is your girlfriend or wife a Star Wars fan? Then check THIS out … Star Wars Fine Jewelry! The “Celestial Love” line features some pretty incredible designs, inspired by the characters of Hans Solo and Princess Leia. Like the Galactic Royalty Women’s Pendant, with white diamonds and two-toned silver and 10K rose gold. Beautiful AND cool!

44. Knot DIAMOND EARRINGS Jewelry Gifts for Her

These knot diamond earrings from Gabriel NY are classy and elegant, and easily worn with a variety of outfits. Prefer a necklace as romantic jewelry gifts for her? This pretty style is available in necklace format, too!

Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

45. HEART RING Romantic Jewelry Gifts for Wife

If your wife loves rings, here are two beautiful heart rings from Gabriel NY. The infinity heart and double puffed heart rings both come in 14K yellow gold. Both are simple and elegant, and a great complement to her jewelry box. 

Tip: Be careful giving a ring as a romantic jewelry gift for a girlfriend. You don’t want her freaking out, thinking it’s an engagement ring (whether she wants one or not!). I’d recommend going with a necklace, bracelet or earrings instead.

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46. Luxury WATCH Ideas for Romantic Gifts

Now, a luxury watch can be a romantic gift for your girlfriend or wife that she’ll love to show off. Luxury watches for women add a touch of class and status, as well as obvious usefulness! My favorite luxury watches for her are from Coach. Choose from SO many great styles. Pretty, sophisticated or sporty. Leather, stainless steel or lightweight ceramic. But all super classy.

For a classy look, go with the pretty Park Watch in carnation gold. Not only does it sparkle with Swarovski crystals, it’s even water-resistant up to 99 feet! Or, if your traveler loves their Apple Watch, choose from beautiful Coach leather straps. Like this one with handcrafted tea rose applique.

47. Starfish JEWELRY DISH Jewelry Gifts for Her

Star fish jewelry dish, romantic jewelry gifts for her

Photo credit: InspireUplift.com

Wrapping up our romantic jewelry gifts for her is this lovely starfish jewelry dish. Isn’t is sooo pretty?! It reminds me of dreamy beach vacations, listening to the waves crash and seagulls sing. It’s a great way to present your girlfriend or wife with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

CLOTHING Romantic Gifts for Her

48. SCARF with Hidden Pocket Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Scarf with hidden pocket, security pocket clothing, cute travel accessories for women, ideas for romantic gifts

Photo credit: Etsy.com

Wondering how to give romantic jewelry gifts to your girlfriend or wife? How about inside a hidden pocket of a pretty scarf? These scarves are awesome for women who love to travel, but are also super practical for quick grocery trips, nights out with friends and walking the dog, too. Choose from lots of lovely patterns on Etsy. Among my favorites is Canadian-based Ruby’s Daughter shop’s infinity scarves. Pick a lightweight for summer travel and heavyweight for cooler seasons.

49. Cozy PAJAMAS Romantic Gifts for Her

Now, I’m in the camp that says getting lingerie for your significant other isn’t particularly romantic. It’s just too much pressure on a gift! Leave the lingerie for her to buy, and make cozy pajamas your romantic gift for your girlfriend or wife she’ll want to cuddle up with you in. Shop her style among Anthropologie’s pretty patterned pjs and Simon’s classic pj styles.


50. Kitty Paw SOCKS Idea for Romantic Gifts for Her

Cozy kitty paw socks, ideas for romantic gifts for girlfriend or wife

Photo credit: InspireUplift.com

These soft kitty paw socks are SO cute! You probably wouldn’t think of socks making a “best romantic gifts for her” list (and neither would I!), but here you go. Put a smile on her face, especially if you pair it with cozy pjs and cuddles.

51. Luxury SUNGLASSES Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Cute sunglasses for women can make romantic gifts for her, especially if you pair them with tickets to a romantic getaway on the beach! Two fantastic places to shop for women’s sunglasses are Coach and Simons. Coach sunglasses are classy and luxurious. Simons sunglasses are cheaper but still pretty fantastic, like the fun Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

52. Luxury GLOVES Romantic Gifts for Wife

Luxury gloves for her, best luxury travel gifts for her, designer Armani romantic gifts for herQuality gloves are a romantic gift for her that she’ll always appreciate. And if you want to really treat her, you can’t go wrong with Armani gloves. Choose between short and long lengths. Soft nappa leather, lambskin or cashmere.

53. Luxury HANDBAGS Ideas for Romantic Gifts for Her

Luxury handbag, luxury romantic gifts for her

Photo credit: Coach.com

A beautiful new handbag is a romantic gift your girlfriend or wife will love. And Coach makes a lot of great options she’ll love to wear out. The Soft Tabby Hobo is possibly the perfect, classy gift option. It’s fully enclosed by zipper, with an exterior zipper pocket and interior multifunction pocket. Detachable and extendable strap. Made in smooth leather and available in classic black and two cute colors. 

Tuck some tickets to a show into a pocket for the ultimate romantic gift for her!


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